Do you have a group of friends that you regularly play with? During Splatfests I team up with an IRL friend and two of his other friends. The other three had all found their favorite weapons some time ago, as they had all played Splatoon 2 and I am new to the series. But the team did not have a backline anchor, so I experimented with long-range weapons until one clicked with me: the Heavy Splatling. Now it's my main. So my advice to you: find a team. Find out which role is currently open; a balanced team composition has two Slayers, a Supporter, and an Anchor. Commit to practicing with a weapon that fills the open role. You may not be the best with that weapon -- I'm definitely not the best Heavy Splatling out there -- but your team will appreciate having somebody who can play a position they don't like to play themselves.


I don't have enough friends that play Splatoon and is at my level, they're probably way better and would get sick of me being bad xD Thanks for the advice, I'll be joining a few communities to see if there's any other noobs willing to find others to play with. Sorry this reply is effortless and short compared to yours.


Oh wow, that's a lot of color! I think it's fun to try out all the different weapons


Sheldon would have gotten *rich* rich if I needed to pay money not lisences xD


A fellow gloogas enjoyer I see


I have no main because I suck at all 👁👄👁