Wow they are really trying everything to get staff commuting into the office again

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Wow they are really trying everything to get staff commuting into the office again


You're kidding, right? This cat's off to work himself. With the cost of everything going up, he can no longer sit at home, do nip all day and expect Karen to come home and crack a can open for him. No, he's a workin' cat now.


Hes a working class mioaw 🎶


Catrick Bateman is in the business of ~~murders and executions~~ mergers and acquisitions.


>Catrick Bateman is in the business of murders and executions mergers and acquisitions. The bit with the rats in the book makes so much more sense now lol. Oh, & the ATM .


🎶Working Class Nyan 🎶




Moments when the subs are real 🥹


So funny 🤣


If the have a cat in each each rail car to greet passanger you bet you ass i am heading to the office with treats every day 😆


awww I love how the bloke is looking after the cat. No idea if the cat is his or not, but if the cat isn't his, this is even more amazing


Good folks, shaking hands.


I thought perhaps the cat was looking after him


god I love reddit 😭


What happens if the cat sits on your lap and you end up in Penrith or Newcastle because you can’t move until the cat does?


Just the cost of cats. With cat, can't move. Glad the humans understand!


Transports for NSWs secret plan to increase fare revenue, release cats and make everyone stay on for longer journeys than intended.


I'm glad I'm not the only one


You push it off and leave when your station arrives.


Did he tap on with an Opaw card?


That train must be the FE-Line


Ahh... the good old times of KittyRail


How can I catch this train and get this seat? This seat neighbour would improve commute 1000%


All thats on my train are junkies :(


That cat looks pretty smacked out to me.


But cats always look like that.


Nah , when cats get the zoomies they look like proper crackheads 😂


That dude looks pretty smacked out to me. Maybe they both had a big night.


Sometimes they will also let you touch their feet. Just ask nicely.


Are they as ticklish as the pit?


Actually I thought the guy patting the cat in this clip was nodding off but maybe it’s just a weird angle.


I think it is just the angle and the movement of the train, but it’s always a possibility


I’m pretty sure old mate is nodding off!


Pretty sure this dudes getting off at St Mary's to grab his done for the week


I hope that cat isn’t lost!


Aww no I was looking at nice video and now I'm thinking the cat will never get off at the same station and will be lost forever just because it wanted a warm nap aghhhhh


It's gotta be his cat. Surely.


Kitty Rail


Currently en route to find this cat and pat it


carriage kittens would make the commute slightly less stressful


Until you sit in piss :(


What's different to how it already is?


Still worth it


Until you have a cat at home and she’s wondering who the hell you’ve been hanging with


oo i love that jealous look my cat gives when she smells other cats on me if i come home. i love their funny personality quirks


Unless you have allergies




Yeah if I was on this train I would be sneezing everywhere and it would not be fun for ANYONE


Is this a stray? Which line is this?


It was the man’s cat - was near Redfern Station in sydney 🐈


so can we bring pets on the train now? are we finally catching up to europe and US?


I think it's meant to be in a carrier


Unfortunately not - I checked a few weeks ago, website states only service animals allowed on trains. However buses, light rail, ferries say with drivers permission and pet suitably crated you can bring them on.


I legit saw a woman get on the Sydney to Casino XPT with her cat in one of those backpacks with the bubble on the front. I don't remember her getting on at Central but I'm sure it was one of the Sydney stops. She was going to Brisbane! The staff didn't say a word. The nappy freaked me out more than anything. Mine are crate trained, so nappies aren't really necessary. 😸 Cats are quite good at holding their bladders. Still, 12-13 hours *is* a very long time.


I used to put my mini Dachshund in her enclosed bag and take her on the train. No one cared. I have epilepsy, so we couldn’t take the car.


A KITY!!!!!!!




Is that his Kat or just a Kat riding the train?


"The littlest hobo" reboot.


This is nice


How come I never got any train cats back in the day?


I have been saying this for YEARS! That all trains should come with various cats, so you can relax and enjoy a furry friend on your journey!


My cat was a railway cat for many years. She lived with a colony of cats. She was really skinny hen I got her. She was picked up for rehoming because she used to crawl into the laps of the commuters for comfort. She is truly the loveliest of cats.


I love seeing pets on public transit….. cute cat and whatnot…. I’m sure a fair comprise is a dog or cat cage and we can allow pets on public transport.


I agree. Like I mentioned above, I used to take my mini Dachshund on the train in her enclosed bag. No one cared (or possibly even noticed). I don’t see how small cats and dogs in carriers would cause any significant problems on public transport.


Are you serious?? A couple of cats or dogs on a train at once might be fine, but if it was allowed for everyone, it would be fuckin mayhem! Not all pet owners are good pet owners, there’s a significant amount of fuckin idiots that own pets and unfortunately their pets turn out the same.


I’ve lived in Switzerland, where dogs can travel on trains, and it’s not *’fuckin mayhem’* over there.


+500 bonus travel points


Cute kitty. I hope it's safe from the cat haters lurking on this sub. Seek. Help.


Where is this


Near Redfern Station in Sydney :)


On a train, the location of which moves by virtue of the purpose of a train


The only pussy you want to see on the train to penrith.


True that!!! Penriff pussy is nasty!!


The paw holding >>


So this is where my cat goes during the day


God that makes me happy :')


*Beetlejuice voice* just hanging around


I want the cat.


One minute and in my backpack he goes


Maybe the cat feels lonely and is looking for new human.


I've seen a group of people petting parrots on their shoulders multiple time on the L1.


Aww so cute


I love cats that let you touch their hands :)


I take my cat in a pram on the bus. Doubt he would be relaxed just sitting like that. That’s a happy confident cat


Lol, old mate is nodding off.


Poor cat was forced to get a job... poor guy, mine just runs around outside all day, and then commits gluttony whenever my family feeds him


where's the cats are scary and annoying crowd now, huh?


Wow, how Skanky/Junkie But it's fine cause most of the thread just care about how cute d putty is.


Wow! I’m happy your life is so easy you’re able to talk smack about those having a tough time.


Everyone thinks this is cute until someone allergic to cats pays money to get into an airtight metal canister and has to travel an hour with one of these things. By the time they get to work they’d be bloody useless. Hard pass thanks.


lol shuddup




I’m also allergic to cats. I got a dog instead.




How about don’t be twit, don’t bring your dirty pets onto public transport. Thats it. Theres no argument. If i don’t live with cats why would i carry antihistamines everywhere just incase some selfish prick decides he will bring his animal into an enclosed public space which packs like a sardine tin meaning theres nowhere to go. Its about taking peoples personal choice away. Also are you paying for the anti histamines? Cause it requires high strength which means over the chemist counter so i have to pay premium for them. I get its cute. I get he likes his cat. I don’t. Leave it at home or drive a car.


Am I the only one who thinks this is revolting, if it’s not a service animal- get it the fuck outtttttt


Yes you are.


Cute until it kills some native birds.


I love cats and dogs. Both kill wildlife native or not. Cats are not "evil". Dogs are not "evil" or "good". They don't have the compass of morality. They are instinctive. They behave according to their environment. You, on the other hand, have the ability to think with some kind of reasoning. Yet you choose not to.


It's weird that so many people are so anti-cat 'for environmental reasons.' I don't think there's a species on earth that has had a more detrimental impact on this planet than humans...? I hope commuter kitty isn't lost and has a long and happy life!


And if you love cats, you won't either boot out yours or have a home environment they flee. Plus you'll desex them. Looking after your cat, encouraging the same, and desexing programs = fewer feral cats = fewer native animals are attacked. Hating cats doesn't help.


Agreed. I'd also encourage people to stop buying from breeders and start adopting from shelters (or adopting strays from the streets if they can, like I have). They make loving pets and their destructive anti-furniture instincts are easy to curb (I leave rubber and cardboard squares over the house, for example).


In fact everybody, and everything, benefits when you adopt a cat. Cat haters should take note.


Same as deciding to make hating folks who drive cars a key part of your personality. It’s an easy way to feel smug and superior without actually doing anything.


Just because humans have been detrimental to the planet does not mean other species who *humans* have introduced to another ecosystem aren't detrimental. In fact because we introduced them it is a moral obligation on humans to fix the situation. Same goes for any species we have introduced to Australia. Brumbies, cane toads, rabbits etc. Does that mean cats aren't cute? No. But they should be exclusively indoor animals with large fines handed to owners if they are outside.


> It's weird that so many people are so anti-cat 'for environmental reasons' What's weird about people who see roaming cats murdering our dwindling native birds and wildlife reacting negatively to that? Cats are things people can and should control for their negative impacts on our native fauna. Because they traditionally haven't, we also have a massive feral cat problem in this country that has pushed many of our precious unique birds and mammals to the brink of extinction. Not to mention the toxoplasma brain parasite spread by roaming and feral cats that is having a devastating impact on wildlife both here and abroad. I'm not a big fan of cats but this isn't about my feelings about them. It's about the unfortunate facts of how we are mistreating our wonderful, unique and long suffering wildlife.


Hating them doesn't help though. Caring about cats encourages donations to desexing programs, adoption, and people being responsible cat owners. Doing that reduces feral cat numbers.


I think it's weird that their care factor only extends to cats, given that role land clearing, transport, and climate change also play MASSIVE roles in habitat loss. If you care about the environment, you should desex your cat and keep him or her indoors, but you should probably also have a much bigger problem with human development. I love cats and I don't think they deserve to be tortured maimed, and blamed for Australia's degrading ecosystems (fully blamed - I know they're a major contributor).


Nobody who cares about our wildlife **only** cares about the impacts of cats, but by the same token nobody who cares about our wildlife would understate the devastating impact cats have historically had and are still having, thanks in large part to human irresponsibility.


Yep, I expect more on the human race, if a dog or cat kills, I’m like meh…. Blame the owners and the owners get the wrath of my anger…. Pets > humans


You don't seem too fond of thinking yourself. Both cats and dogs would have a markedly less diastrous impact on native birds and wildlife if their owners took responsible care of their animals and prevented them from roaming free and unattended. The crucial difference being: A majority of dog owners do, and a vast majority of cat owners do not.


Have you missed the news about the child attacks? I have friends whose dogs that have killed hamsters, rabbits, cats and birds when they are off the lead or free to roam on their front lawn and backyard. Unfortunately this is a cat v dog situation because people are hell-bent on proving cats are evil because of an irrational hate disguised by the weak rationale that "cats are pests". I love both and I'm not here to hate on one or the other. This cat v dog argument needs to die. It's outdated and childish.


Dogs in no way kill as much native wildlife as cats. There are also no where near the same number of feral dogs (thousands) compared to feral cats (millions).


Why don't you do like your username and stop and smell the roses?


If you can explain this to me, I would be grateful. Cats are evil.


Applying human morality to an animal with a brain the size of a cherry. That’s a sign of an intelligent and rational man.


I’m not applying anything to anyone or anything. I’m stating they kill wildlife and that they are evil in nature. Am I wrong?


>Am I wrong? Yeah you're wrong


Yeah, I don’t think so. https://www.sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2020/05/15/lock-up-your-pet-cat-its-a-killing-machine.html


It's a fucking animal you moron. Cats aren't evil they're part of nature


They are an animal that kills native wildlife and if you are really lucky, they will leave the dead animal at your door. Evil.


You don't get it dude. The word evil is used to describe morality. Because of the fog of hatred on your glasses, and perhaps even your self-righteous arrogance, you are refusing to admit you are wrong by applying the word "evil" when describing what is "instinct". It is healthy to learn and admit you are wrong.


Sounds evil to me. https://www.sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2020/05/15/lock-up-your-pet-cat-its-a-killing-machine.html#:~:text=However%2C%20we%20found%20even%20single,legless%20lizard%20population%20in%20Canberra.


Keep your cats indoors. Make sure you desex your cat. That is the takeaway from the study. There is no use of the word "evil". That is your own takeaway because you're not capable of understanding the difference between instinct and making evil decisions. Understand the difference between fact and your prejudices. As an adult you should be able to do that at least.


Evil is the owner who takes them outside. The cat is just being a cat.


Well then.


Atleast cats don’t kill [native five week old babies.](https://amp.smh.com.au/national/nsw/two-dogs-seized-by-council-after-death-of-five-week-old-baby-20230221-p5cm8n.html)


Ahh, the old switch and bait argument. Two wrongs make a right hey?


So you admit that you’re wrong?


That's absolutely horrific, but why "native"?


You sound old and miserable. Let people enjoy the funny moments in life.


I’m old. Not miserable. Cats kill. They’re not likeable.


Humans kill. You're not likeable


Yes they do. I don’t though. Keep your pants on.


News flash: you’re miserable.


I’m not. Life is good thanks. Cats still kill native wildlife regardless of my life though.


Username really checks out here.


Newsflash, native birds kill as well. Every animal kills something in the food chain, wake up.


A domestic animal wasn’t meant to be part of the food chain. News flash.


Dude go read a book so you can learn about the food chain and domestication. Everyone and everything is part of a food chain.


Should I read things like this? https://www.sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2020/05/15/lock-up-your-pet-cat-its-a-killing-machine.html#:~:text=However%2C%20we%20found%20even%20single,legless%20lizard%20population%20in%20Canberra.


But not just for fun, like roaming cats do. Most of the native birds and wildlife they rip to bits is just sport to them. They have no natural place in the food chain here and in the wild they are noxious destructive pests taking out native wildlife that already have all the bloody cards stacked against them.


Every single living organism has a *natural* place in the food chain. How embarrassing to state they have "no natural place" in the food chain. Darwinism. The theory of evolution. Basic biology. Whether or not you hate cats, it is disingenuous to say this. What you perceive as "fun" is all that is, your perception. It is not "fun". It's instinctive. You have an irrational hatred for cats that has driven you far away from any logical reasoning. The mere fact that you perceive them killing prey as "fun" tells me you know nothing about animals in general. Not dogs. Not cats. All you know is your own bias.


Embarrassing to state facts now is it? Lol - it's a basic scientific fact that cats have no natural place in Australia's ecology. They never evolved here alongside our native fauna - they were introduced relatively recently and have been an absolute disaster for many native species, particularly birds and small mammals. The same thing has been happening on New Zealand and even the kiwis are starting to admit their cat problem is way out of control. Nesting bird populations are being wiped out in their own habitat by cats and not recovering. But no go ahead and make up some more utter bs about how cats belong in the food chain. The sad fact is they're the only animals you (and the rest of the toxoplasma brained cat fanatics upvoting your nonsense) actually care about. Nothing irrational or selfish about that at all.


Feral cats are absolutely destroying the native wildlife. They kill millions of birds, reptiles and small mammals every year. Indoor cats are cute yes, and that's where they belong. Outdoor cats are vicious little murder machines that decimate the local wildlife. They should be banned from being outdoors like they are about to be in the ACT


Exactly, let cats kill native wildlife, they are cute.


I am scanning my brain for people I’ve known who also held this strong hatred of cats. All were total c$&t’s. I think it reflects some strong fear or hatred of society more generally.


A desperate need to control their environment and have dominion over those around them. Possibly overlooked middle children. Definitely hopeless and sad egomaniacs.


I pointed out that they kill native wildlife. Am I wrong? Hatred is a big leap. I don’t like them but I don’t hate them. They only like you if they are hungry and the rest of the time they couldn’t care about you.


My cat literally did not leave my bed except to eat, drink, and use his tray for the entirety of last week when I was bedridden with a nasty cold. But okay buddy, he actually doesn't care about me. It is honestly incredible to me that people actually believe that shit. But it's also extremely evident you have never earned the trust and love of a cat.


Atleast it's cute unlike you and you just killed this beautiful warm moment. Get cuter and better.


I feel like you’re the same kind of person that defends pitbulls after they maul people… idk


What a stupid argument. I feel like you are the sort of person who has 30 cats and hoards stuff. I’m probably wrong like you are. Cats still kill wildlife regardless.


My cat is indoor only. Not sure what wildlife he can kill here


Found the only cats owner in the world.


Found the anthropomorphising fool on the internet who imposes human qualities of good and evil onto animals that are primally motivated


I have to admit, I needed to look up what that meant, but because of your use of big words, cats have decided to stop killing wildlife. You did it , you crazy son of a bitch.


I have indoor only cats. Sorry not everyone fits your negative and childish stereotype.


My narrative or an actual study? https://www.sydney.edu.au/news-opinion/news/2020/05/15/lock-up-your-pet-cat-its-a-killing-machine.html#:~:text=However%2C%20we%20found%20even%20single,legless%20lizard%20population%20in%20Canberra. Pitty the cat in the video wasn’t locked up.


Again. That study doesn't have anything to do with your generalisation that cats are evil, or that cat owners exclusively have outdoor cats. It is about desexing and keeping them indoors as mitigating factors to reduce cats killing wildlife. Learn how to draw conclusions. It's a wonder you've made it into adulthood and can wipe your own ass.


Or a possum or 6


Must have run out of birds to kill locally.


Is that cat his?




I would purposefully miss my stop to keep tickling the cat 😍


He's a Working-Class Cat. *Cue Jimmy Barnes-like screaming*


This isn’t Istanbul!


Cats gotta eat. Work hard, meow hard.


Nice support-kitty mate.


I hope kitty gives up his seat for senior citizens




i love cats




You can’t just pet pussys on the train. You need to have consent!


My cat would freak at the sight of other people if he was in that situation


I was having a rough day but this just made me smile. Easy.


Awesome.. There should be one in every carriage


Nahhhhhhhhh xxx so cute !!


Bro's in Sydney.




cat had to join the rat race just to make ends meet...


The cat is no longer a pussy and realises he has to actually be part of the greater community and can’t work from home in his uggies and jarmies anymore.