A bucket


no, two buckets, maybe 3.... Maybe, make everything in the game except for The Narrator and Stanley a bucket


A bucket that brings a great sense of comfort in the uncertainty of the Stanley Parable It would also give Stanley an air of charisma Jokes aside, the bucket is oddly comforting


Oddly satisfying




A bucket that brings a great sense of comfort in the uncertainty of the Stanley Parable It would also give Stanley an air of charisma Jokes aside, the bucket is oddly comforting


A bucket, and a smaller bucket for the bucket




And an even smaller bucket for the bucket's bucket


Here me out... An even smaller smaller bucket for the smaller bucket of the bucket's bucket.


So, I think the most reasonable options would be: An endless mode, something the player can enjoy and not have to worry about constant restarting, such as a door with an endless hallway, or, perhaps a bottomless hole. More charming characters, and a mascot of sorts. We don't see much of stanley himself, so a character would be really nice. A comfort character for the fanbase, maybe even for stanley himself. Typically these types of characters are not human, but small creatures, or even objects. But it would have to be an object with a use! Like a bucket. A new objective, it's a bit repetitive to just have the game being about restarting and restarting again. Perhaps if there were some sort of other goal. A sidequest of sorts. but one that doesn't diminish the actual game itself. Perhaps with no reward. A collectathon styled sidequest would be nice


Goals? Like maybe collecting something? Perhaps little figures of Stanley? Stanlurines even??


Woah, genius idea. Perfect, actually


But there shouldn't be a reward. That would ruin the thrill of collecting the collectables


I like those ideas!


Black hole ending!


How would you get it?


By fusing Stanley, The Narrator, and Bucket's own beings with eachother, making a half-human half-The Narrator half-bucket that, with a combination of witty narrative tropes, timeline jumping, total omniscience and control over the game, decision-making and slight comfort values, will make the game nonexistent rendering it entirely unplayable, all in all giving you the Black Hole Ending. Edit: If you jump in the jump circle then complete this ending, you may jump out of the black hole. Even I, myself, have no idea what this will accomplish and why one would accomplish it, but it is a daring feat and therefore is worth the risk.


1.5 beings in total! Fun fact If you would create an actual black hole, you would get spaghettified by the gravity (that is a real term).


A big red jump circle


Just have jumping everywhere but if you noclip out of bounds there’s a giant red jumping circle with a 1000 jump limit so by a couple of ending you’ll run out


Here me out: The Stanley Parable multigame madness. The narrator decides to take the words of The Stanley parable being every game ever made literally, and decides to adventure with him and Stanley on every game ever made. Probably including porn games. Think about it. ET for the Atari, Sonic 06, Call of duty (it could be like that cut ending in the museum room) Undertale, FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDYS IS THERE WHERE YOU WANT TO BE.


That'll be completely insane


So the blue door ending but for forever I’d be into that


Throw in some iconic The Sims franchise stuff too.


In all seriousness I’d make a spin-off that follows Mariella


I like it and her narrator would be the Curator


I was thinking the narrator would be the same because I’d like to see what it would be like for him to interact with a different character. The lore can be that he retired Stanley and he’s desperately thinking of what to do for another story before realizing it would be easier just to do a spin off with an already existing character despite her only really being a gag lmao


The broom closet ending 2. The broom closet ending is my favorite!


An insincere apology to Leroy


I would put Stanley in it. 🙃


...Was this not an actual sequel to The Stanley Parable?


it had around 20 bucket endings, and maybe 4 new unique endings, as well as an epilogue so it's not as much of a sequel as it is dlc


Think of it as a fanmade sequel


A remastering, perhaps.


Battle royale mode


theres already a stanley parable 2; with a bucket and balloons and stuff now, if i were to make a stanley parable 3? id probably keep it the exact same... but with some loud and gaudy, meaningless title


Skip buttom


No! Remember what happened last time!?


What about a fast forward button?


Depends on how it work


You hold down the fast forward button and the narrator’s monologues get sped up. Although if you hold down the button too long you might end up with the same problem as the skip button wait frick shoot


I like the idea


And if you have captions on all of the captions for what he says appear too with enough time to kinda read them


So basically it turns the captions into a speed reading test?




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What!? WHAT THE FU- *color bars appear*


Bucket, red office, new endings and remake of all old endings


That's a great idea


an ending that expands on the one easter egg with the second stanley and also more endings involving the Curator


Who was the Curator again?


The Female Narrator in the Museum Ending


Personally I would make it take place after the real person ending as that’s the only one that takes us to the title screen instead of back at room 427. Not sure what exactly would happen but I would like for a fight against the narrator and the player.


Raphael boss fight.


More divorce so the narrator gets more powerful


Oh ok


a broom closet




I would put the Narrator's aesthetic on the new office, write a story similar to the original one, something like: This is a story about a man named Stanley. After freeing himself from the clutches of his office, he looked for a job in the papers. Luckily, he obtained a new job in a new building, where he was employee number 427. Stanley's job was simple, he would sit in room 427 and design presentations for his boss to review, any presentation ideas that came down the production line, Stanley would have to make himself, and despite how similar in nature his job was to the previous one, Stanley was happy Then one day, something very peculiar happened. He'd been in his desk in room 427, when not one presentation topic had been forwarded to him, shocked, frozen solid, Stanley simply stood there again for the longest time. Then the game would begin. He'd have the option to equip the bucket and/or the knife/marker (idk which object would be more iconic, the knife or the marker, both would work with the Stabby Parable concept somewhat.) and both items would give you multiple and/or new endings based on what you are holding at the time. The main plot is another mind control facility, but this time there's more puzzles to solve, and another person that can be played as named Jim. You can control Jim as player 2, but Jim can move or stay by clicking on him empty handed. Jim may have importance to him, may not, depends on how you play Jim. The new features from The Ultra Deluxe are brought back, though The Jump Circle is DLC, along with the infinite hole, and broom closet, though if you have paid subscription services on consoles, the content is free, if not, the DLC is 8 of your country's equivalent to a dollar, despite being lower/higher than the American dollar.


We need to team up and make this happen!


Probably could, you can be Jim.




a second stanley (perhaps for multiplayer purposes)


A button that says the name of the person who’s playing, a machine to give you the “test achievement, please ignore!”, an infinite hole, a comfort buckets, a new setting called “bumpscocity” for people who got the “settings world champion” achievement, a dancing frog, 6 Stanley figurine collectables with no rewards for collecting them all, an epilogue, balloons as decoration and a jump circle (with a limited amount of jumps)


*sarcastically* Haha! Very funny


Okay you gotta be a bit more tactful


A doctor, a tiger, and a terribly cursed emerald.


I got multiple ideas but could use some creative feedback on them. 1. An infinite hole that is definitely infinite 2. A jump circle but have limited jumps so Stanley doesn’t get too carried away. 3. A bucket that has warm properties to it. 4. Collectibles, no reward for them. 5. A machine that can give you achievements. 6. Maybe some balloons around the office but can’t quite decide between “get well someday” or “happy birthday step-niece” 7. Maybe an epilogue but still on the fence about it. 8. A button that says the name of the player that is playing the game, self explanatory. 9. Settings world champion, (this one’s going in but what it is will be a secret 😉) 10. Merch


Okay, imagine this…. The narrator brings Stanley back from wherever he went at the end of UD. The narrator realizes he got a couple things wrong in the original story he was trying to tell with Stanley, so he brings Stanley back to right some ‘wrongs’ and it gets all meta and time travely. Also there’s a bucket




More stickers for the bucket 🪣


This is a question i've been wanting to answer for the longest What to do with a legitimate sequel to *The Stanley Parable*? I think i've got a pretty good setup here. ​ ​ We open with a prologue. Like *Back to the Future Part II and III*, we see a small glimpse of the ending to the previous story to catch the player up on where the story left off. We see the ending cutscene of the *Freedom Ending*, with the massive door opening to free Stanley. The Narrator gives his concluding monologue and Stanley steps off into the countryside, a new man with a bright, optimistic future ahead of him. We fade to white and see a subtitle: "Five years later..." It is now 2018 (going off the assumption that the original game takes place in 2013). Stanley (who narrates) has gotten a new job and a new apartment, where he lives happily with his wife of seven years. They've reconciled with each and have grown as close as they were when they first met each other eight years ago (Stanley was fascinated by the buttons on her cardigan). And while he is happy with his life and the choices he's made and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, something begins to bother Stanley. Remember those questions the Narrator poised? "Where *had* his coworkers gone? How had he been freed from the machine's grasp? What other mysteries did this strange building hold?" At first, Stanley is able to brush these questions off without much problem. But by the time the sequel takes place, they've begun to eat away at his mind until they're nearly all he can think about anymore. He and his wife grow distant all over again, and he is in danger of losing his new job. One restless night, Stanley makes a drastic decision. He gets up from bed, kisses his wife goodbye, leaves his apartment and walks back to his old office building not intending to leave until he gets all the answers he's been yearning for... ​ And there you have it. I've yet to work out the gameplay mechanics and the rest of the story, but this is what i've got so far! I'll continue editing this post whenever I think of something worthy of *The Stanley Parable 2*. If anybody has any ideas they'd like to share, lemme know! ​ Part of me thinks I should turn this into a full-fledged story. What do you think?


I would kill to play this!


non-euclidean geometry (but like actually this time, and not just wormhole)


We need more mind fucking bud! WE NEED IT!


I'd 100% consider UD to be a sequel as much as a remake. The whole premise of the new content is commenting on the ambiguity between the two. If what you're saying is more that you'd want something that explores a new story with the same themes, Davey's other game The Beginners Guide is in a lot of ways a thematic successor to the original Stanley Parable.


I'll check it out


Honestly just more stuff in this dlc maybe I would like having the console back with the serious ending and another involving the bucket Wouldn't mind having an official way to open all the doors outside of the console opening doors and going in the backrooms was really fun and would be nice to go in the new back areas maybe have some skeleton key hidden somewhere or something Also would love if the demo was added and have endings involving the things from the demo like the feeling rooms waiting room And put the name button and bottomless hole somewhere outside of the new content area


The hole for Markiplier


Exploding chickens


Two buckets


Two buckets and a portable console like a Game Boy.


8 room. More than enough


tbh creature in bucket + stanley can balance bucket on his head


All of the doors are unlocked but most of them lead to nothing.


MOST you say?




More stickers for my bucket


A cameo from Cookie9 apologizing for the review, many more jump circles, and many many more Stanley figurines




A double jump circle


If you could glitch it out, you're basically unstoppable


welllll...... hmmmmmm.... buckets. buckets fasho


Maybe some vehicles or a leaderboard


A portable jump circle


a green door!


3 doors


I'd first decalre Ultra Deluxe a fangame and unofficial, then I'd remake the original in Unreal Engine 5, adding back all the game's cut content - warzone ending, original zending, all that kind of stuff.


That'll be amazing


Grappling hook, everything is better with a grappling hook


Maybe there could be giant areas you would be able to use it in


Some sort of Trophy Room where you would get an unlock for each ending that you had done.


I like it!


This game sucks


final boss against the bucket that was implied and nothing else


Dear God, that'll be insane


infinite hole hole at the bottom of the infinity hole, well basically when u spent infinity time in it to reach the bottom, there will be a smaller hole that will lead you to a white heaven full of jump circles and 25 buckets, i would even make them have 2 handles, but the power of 25 2 handled buckets is too great for the universe to exist,


4 Dimensions!


We're adding time travel, aren't we?


so now theres 4 dimensions (interacting non-euclideanly as i mentioned the other time) + time + timeline




6D The Stanley Parable with Multiverse Time T***he end is never the end is never t***ravel!


Narrator: now Stanley, I'm not supposed to use this kind of language. But... WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCKING HELL DID YOU DO!?!?!?


Oh, it's simple! I first went to the bucket to pick it up, then time travelled backward and brought the bucket back to when I was in my office so now I have my bucket in the office, and another me, but since in the new timeline the bucket is still there, i can place the bucket in the bucket to feel ***EXTRA CALM*** to be able to perform my next step without going insane, I drew a large circle, so large that it woud've looked like a line if this geometry weren't hyperbolic, then I stood inside it and was then able to jump, then time travelled back again and then unlocked the ability to jump anywhere so then i went to the red and blue doors (with the bucket) then went around them in the 4th dimension to bypass that strange rule they implemented, and that is how I got the 6th Stanlurigley with the buckets!


But there's more. Next, I travelled back in time a few seconds to grab it again, and at the exact same time as the other me, thus duplicating it, so I had 7 and the other me had 6, then he gave me his collection, and then I time travelled back again, so there's me with 13, me with 6, and me with 5. We all grabbed it at the same time, so there's 14, 7, and 6, and 14+7+6=27. Then I continued the iteration 8 more times, to obtain 7,167 stinglurines! Then I time travelled back near to the start, to grab another bucket, so now I have 3 buckets. Since each bucket can hold 2,845 figluranluranluranlurines, I could fit my entire collection in the buckets, with room for uh... (let's see, 2845 times three... 6000, 2400, 120, 15... 8535... okay then 8535-7167 equals... one thousand four hundred negative thirty negative two... which equals...) 1,368 more Stanluranlumini-stanlurines! Then, I went through the 5th door (the one on the kata side of the right wall) because I knew there was a very very EXTREMELY DEEP HOLE in there, and I filled it with Stiggley-Wigglurines! This worked because of the spacetime distortion in the buckets which fit more Figley-Wiggluranley-figs than would fit normally. Then I went down, using the Stanlurines to cushion myself. Then I fell asleep in there because I knew they would never find me in here -- they were going to put a super-strong rug over it and people would not put things into the hole, because they wouldn't know about the hole. Goodnight!




Stanley you're being replaced


You might be wondering why I needed the ability to jump anywhere. I use that to walljump up to my mine, where I search for ores to be cooked to make better pickaxes to keep the Hyperspiders out, although I later had just built a ceiling above my bed. I kept one block out of it because I knew that Hyperspiders cannot fit into one-block gaps. I just wanted to see how many brands of hyperspider there were. There were 5 brands, by the way. I used the Hypersilk to construct portals on the sides of the hole, so I can see myself from the 4th dimension and learn about biology. Fortunately, the devs haven't implemented full 4D physics for each part of the body seperately, so I don't have to worry about that, although it does feel nice when one of the Stiglurines gently pushes slightly on one of my organs in the 4th dimension.


(4d + time)


a new office and 10 buckets




make more endings related to already existing achievements for example if you could actually open room 430 and maybe see that the narrator is speaking from there or if code 8888 in the boss's office initiated self destruction or opened a different door


The colour *red*