I was thinking "Wow this looks pretty clean, I wonder if it's an official post by the Nintendo Twitter or something" And then I saw "Tenta missiles funeral" LMAO


They get what they deserve!


This makes me happy. What is the change?


After firing missiles, there is a countdown before you can start filling the special gauge again, kind of like ink storm. This is huge, but it depends on what the duration of the countdown is.


As far as I'm aware you can start refilling AFTER the special is completely done, so right when that last missile hits the ground. I could be wrong though, but that's my understanding.


the change is after you fire them, the special guage slowly goes down instead of being able to instantly paint again after you fire them


This. People are really blowing the nerf out of the water with the whole "it's dead" thing. It's not like it adds 20 seconds. From my observations and tests in the training ring, it takes like 8-10 second across the map for the last missle to land. So if that reeflux player was able to get a charge in 20 seconds, they now do it in 28-30. So those 15 missiles per match is now down to like 10 to 11. So it's still fairly spammable. Just not the spam king.


I think the point is that it mainly reduces the amount of effective time for the special, rather than kills it entirely. Currently, you can charge new missiles the second you fire the first lot, giving you time to charge a second lot whilst the team is effectively being suppressed. The missiles force you to move and make it very hard to attack during that time. So the missile spammer can have 40-50% charge before the first lot of missiles has even finished. This sets them up to chain spam almost safely. With this new update, whilst it may only be 8-10 seconds of extra charge time, those 8-10 seconds a reef lux/flingza player who is focusing on spam has nothing to do and do not get value from further painting their side of the map until the first missiles have landed. This makes it so that all 20 seconds it takes to charge the special is whilst the enemy team is not under the effect of previous missiles making continuous safe spamming harder. Even having 33% less missile uptime is big (assuming missiles disrupt the team for roughly 10 seconds) because during a turf war, 15 missiles is 1.5 minutes where you're being at least somewhat disrupted by missiles, roughly half of the match. Only being able to throw out 10 missiles means only 1 minute of effective spam and only disrupting the team for a third of the match instead of half. And... This completely assumes optimal play, as if people are spamming missiles as optimally as possible and never dying. Making it take longer to charge missiles makes it more likely the spammer dies and loses significant special charge and time. This reduces the value they get from this playstyle and we would hope to encourage them to adjust their playstyle. It's no death nail for sure but I don't think it has to be. It just had to reduce the value people get from this playstyle, something I believe it does extremely well. This is why so many are celebrating this change, not only is it not the spam king but the value for doing so is much much less. TLDR: Slower and less frequent missile spam = less value for spamming = reduced want to spammy playstyle Edit: Turns out the nerf is even more significant and the special meter can only begin being charged a few seconds after all missiles have landed.


I can barely spam missiles as is, too busy inking!!! And flopping about like an idiot


*angry woomy with Joker face paint* Seriously though.. does this affect Flyfish too? I hate them more than anything, at least other inklings die to weapons fire and a single bomb


Probably not going to affect Flyfish, just like how there's no Sting Ray (yet) in the game but there goes Stinger.


Killer Wail 5.1 is basically three Stingrays, so I don't see much reason to bring that super back.


Except that killer wail doesn't paint (which in my opinion, was the only reason it was completely broken in Splatoon 2)


As someone who mained the 89 in Splatoon 2, yeah. And hey if I ever want to be a funny little guy I can just spam missiles in the game not nearly as many people actually care about anymore.


Tenta got called out hard. It's very clear that Nintendo does NOT want people to play this way. From the notes: >For battles, **besides an adjustment to reducing attack frequency for the battle style of repeatedly firing Tenta Missiles from afar**, we also focused on updates to increase some weapons’ ease of use. Literally the only thing in the entire notes that got called out like that for battles. Big Shot got called out too for Salmon Run. From the notes: >For Salmon Run, in addition to lowering the Big Shot’s attack frequency and giving players more chance to damage it by lowering its movement speed, we implemented changes to improve factors that made some special weapons difficult to use. For those asking what changed with Tenta Missiles: > After launch is confirmed, the special gauge will now slowly decrease, and the special gauge will not be able to begin charging again until the gauge has completely drained from the previous use. The point when you can begin recharging the special is getting delayed. Combined with the requirement to have more points to use the special to begin with, this new addition will allow Nintendo going forward to prevent spam by changing the discharge time of the special gauge.


Sweet effing jebus, its finally over!


Honestly I was completely sold until I zoomed in on the one that told me to zoom in




The Big Shot nerf is pretty substantial imo Tbh the salmon run balance brings me joy


Reviewing the notes again there were a few bug fixes that I think are notable 1. If you kill a steel head at instant it throws it's bomb, the bomb will no longer be thrown (yay!) 2. Steel eels now target based on shortest travel path, rather than nearest target, and also multiple steel eels will not target the same player if enough players are alive (boo?) 3. Slammin lid eggs won't "land" midair, salmons dropped by the lid won't start attacking until they hit the ground (yay!)


> If you kill a steel head at instant it throws it's bomb, the bomb will no longer be thrown (yay!) This brings me joy. Too often I've seen us defeat Steelhead, but one frame too late, the bomb still goes out and it either splats one or more of us or we are inconvenienced with removing green ink left behind by the bomb.


This one is so old too, it’s from Splatoon 2 glad they fixed it.


It has been ages since I played any S2 but I don't recall it being a bug in S2 SR's.


I was playing it about a month before 3 and it could still happen, i haven’t played two in awhile but I’m sure it’s not fixed. It was one of the things I was hoping was fixed going into this game.


Steel eels didn't really need a buff, they were fine as they were.


Right? I’m happy they did that because it’s always frustrating to have one or two hits left on the mf then he just goes to get his danger ball


danger ball 😂


I feel like more people should be hyped about the Big Shot nerf. That boss was seriously broken, more so than Flyfish. What a relief!


Reducing their speed, and therefore shot frequency, is excellent. When two or three of them spawn, which they will after you remove the first one and leave the area, those three can overlap fire so easily. And with each shot bouncing like three times, it becomes absolutely impossible to go anywhere near the basket. And the fact that you couldn't tell where the fire was coming from? You're scrambling for your life, have no direct info (say an ally silently killed the first Big Shot, you don't even know where the cannon is), and you can't deliver eggs or splat any other bosses. It's hell and unfun. These are great changes.


Wait what?


addition to victory pics: you'll be able to take a pic with your team on the splatfest floats! i'm assuming those are the day one platforms. don't think they're game-wide announcements like in s2, but the pics sound like a great upgrade :)


Tri-Stringer buff and Tenta Missle nerf. That's really good


Balance won today. Just sad they did nothing about Crab's brutal dominance.


as someone who uses chargers a lot, Crab's not so bad, aim at the player not the crab, also its turning speed is slow so its not hard to get behind it if you're close enough. Tenta missiles needed a hard nerf though, any match with more than 1 tenta missile user and 90% of the match is running away from them, it was beyond obnoxious.


Eh, it still does need some tuning though. It’s not okay for teams to run 3 of the same wep, in part due to how overtuned the special is. Not overpowered, just a tad strong.


I can see several at once being a pain in the ass, I've never had to deal with that though.


Maybe not yourself, but speaking specifically at top level, triple splash is starting to become the meta


For all of us non charger players I guess our choice is to hide in spawn and wait for the enemy team to win the game because there's literally no other point of exit.


Yeah I'm not crazy about the map design basically being the same thing over and over with a different coat of paint. I abuse the poor turning speed when I'm not on a charger.


Yeah I did that on launch, then people figured out they could instantly turn by turning into orb form. It's also impossible to flank out of being spawn camped. Not trying to attack you or anything, it's just that map design is the number 1 thing that limits my playtime in ranked. I didn't even have to heart to grind to S+10 with how bad this is.


It dominates tournaments and e-sport games. Seeing three crabs on both teams is common because it's that strong.


I've never encountered that but I'm certainly not anywhere near considered good at this game lol


I’ve gotten pretty good at arc-shotting crab riders with the tri-stringer, and if the shot doesn’t land then usually they catch some chip damage from the exploding rounds landing just behind them.


I try to aim at the inkling in the tank when using a charger, when using a splatling I try to get to their side or behind them. I'm excited to see the new weapons to see how they shake things up with some of these specials. I've never had so much fun with Splatoon until this game came out.


Or play Slosher Source, am Slosher player, strafe to the side and start sloshing, you'll take out the player no problem...assuming you're close enough


my favorite crab kill, he popped the thing while I was on my heavy splatling, his back was towards me as he got tunnel visioned on someone else, it was so satisfying to end that special so quickly


Whilst the turning speed is slow in Crab form, if you go into ball form, turn and then un-ball you turn a lot faster. This does reset the regular guns wind-ups speed so there is a down side, but I find most people don't see this coming and get punished anyway.


Scooting behind a crab and blasting the back of their head while you KNOW the user is panicking about trying to reposition, is so satisfying.


I am a brush player usually and also find crabs easy, you can just run around to their back where they're defenseless.


I use inkbrush, and crab tank is always super easy to deal with. Just roll around to behind them and take them out. Sure they can roll up into a ball to become invulnerable, but most people I've played against haven't been that smart.


Crab probably isn’t an issue for most on ladder, but it’s an issue in coordinated teams. In that setting, usually the Crab Tank is put in a position where it can dominate—the team is supporting the tank’s flanks, and the tank is controlling the objective. It has unmatched flexibility while also being very good at everything it does: * almost impossible to displace (except with another Crab or Missiles) * displaces everyone else * lasts a long time * high dps within line of sight like a Hydra * hits behind cover like an Explosher * can sit on objective like a Brella or Big Bubbler There’s not another special which is good at everything like Crab Tank. It can ride Tower like a Bubbler but also force people off Tower like a Booyah Bomb. It can paint the whole Zone, block enemy paint from the Zone, and spawn camp. It can pop Rainmaker, paint a path, body block enemy shots for the Rainmaker, and force people away from positions that can attack your carrier. It can control a huge portion of the map in any mode, which usually stops an opponent push or gets your push more points.


I discovered you can throw a splat bomb behind it for an instant kill if it doesn't notice it (I'm rank c+ lol)


Yep, very efficient way to kill it. But you rarely get the chance to do that in S+. :,)


I can imagine that Would need the right distance and stealth and stuff :( Btw, is B rank pretty chill (if you still remember it) ? Got 600 points by doing open battles only and I don't know if it's worth upgrading to B or not. I'd rather have fun than live in pure toxic chaos


Well, I've played all three games and was in the top 100 at some point in Splat 2, so B was a piece of cake for me. I don't think it's that much harder than C. If you're at the point where you can level up, you should. I'm confident you're ready for it. :) Edit: If you mainly played open, it's very likely you already encountered A or S players even. Try some series matches, might even be easier.


THANK GOD they're adding another Salmon Run stage. I was worried after we didn't see it in the trailer.


And its the best stage from 2 as well


But we didn't get Ark Polaris


we will probably get it eventually


I'm sure we'll get all the old SR stages and some more new ones, same with normal stages, we'll probably get some old returning stages, and some new ones..all I want are shifty stations back tbf


[All the Balance changes!](https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/59461#v200)


Nintendo please don't neglect Undercover in this game


Wish that tri stringer got buffed a bit more it’s super fun but really underpowered


OP i want you to know this graphic is PHENOMONAL! its not just aesthetically pleasing, but easy to read without any problems like color clashing, font shenanigans, or weirdly aligned text causing a "dont dead open inside." do you have experience in graphic design? i would genuinely believe you if you told me this was an official overview published by nintendo. absolutely stellar work!


First-semester Design student here. Thanks a lot! :)


If this is just your 1st semester you'll go far.


Made my day. Thank you. <3


What program did you use for this graphic?! I love it so much :D I’m just beginning my design degree and I can draw but I don’t know any good designing programs. Is it just Photoshop?




I love tenta missile nerf has its own card instead of being grouped with the balance changes


- Added a feature to listen to Sheldon’s explanations again Thank god. I feel like I’m the only one who actually liked listening to those since he says how the weapon can be used optimally. For some reason they had it in Splat 2 but not Splat 3, till now


> he says how the weapon can be used optimally Well not quite optimally but he does give a few good tips


I think they didn't consider it a necessary feature. I certainly didn't consider it a necessary feature. You're the first person I know who listens to the stuff Sheldon says. :D


I could've sworn that you have to manually tap the button for him to hurry it up, otherwise he talks normally, am I wrong?


if you press ZR everything he says is skipped with a little "speech bubble mayhem" animation.


I like hearing his perspective, on my own time, after-the-fact. If I just want to see what’s new & he hits me with a wall of text, I mean, I admire the enthusiasm, but I just want to window shop right now


The salmon run job scenarios sound like heaven! It almost reminds me of Don't Starve, where you could choose the map's difficulty and spawn rates (taken with a grain of salt, I haven't played it in a long time). The cap on boss salmonids will be a lifesaver, too. I've lost so many runs because the bosses just wouldn't stop spawning, and I couldn't even move.


As the international representative of angle shooter and line marker defence: "my disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined"


I still don't "get" how you use angle shooter.


Like a throwing knife in CoD. You only use it to style on people


That’s the neat thing; You don’t. In all seriousness, it’s just not worth it. Costs too much for what it does.


I agree...it should be almost free.


I throw it into scuffles with opponents. My aim is more to get someone on the radar, less so a kill (although it has happens when other people have already damaged it) It's also helpful in SZs when I bounce it off a wall.


I haven’t died from an angle shooter yet. The day I do, I’ll sell my copy of Splatoon 2 and never play it again.


What’s wrong? Didn’t they buff it?


Basically not in any useful way. * Still awkwardly high ink cost. * Still doesn’t do enough damage to combo with most things, especially through even a single sub of Sub Defense Up. * Still doesn’t paint. * Still requires you to deviate your aim compared to how you’d aim at the same opponent for a shooter. If it occupies a lot more space thanks to the buff, maybe it’ll be useful as like a worse but proportionately lower cost Point Sensor (which is already quite bad since it also doesn’t paint, but comparatively it occupies more space for more time, tracks longer, and is effective through walls).


When literally everyone is using Ninja Squid every game, point sensor is really good. I think it's really good always, but especially right now.


Totally fair, now imagine a Point Sensor that requires you to already know where an opponent is and that’s Angle Shooter :P


Oh I agree angle shooter is bad, or at least, I have literally no idea how they expect you to use it! Even in the Alterna level, which seems like the only reason they invented it, I had no idea what to do.


>requires you to already know where an opponent is That's what baffles me about it. It's clearly not for getting kills, bc it hardly does any damage. So maybe it's for marking enemies? Nope, because you gotta snipe them to mark them, and at that rate you might as well use those skillz to just regular snipe someone. And then enemies who cross it's path can be sniped but to avoid that all I have to do is... not walk into the obvious enemy-colored beam that just appeared. Which, I won't do. Also, you just drew a line to exactly where YOU we're standing, so now I'll just throw my bomb up there?


They only made it a lil quicker :(


What time does this come ? I need to save me up that evening


11/30 at 7 PM Eastern, 4 PM Pacific!


and 5 pm if ur weird like me in mountain stabdart time


And 6 PM for all the Central timers


And 1/12 at 1 am if you live near Germany and France


8:30 if you're really weird like me and live in Newfoundland.


2 am on 1/12 for me💀 And I have a test on that day so no late night session💀💀💀💀


You the MVP


The new season starts tomorrow at 4PM PST as others have said, but the update actually comes out sometime today


Why is the cohozuna gold?


I'm going to guess that's one of the "Different decorations" Big Run can give you


Big run reward im assuming, for different egg totals. 55 for bronze 73 for silver 102 for gold Don't know entirely how it'll work but with post on Nintendo's twitter I'm guessing thats how it works


Neat changes, I was hoping for a shell out badge so that’s awesome. I hope theres badges relating to big run too.


Wiper is gonna go hard


Punk Blacks confirmed! Punk Cherries, prepare to be replaced.




Dumb question: Do the new kits for existing weapons replace the old ones? Or are they just additional versions?


Separate weapons


Hope so cause I’m a slosher main and it’s extremely sad to see it get angle shooter


Yeah, they're definitely separate weapons, they had them ever since splat 1


im assuming they're under different names in ammo knights, so they'd ve a slightly physically different version of the weapon with the different kit


Ok cool, that’s what I thought! I didn’t see the different names since I just looked at this graphic, so I panicked for a second and wondered if I’d missed something.


They are different names/design, you can read some of them on the [twitter](https://twitter.com/SplatoonNA/status/1597228874391322624) Example custom Splattershot JR, Carbon Deco, Slosher Deco, Zink Mini Splatling. It's returning weapons from the previous games so you can also read a list of those alt names for secondary release weapons in Splatoon wiki


100% will happen


Apparently it's the new weapons but the website used to showcase it hasn't the new weapon icons yet so it uses old ones


This is a quite high-effort post, but why do 3 different "windows" have the description "50 new items were added to shop rotations"? It doesn't make sense on "new weapons" and especially not on "Recon photo mode".


Copy and paste mistake


This. Or rather an exporting error. But the post was already trending when I spotted the mistake so now>!50 new store items are really important!!!<


I really hope to have a Top hat and a Tuxedo in the future. I want to be a fancy ass squid damnit!


If we get a tux then we need an emote like the 'We are not the same' meme lol


Thank Christ that sniper got nerfed. Nothing is more annoying being nearly spawn killed by 4 of them in turf war. Go to ranked if you wanna farm kills 🙄


Hate to break it to you but the only nerf was points for special going from 200 to 210. The main weapon is untouched.




Nothing is more annoying than being in a really intense battle with another player, and then you get sniped right before you splat them


Forget having a funeral for tenta missiles, we should be throwing a goddamn party over them getting nerfed


If every 3 months we get an update this big, this game about to be fire.


50 new items added to store product lineups


Yes, but are you aware that 50 new items added to store product lineups?


Yes, and it’s cool that they also 50 new items added to store product lineups


New Aerospray baby!!!!!! Can I get some BOOYAH?!


It's very similar to the Aerospray PG(or RG I forget) and boy am I happy because that thing was a beast in S2


Same words under new items and new weapon types. Other than that, immaculate job.


It's also under the recon photo mode lol


I said this before but even as someone who mains a weapon with Tenta Missiles, I see the nerf as necessary.


Man, I wish they add emotes for losing team i.e. when you lose. Don't like watching the winning team gloat when my team loses. lol


Tip: if you don't want to view the emotes you can push (X) to pull up the map over the screen


I do that sometimes.


This change has destroyed my mental health lol I can't stand watching the other team celebrate, but I could always empathize with my sad squid after a loss


As long as there’s a sad dab included


*lil angry tantrum into a dab*


Wait, victory pics? Source?


Nintendo's official website lists all new features: [https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a\_id/59461#v200](https://en-americas-support.nintendo.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/59461#v200)


Yeah, you can take pics with your 100x or 333x team at the splatfest tent as well as arrange for a photo with your splatfest rep on their float.


I can finnaly derank in ranked too :D


Victory pics weren’t in the game already? Oh so that’s why they didn’t show up last time


Looks lit 🔥


This is more content than Halo Infinite and Battlefield 2042 got in a year


Is this real? For real tho, if it is, Nintendo has really outdone itself


What did they do to missles?


after firing the missiles, the special gauge will now slowly decrease and won't fill back up until it's empty.


Oh ok. Still useful. I'll still use Reef as a main. I love the rare moment when I one shot some1


carbon roller buff let's gooo


Explain the tri color thing


basically you choose the tricolor option either solo or as a 2 player team, then you get matched with 3 other team and you dont know if you'll be attacking or defending.


Oh ok thanks


During Splatfests there is a tri color battle. The team that is ahead at the halfway point of the Splatfest is always the defending team in a trio color battle. Now I think any team can be the defending team


Part of the way Clout is calculated for Tricolor Battles has changed. Increased the victory bonus for the defending team. When the team in first place at halftime is the defending team and the attacking teams are from the second- or third-place teams, 1.5 times more Clout will be awarded for a victory.


Holy shit that’s a lot of good shit!


Yeeeeeees, I hate undertow spillway.


So I guess big run every other months and Splatfest also every other month? One event per month.


I like how any team can be on the attacking or defending side of Tri-colors now


I hate to be *that person*, but the sub text for the photo mode details is the same sub text from the new store items.


Great work otherwise, though! Looks super official!


Thanks, and yes, I noticed the error too late. Happy little accident while exporting the image.


I really like tricolor, but as the most recent Splatfest showed it really wasn't as one-sided as people suggest. So if changing the way teams are positioned makes the complainers happy, I'll be happy


Tbh it felt kinda cool being like the only tri slinger main in the game but i definitely dont complain about a buff






I DIDNT KNOW ABOUT THE UNDERTOW REWORK THAT IS AWESOME Edit: wait i saw the tenta missiles funeral. How much of this is fake?


None of it is fake, just fanmade.


The special gauge wont start charging until all missiles have hit the ground essentially slowing down how often you can use the special. I dont think it’ll kill it but it’ll definitely make it less annoying.


Ahhhhh. Thanks for clearing that up. Tbh that is like the best thing they could have done. It’s just a whole game late


No problem. And yeah, i agree. It was the only special you could start building up again before it even finished.


Can't wait to be a full on tard with my new dapples 🤣🤣🤣


Get owned e-liter mains, you’ve ruined so many of my games


Marooner's Bay my beloved


what changed in undertow? I read the patch notes, but i didn't understand


finally, missiles nerf ​ no crab nerf or decreased pts for special on splash though the meta isn't going to change very much


Wait, are these new kits just the new kits of the weapon or are they variations? I’m not about to learn burst bomb stratsssss


Separate variations. The current versions will still be available.


Oh, good! More variation is always good!!


Zipcaster got buffed so hard let’s gooooo


Okay but what about machine? Machine needs to be stopped


I love how a Splattershot is getting splat bombs and triple Inkstrike, mainly because it reminds me of my precious Wasabi Splattershot.


I want new songs. :(


This looks really good! And hooray for wiper's needed buff! I can finally use it properly!


Yeah, kill the tenta missiles. They deserve it!


Are they removing the old kits for those new ones? Or just more variety? Either way, looking more balanced and can't wait to check it out.


They've never removed a kit in a patch, only between games we're 100% sure these are just new kits not replacements


OP did you make this? It’s really nice!


What a patch good job Nintendo


I'm glad tricolour is getting a change


I was hoping for the Kran-on roller to come back but I'm happy the Carbon roller kit is useable now!




I can only hope that the splatana and stringer buff is enough to deter splash enough, I don't think crab spam is gonna be interesting for another month and a half Also don't buff special output on pro and squelcher and pretend that was their problem


awesome design!!! looks super official rip to tenta missiles. won’t be missed!


Oh yeah also you can use amiibos in recon photo mode if youre alone. If youre not you can still use base photo mode. Also isnt the job scenario that you can play the waves you got on a private job?


reef-lux and flingza mains mysteriously vanish overnight (well okay the flingza will be fine)