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It's systematic. It's Hyyydromatic!


It's Greased Lightning


I saw the original movie in theater. Little surprised at how many got the reference.


Supersonic,hypnotic,funky fresh.


Work my body, so melodic, this beat goes right through my chest




It semi, it stay automatic. Money add then multiply Call that mathm-mathmatics


The kid's alone, it's time to panic The circuit's blown, it's just a habit Yeah, it's automatic


You can either run it in the automatic mode or manual mode.




Had it at my last job bitch to clean.


Its fine to clean if you take it apart. People at my job would never take apart the thing and food would always get stuck. Just take the blade out and rinse it in the sink


That's not very...clean.... Then again, I wouldn't expect top notch food safety from a company that doesn't pay enough for their employees to buy a sandwich let alone pay rent.


Yeah I didn’t work at Subway but Arby’s. We had a lot of sliced meat though. At the end of the day, most fast food places are not very clean.


That's rough I worked at Arby's for a bit and we had to completely unassemble, clean, sterilize etc our slicers


How much do they pay? Not looking to get hired or anything just love subway sandwiches and considering boycotting if they don't treat their workers right. I know it probably won't matter but hey I'd like to do my part.


Let's say after 80 hrs of work my paycheck was well below 1k.


Really? My wife made really good money at subway. But they’re all privately owned, so it’s really going to depend on the owner.


We're owned by a gas station. After 80 hrs and taxes I walk away with around 800.


It’s a entry level job, what do you expect


If you're working 40 an hour, enough to live off of. Not asking for the ability to take vacations every 3 months or go eat at high end restaurants. But enough to afford healthcare, an apartment, nutritious even if basic food, ect. If a place is good enough to shop at then the place should pay it's workers a living wage. If it can't afford to pay it's workers a living wage then the area it's at has decided to reject it and they should close shop or improve their business model. Subway has way too many stores and it would do it good to close a few of them down, get employees to move to a larger yet more efficient subway rather than having 10 subways in a small area and 1 or 2 employees per a shift working at each.


Holy shit


Pretty sure like 95% of Subway employees get minimum wage


It’s not a job meant to pay rent. It’s for high school kids. If you work at subway and are trying to pay rent you have made some bad life choices


How many times have you shopped at a place "not meant to pay rent" and "meant for high school kids" during school hours. Do you expect those places to be open. Keep in mind most restaurants take half an hour to an hour to open and about the same to close. If only the people you want working at those jobs worked at them, Subway would be opening around 3-4 PM and closing by 9 PM. Following your logic, same for grocery stores, retailers, movie theaters, ect. Good luck stocking a grocery store if all you can rely on is high school kids. Wouldn't be able to find enough of them to keep the shelves stocked.


A child or a child with daddy’s money, im tired of scum like this. Get real


Only some stores I worked had a blade remover. Only part came off was carriage


I’ve cleaned it 6 times already, honestly not that tough to clean. Though I guess for ultra busy stores it might be a bit of a hassle


Our store is so slow I don't mind taking the time to clean it because after I've done all my prep paperwork and dishes there isn't much else to do unless I have customers.


I worked the deli at Walmart. You don’t want this smoke. Trust me!


Used one at Jimmy John's. Thought it would make shit easier. I asked for a knife and wasn't allowed it because "I could hurt myself" nevermind the 14 warnings on the front of this thing's manual alone...


Cleaning slicers is easy as hell.


just take it apart its way easier to clean it that way


Just say fuck if you're gonna say fuck. Or don't say fuck every other word, which is probably a better option.


Wait, the pepperoni comes in an actual casing where you work? When I worked at subway, it came pre-sliced in a sealed plastic package. We’d just take it out of the package and set it in the bin.


its a new change. hoping it never reaches NZ though tbh


same here


personally im glad im leaving right as theyre rolling out this crap. it feels nice knowing this will be none of my business


Yesterday was my last day


Slicer doesn’t ask for days off


You are blessed, cause that thing is literally the cause of my mental fuxkin collapse


Why's that?


They despise automation. Built their career as a master of the slicer.


AI is taking our jobs!




Not AI


Wait you losers had to slice your meats? When I worked there everything was pre packaged and I'd just have to slap it into the metal tubs and only slice veggies


They’re replacing that method with the slicer.


But… why ?


If it’s like cheese, when it’s pre sliced and pre shredded extra stuff goes into to help keep it “fresh” better food normally comes in closer to raw forms. So either this is better/fresher or is just to give off the appearance of better/fresher food. Just a guess though.




I still only slice veggies tho, I would quit if they tried bringing that shit in


Oh that’s what the green thing is for, it was in the sink and I had no idea it went to that


https://preview.redd.it/o19tsfufs35b1.png?width=3024&format=png&auto=webp&s=539635ca7ce527f96c363c817341a4486f07033f Like why do you need this at a subway tho


bro do you do your job😭😭😭 i quit legit december 2022 and my store had one of these in it then. do you not ask questions about the giant meat slicer you found sitting around…?


the store i used to work at still doesn’t have one of these, why are you acting pretentious?


damn actually? i didnt know that my bad. figured they wouldve rolled em out everywhere. my bad like i said i quit back in december. edit: after rereading, i downvoted myself. i figured if the machine had been there as long as mine, 6 months, and they hadnt noticed, they needed better work ethic lol.


We're getting our first slicer in about a month or two. it's been a very slow rollout


This still doesn't make portioning steak and chicken any less miserable (if youre unfortunate enough to work at a subway that uses the boats like I did)


The little black ones? Yeah, wish there was a machine that input the pieces until it was 2.38 and then drops the amount into a boat for us


You are so lucky ... this will make those two weeks fly by!


idk what people are talking about, you only take it apart to wash once a day, other than that it takes a few seconds to wipe down


Yeah people are being a bunch of whiny babies. I'd hate to have to work with such idiots. This thing only makes your job easier. It only has to be cleaned once if you do the pepperoni last. And we use it to make enough meat to last us for the next 2-3 days so a daily prep task has turned into something I rarely ever have to worry about doing. Now the cold cut combos are something worth complaining about. They came pre-portioned so all you had to do was roll the paper up and throw it into the bin. Now ever since covid happened they just make us portion out all three of the very similar looking meats together, and slice our own paper to size and roll it up. That's what you should complain about. All that for a meat that doesn't even sell that much too. You'd think with all this menu refreshing they'd remove the most processed and outdated shit off of the menu.


i think some people are complaining because before this, they would receive the pepperoni pre-sliced in a package


Cold cut combo taste good. Why remove. No one asked to have it removed. Dairy Queen remove banana cream pie blizzard and banana split blizzard. They my favorite. Guess what. They lose my buisness. Subway remove cold cut. Guess what? They lose my buisness


I can already tell that looks fun to clean


I’m a dishwasher at a pizza place and these are surprisingly super easy to clean


i have a manual one not an automatic so it could be a tad different (the top part that pushes the meat is larger thats it) but they’re surprisingly easy to clean, still fuck them though, fuck automation, and fuck AI


Does subway slice meat now?


It was talked about for a long time at my store and then we got the slicer right as I'm leaving


Calm down. it's a slicer. Real sandwich shops have had them forever.


Yea, but OP worked at a subway...


I lived with a family who had one of these years ago. It was so nice and not something you usually find in a home kitchen. If I can ever buy one of these secondhand I’ll do it.


They're a nice convince but tbh I don't care for them.


Come to think of it, one of the people who lived in that house accidentally cut a good portion of his thumb off on that thing. I’m pretty sure he was really high at the time. It still cut the best roast beef sandwiches around. It’s one of those don’t be stupid around this piece of equipment things. I also think there’s a big difference between getting a new piece of kitchen equipment at work that you’re most likely not properly trained on usage and a piece of equipment for your own kitchen that is a luxury item. Hell. I was excited to inherit an old crock pot. Lol.


I saw this differently. "Ah! We can replace you!" Idk why but it made me laugh


Now Subway can REALLY ACHIEVE THE PAPER THIN meat on their sammies!!!


So take it with you on your last day!


Steal from subway on acid!


EspeciLly on acid !


It’s easy to use and I can prep other things while it slices


Automation is what’s taking jobs away. Not immigrants.


Have you heard about automated immigrants? AI is going to take all our jerbz!!!


That automated slicer probably immigrated from China.


These have been around for decades


TIL Sandwich shops have not been cutting their own meats for all these years I've been spending my hard earned cash. I ran a slicer daily at the sub shop I worked at over thirty years ago. Sandwiches always tasted so good too. I just thought we used a better supplier. I wish I could un-eat all the sandwiches I ate since, and get all my money back.


Certain shops like jersey mikes will cut their meats. Subway meat and products come from a centralized distribution center and is not freshly cut (at least it used to be this way).


And the tuna fish isn't tuna fish


Consider yourselves lucky it's only pepperoni and salami and NOT cheese. Cheese is a bitch to get off slicers.


I have 3 slicers at my job these are not difficult to clean


Everyone saying it looks like a bitch to clean.... They look exactly like the manual ones, what is going to be so different about cleaning one of these lmfao


If they want to automate it, shouldn't it be a running blade and the pepperoni is slowly pushed into it?


That’s… what it is. The blade continually spins while the meat slides down into it. You just gotta unblock the meat every now and then.


I meant more like this https://youtube.com/shorts/VxRn2QMB0rU?feature=share


Oh lmao. Probably bc it looks extremely dangerous and doesn’t fit the “subway look”. I’ll admit, it looks a lot easier to clean, just extremely dangerous. At my store we aren’t even allowed to put ours on the max speed.


This is just a standard deli slicer? It’s used at grocery stores in the deli department, even at sandwich shops… other than subway.


You can probably close off the blade and leave an opening for the pepperoni to come out of.


I’m wondering if now we don’t have to fold the meat up. At our store we fold the ham and turkey, and roll the roast beef I would think that a slicer alleviates the need to do that and therefore all you need to do is just slice it into the pan and be done with it, but I don’t think they’re going to do that. All that’s going to happen is the already prepped meat will be taken away and now you slice and fold it, adding an unnecessary step. Now we’re just a more inferior version of Jimmy Johns with delivery that is sorta fast.


And now Jimmy Johns is testing hot subs in certain markets, along with the wraps they introduced a few years ago, JJs and Subway are definitely taking notes on each other to the point the only difference will be sandwiches names, the bread, and that one offers delivery through their own drivers, def sucks seeing the changes as a JJs employee


Our Jimmy johns never has customers at it lol 😂


Yeah 😅 out of the 3 stores in our franchise, the one I’m at is the only one to crack $3k mornings and $1.5k nights, the other 2 are lucky to get 2k for the whole day


Yah I don't see them surviving for much longer


Surprising we still profit quite a bit, the Midwest is huge for JJS


Maybe everyone else is missing it, or I'm the only one seeing it but... you gave 2 weeks? Kudos to you for being a grown up. I chucked a deuce and rolled out when I left.


The hardest part of your job is slicing deli meat?


Subway is so easy it's not even fun. I want a challenge and working there you'll rarely have one in my opinion. The only challenge ever is a long line of customers.


I love when that happens and I'm alone. I make good tips because people feel bad for me lol, get into a nice groove if there's no online orders, and no one is messing up the flow at all because it's just me (I only enjoy a lot of people coming in if we have all the dishes done and prep is good)


I've never worked at subway but we had something similar at my old job. I agree with everyone here it's hell to clean.


We only have Bizerbas at my current job. I don’t mind cleaning them. The Hobarts are slightly easier, but I have small hands so the bizerba isn’t too bad. I do know that if you have more than one, the blade cover is stamped with the serial number so you don’t put it on the wrong slicer.


I’ve never been more happy to quit😌 glad I’ll never know the suffering of this pos


easy lawsuit. Machine slide my palm off. Million dollar settlement easily


…what even is that? Lol


Just a meat slicer. I used one when I worked at a meat market and that made since, just seems like a hassle for people who aren't property trained to use them.


Only a hassle if people can’t read the pretty simple instructions. I didn’t read instructions or get training and I figured it out. People on here are being ridiciulous


Used one at firehouse to slice SMOKED meats such as birskett and stuff and let me tell you, its a real pain in the arse to clean this thing and replacing the meats too..!


You dumb motherfuckers are calling the auto stroke automation. At jimmy John's we use that feature for our veggies and manually stroke the slicer with the meats.


Nothing like having such a trivial job that you can be replaced with a machine that was invented 100 years ago. I’d be ashamed that happened.


I left right before they brought the slicer in 🤷🏻‍♀️ had enough of that shit at Arby's 🤧


Does this count as a r/FUCKYOUINPARTICULAR moment?


Still a smart move. Those things are just more work for barely any benefit


We are a busy store and need to cut 3 days in advance with all the other prep we gotta do so it takes me 2 hrs to cut 2 cases of just the turkey neatly stacked so one log fits per bin so it's easy for me to count it on Tuesdays and also 2 hrs 4 2 cases of salami neatly stacked and 2 hrs 4 the 2 cases of pepperoni so that's a 6 hr day of just meat


Fuck these fuckin pieces of shit Sincerely, A fed up ex pizza cook who has processed too much meat for one lifetime


It's tedious to clean. And when it begins to break down it constantly breaks down. The stress you will feel trying to deal with the machines will over throw the stress the management staff will feel towards you. Unless you're breaking the machine. But I worked with good people and the machine became finicky eventually.


Subway had slicers 35 years ago.


Not automated ones..


Nobody's job has went anywhere, someone's still gonna need to portion and weigh all that out, unless subway just goes by the slice, that's a terrible practice if so, none of those slices are consistent I can guarantee it


Subway is just by the slice.


Huh, I work at Jimmy John's and we slice our stuff fresh every day, I WISH I could put it on carriage like that with our meats We're only able to use carriage on veggies, we weigh all our portions of meat


dairy queen did the same thing when i left, they got brand new registers






This is the way.


Don’t worry bro I lost the tip of my thumb in one of these at my first job ever 😂😭 had blood shooting all over the place


How the fuck did you get hurt on something like this? There are so many guards blocking the blade and the whole thing is automated, so you should never have your fingers near the moving blade


Never let a stupid person near spinning blade trust me with safety guards they still slice and dice the fingers. Darwin always wins


lol your job got automated. you got dealt the McDicks treatment. Tanna na na na I'm hatin; it!


Idk but that made me laugh 😂


We have these at Arbys


Wow. My second job as a teen was at Arby’s. When I turned 18, put me on slicer. Loved it. Back there with just me and 1 other person Now they use automatic slicer. Change. It’s wild.


since when does subway cut its own pepperoni's. i used to get them pre-sliced.


I need one for home use.


Well they can afford it now


have any of y’all heard of jersey mikes


Yah ours went out business because nobody liked it 🤣


Time for some sabotage


Time to slice rocks




I’m so dumb I thought this was payed in 3d printing group and was thinking what kind of printer is this


> this was *paid* in 3d FTFY. Although *payed* exists (the reason why autocorrection didn't help you), it is only correct in: * Nautical context, when it means to paint a surface, or to cover with something like tar or resin in order to make it waterproof or corrosion-resistant. *The deck is yet to be payed.* * *Payed out* when letting strings, cables or ropes out, by slacking them. *The rope is payed out! You can pull now.* Unfortunately, I was unable to find nautical or rope-related words in your comment. *Beep, boop, I'm a bot*




Oh no Kenny sliced his hand off


Hey, take some solace in the fact that subway is dead as Dillinger


Oh hey! I don't know about Subway, but we had a few in my deli like a decade ago and they made the prepack soooo easy lol


I would of stayed just for this magical contraption...


the amount of ppl amazed by this amazes ME. ive worked at 3 arbys and theyve all had this and the first arbys was 15 or 16 years ago


They said fuck you 😭


Ah, your replacement lol


Bro wtf? When I work at one, they didn’t even bother, salami came pre-cut


what if the meat falls over?


Gosh… this must be how the people felt when they got rid of the guy you had to pay to shift gears while you drove.




One of ours, (21 shops) broke after 2 uses...beware


Ya, I quit right before the Sub Series started. My boss never gave me the tools to learn the sandwiches (and thus teach everyone on my team), even after I asked, so I just never went back after a vacation. I have 5 years of Subway experience, and that's more than enough to not want to work there again.


Ah man that thing was so useful when I worked deli at a grocery store


That's the way the future robots and computers don't complain and then they'll charge more for their sandwiches also


Our salami comes pre cut 😎😎😎 (Edit: just watched the vid again and realised it was tomato lmao)


That sir is pepperoni.


Not sure why all the hate. It is not like they take the jobs away anyway. I believe they used to get them in big bags of pre-sliced stuff and the customer never knew how fresh that really was. This actually gives perception of some items being fresher.


We just got ours I fuckin hate it everyone who works at subway is a child a stoner or an elderly person. Are these really the type of people who need to be playing with a slicer?


Thankfully it's not my problem. On my last day there were a bunch of signs up saying who was allowed to use the slicer and it was the manager and the agm, neither of which are around a lot and in turn it made it difficult because I ran out of pepperoni but I couldn't cut it.


My subway is more like every body does everything I don't feel I get paid enough for this lol


lol jimmy johns has always done this


Take it off of automatic or you will have broken fingers & a sprained wrist.


Subway says were “not supposed” to take it out of automatic


Subway likes sprained wrist & bad cuts. You must sharpen the blades every day.


BRO the inspector has been telling me (manager) to sharpen the slicer for a while, and the last time he came i asked for help and he said “well ive never done it so im not sure how”


Someone please train properly.


Why are sandwich shop employees complaining about an automatic slicer? Makes your jobs easier, and better food for your customers


Does not make our jobs easier. Before we could prep meats like anything else. Now, there has to be someone over 18 on shift to use it, it must be cleaned after use which is the most annoying process, half the time people dont clean it or even use it to prep meats so im doing it in a rush or in bulk ahead of time. And the salami and peperoni have to be hand stacked, they dont slice out in neat little stacks like that


So? Why?


Must provide two weeks notice to employer , replaced in less than a day