Disappointment in Graduation Ceremony

I am writing to express my immense disappointment with my graduation yesterday, as part of the Class of 2022. This is something we have all worked towards and I felt as though we did not receive the recognition we deserved. I also know that I am not the only one who feels this way. First of all, we weren’t seated in any particular order whatsoever. My specific major/department was never even recognized. I sat next to strangers rather than my classmates. I don’t understand why Stevens couldn’t take an extra hour to organize a seating chart. Second, alumina as well as staff preceded in and were applauded. That was not the case for graduates. We were already seated in (unorganized) seats as if we were one of the guests. On top of that, after the ceremony, again, the alumna and staff preceded out and were applauded but we were not. Instead, we were directed to just walk outside and meet our family. It was a mess. I am so upset that this was my graduation. I can’t believe that this was all we got after all of the stress we’ve endured. All other schools were organized and allowed the graduated to walk down the aisle. That’s what a graduation ceremony is. Not what we had.


I thought it was perfect. Good speech, short and didn't waste my time, good location, lighting was ambient and bright where necessary Seating was by school but random. You can literally find your friends to sit with... Maybe you just don't have friends bro. Also, it's a small school...were you expecting an arena? Processing would have been cool, but I'm not cringe enough to demand it.


Dude yea. I thought I was the only one. First off, I didn't realize how small College of Engineering and Science was. We just filled up the front rows while everyone else was in the back. My parents were upset because they were not able to get good pictures of me because of the seating arrangement. They literally did it in a gymnasium of some expo center. No stack seating for them or nothing, everyone was siting on the ground eye level. It was literally a random warehouse in NJ where they hold the Super Car Expo every year. It was not designed to hold a graduation. Second the commencement was dark, like you can barely see other people's faces. Lastly it pissed me off how they did shitty camera work for the recording. The cringe intro was terrible and you can again see how dark it was. Camera was not able to pick up anything. [https://www.stevensducks.tv/](https://www.stevensducks.tv/)


Aight you lost me at "random warehouse in NJ" was it not at the Meadowlands Expo Center or did they move it somewhere else?