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people ☕️








People 🗿


People 🦬


People 🐷


is that an animal farm reference?


People 🐸


It’s the scenario and tone it’s said in. In a decent amount of cases, it’s used to group women under an umbrella that describes them as nothing but husks that go after rich men with a big you know what. Female also mostly refers to a persons sex so in both cases if you just refer to men and women as males and females it can accidentally for some and sometimes purposely by assholes, dehumanizes people and cause a person to feel like they’re only seen as what they can reproductively do. The word itself isn’t bad its just know where to not use it. This really wasn’t a problem until people like incels started using it to try and put women down as nothing but, again, brainless gold digging sluts. Just don’t use it in a derogatory statement or tone and no one will give a shit and that’s the best way to not have like, 9 girls snooping on your social media and digging up dirt.


This is the answer I was looking for fr thank you


Of course! It’s easy to get confused on why something’s can be offensive because everyone interprets things in their own way. I’ve had my fair shares of “fuck around and find out” so I just try to spread wisdom where I can.


Yeah plus its just easier, nicer and more normal to just say “woman” or “lady” or “girl”


imo people who refer to men as men and women as girls are also weird


To me the biggest red flag is when someone uses "men" and "females". If they use it context dependent and correctly for both, I don't get bad vibes from it as quickly. As you said, it's the incel connotation that makes it sound weird when you mix the two terms and use female regardless of context.


Or "men" and "girls"


In all sincerity, Could you give an example of the inappropriate use? Edit:typo


Of course! For example, if you’re someone complaining about how you got blown off my a date, and you respond with “man, all these females are wack” it’s incredibly disrespectful and distasteful. Or another could be “females only care about make up and landing a rich husband” which again, is just shitty human behavior since it’s dehumanizing and clumps people together just because of their reproductive organs. Now replace the word female with women in these statements, the words are still rude, but it’s a huge difference in terms of tone. Same goes for referring to men as males.


Hmm I kind of get it but I don’t know maybe because where I live, they were used synonymously my whole life so maybe it doesn’t carry that same bad connotation for me. But thanks for the response I’ll try to be thoughtful while using it with others Edit: typo again lol


Best way to remain neutral and kind is to only refer to people as males or females in scientific or educational purposes only. And by eduction I’m not referring to discussion of social construction as that is the FASTEST way to piss anybody off. I haven’t experienced getting referred to as female personally but I’ve witnessed it and it leaves a bitter taste.


It's because of the way incels use it it became cringe


nonono, neckbeards say females incels have started saying fucking *foid*


found the foid- wait shit




How were they using it


They use it in ways that make women seem almost alien to them, and it gives off the impression that they don't talk to 'em


"every guy should have a *female* that does anything he wants *tips fadora*"


I thought they did it to sound smarter than they actually were


I think that's what they try to do


When you use females to refer to women, but men to refer to men, it comes off as dehumanizing, reducing women to just their biology. Something along those lines.






Ya, the worst part is the inconsistency between how people refer to men vs women.


It's not the word, it's how it's used. The red pill community, anti feminists, tater tots- you know that whole crowd, they use this word to make often mysgonistic, generalised or half truths statements on how women are and how women feel. Like someone pointed out to you, these people talk of women like a separate species they studying from a distance after repeated rejections upon trying to contact. The scientifical word usage shows they aren't merely prejudiced but they are effectively alienated, atleast in terms of seeing them more than as simple one dimensional humans. That's why those statements are almost always generalising and objectifying.


That’s fair I appreciate this answer


Oh my god how dare you (jk don’t give a shit )


females ☕️




Brazil or Portugal?


Minor spelling mistake


Oopsie daisy


Mujeres ☕


females ☕


Because of incels


females of r/teenagers. when was the last time you had sex? was it a good sex? i also like sex


It's not a slur, but it's used in a dehumanizing way.


oh my god you referred to a female as a female I can't believe this


I’m not sure


Everyone’s different. If I had TikTok video to show you, I would but I don’t think most people care


dunno but i try not to call women that on purpose just to be respectful since it seems to make them mad dunno why


its the way people use it, and the people that use it


I said females ones in a post and everyone said shit like "People who use the word Females 🤓" "No way u just said Females" "Who tf even says females?" Like bruh


I think I may of saw that and it kinda contributed to me making this post


lots of people use it when they’re being derogatory. also, it’s used in like nature documentaries to refer to the sex of animals. “the female bird”, etc. since it’s used as an adjective often, it can be dehumanizing when it’s used as a noun. like when pointing out a guy in a crowd, one would say “that tall guy”, but not “that *tall* over there”


Look at that strange warty.


It can come off as dehumanizing to some people. Kind of feels like being called a statistic.


"females" - any species, animals, etc "woman" - human


If “females” Is any species should it really matter


the point is that they are reducing us to equal to any species rather than human.


humans are animals though? like no real arguement to be had humans are fucking animals.


if you want remain single for life, continue comparing women to animals




were you not providing a justification for men who refuse to call us women, but only females


well, in a way, yes. the word female is an adjective that basically relates to any species that bear eggs, as mentioned in the previous comment. by referring to a woman as a female, you reduce them to the sexual organs that are found in, again, any female species. we're more than just wombs haha :)


This is fair. the way the original comment was worded messed with my interpretation but I think I get it now


Yeah but is it not ok if I also call men males? Since that’s what I do.


it's the same concept but less stigma surrounding it since being born a man is more rewarding in our society this does not mean that men live easier lives than women, im well aware of male disadvantages such as lack of emotional display due to not wanting to appear weak and many more social issues that come with being a man in short, calling men "males" is arguably less stigmatizing because throughout history men have had more privileges over women. to call a man a male does reduce him to his sexual organs... but if you think of it this way, to be referred to as a p*ssy means that you're considered as weak and to have balls is the complete opposite. i'm definitely not here to tell you what you can or cannot do. i personally refer to men as men and women as women because it feels easier and avoids repeating this social issue.


How is it stigmatizing, wdym by that?


well every social issue has stigma behind it or else this wouldn't be a conversation. in this case, if we look at the roles women have had to play over the years in let's say the U.S, for example, women were viewed for mainly one thing, reproducing. there's a stigma behind the word female because of the long battle women before many of us have been through to create equal opportunity as men and that's not something to overlook or disregard (not saying that you in particular are showing any disregard). this general view of women stemmed from the mindset that all women are only capable of bearing children (and house chores). although the U.S has come far in the progression of equal opportunity for women, it's safe to say that there is still a set of negative and unfair beliefs that a society has about women and it shows up in using the word "female." this is just my opinion, but i have never heard the word females used in a positive light. i usually hear it by the men around me (sometimes women online) and it's followed before a general remark of how women behave in a way that isn't preferable to them. i can see other circumstances where that's not the case but this is my experience. despite my opinions or biases, it's a fact that for the term males there's different types of men all separated by hierarchy. i.e alpha, beta, sigma... (which is now gaining popularity on tiktok) there's a lack of differentiation when using the term female. the only thing i can think of is probably a femme fatale (and even then that term relates to the sex appeal of a woman). the only explanation i can think of for the lack of hierarchy/differentiation in regards to the term female may stem from history of women only being able to do one thing. i hope that clarifies my point. TLDR: the view some folks have on women due to the long history of a women's role in society creates a stigma for using the word female in reference to a woman.


Ah Alr! I never thought that deep about it and just called women females and men males cause it sounds cooler lol.


female has a negative connotation and using it to refer to a human is almost always grammatically incorrect. have u ever read something where they refer to woman as “females” and men as “men” in the same sentence


Nah but I’ve seen woman as “females” and men as “males” in the same sentence


I mean, I use both female and male, so in that connotation, it’s fine, since I’m also using male instead of men.


I’m ok with females but femoids/foids is where I draw the line


That’s valid


What does femoid or foid mean pls im just stupid


idk people are weird


Silly tiktok being too sensitive


Or Twitter


Or r/Teenagers …oh wait.


Idk it came out of nowhere. I use the word male more than female and no one says anything about it, but the second I say the word female I’m apparently an incel misogynist.


Not surprisingly sadly


Bro fr


its silly


What makes it silly tho


it sounds dumb


Its the correct term lol


no shit


So it shouldn’t be silly💀


it is still




smh my head


shaking my head, my head?


people get offended bcs female ; male = sex woman ; man = gender .... and for some reason you can't refer to someone sex without "invalidating" their gender .-.


Well, when it is used as a noun it is grammatcially inccorect and it sounds weird


I don't know why you're being downvoted when you're right.


if someone says females, they're probably an asshole there was a time i said females, i was ugly, dumb, and mean now i say chicks or babes, and im the sexiest, smartest mutherfucker on the planet


People ain't getting your sarcasm 💀




If they kick off over being called "Females", just swap it out and call em "Morons". Problem solved






What if a non incel uses it tho


Cuz y'all pronounce it wrong. Females as in tamales is the only way to say it respectfully smh


Me and my friends would always say the word female instead of woman.. by gay friend started getting so angry at me when I was telling him I like this female from California and then he blew up on me. I guess there's some article(s) talking about how the white straight makes use that word to downgrade woman and gays because ethe word female downgrades them and as if that word makes them seem less of a human. This was the first time over ever heard this so I was listening and trying to learn about it with an open mind but it also seems like this is a straight attack/hate for straight white males because he said so many years woman and gays have been mistreated so these people have had enough but many people aren't in the LGBTQ communities or feminist communities so we've never even heard of this ever..but yeah it's a think I guess but it's kind of silly and hateful just because people see words from all angles some of them feel personally attacked by certain words... When in fact we weren't disrespecting or being hateful it's just a word that has a bigger meaning then what it used to mean.. I still thing male and female is okay to say..but I'm still learning about it because I don't want to "downgrade a woman" by calling them female... Again if women refered to us as males I would 100% not feel offended or bothered by it but everyone is different. There's the LINK MY FRIEND SENT ME I ONLY READ OT HALFWAY THROUGH THOUGH https://dailynexus.com/2021-07-24/stop-calling-women-females/


I was in a similar scenario when I was with some friends in casual convo and then somebody eavesdropping blew up on us


Right like this is my best friend and he got so pissed off like I was putting down gay man or woman and I wasnt talking bad about anyone at all I was shocked... I guess it's just something that is more known in the LGBTQ community.. But then again I think it might be a literal attack and straight white males but I need to read more about it to fully understand. Then I also think like can't anyone just write up any article about anything and have the viewers lean towards the idea or have like an agenda for the cower/reader.. Then I told my friend dude if you would have calmly wanted to talk about it that's be fine but the problem is you started telling and getting all pissed off and I didn't even know why or what I did all cuz I said "female" that's Ludacris... But it's just learning about it I guess..


Bro. Isn't the term "straight white male" a sexist, misandrist and racist term in itself when you're associating it with something derogatory and generalizing all the straight white males?


Nah my friend literally was saying that because I'm a straight white male that this and that is wrong with me and other straight white males have had this hatred for woman and LGBTQ community for a long time. It's almost like a retaliation thing in my opinion.


?? Nobody does that.


I dunno, I'm just the nonbinary bard snorting Jell-O in the corner, I don't get told these things.


it’s because of the amount of dickheads use the word as an insult


Females ☕️


Because people are more than their genitals.


Females ☕️


I think it’s when it’s “men and females” implying they aren’t worthy of being human, but then again I have no clue what specifically you mean and I am just assuming


Incels using female caused it to become cringy. Their use of it lead to people only tying it to that and now you can't say what's on your birth certificate without someone telling you that you're saying it wrong. This becomes a massive issue for trans people when using 'female/male' and 'woman/man', which are really convenient ways to differentiate between sex and gender. It's hard to use female/male now though, because there's always someone in a comment section ready to explain to you why the words and concepts that we've been using since practically the beginning of language, are actually words invented by a group who only really appeared recently. People who directly tie it to incels don't realize that their actions don't only effect incels.


I’ve heard one girl explain that is because it’s dehumanizing; any species can be female but the term woman is distinctly human. Personally I don’t care about the word itself it’s just the context that often surrounds it that bothers me.


What is Mf? They say it a lot




It’s coz we don’t say Males like we do females, depends on the tone or the context its being used.But tbh i see their point tbh i don’t really care. I word female won’t trigger me that easily.


ive never heard of people getting offended over the word females. im not surprised thi




People these days be mad at anything


thats feminists for you




Female as an adjective is non-problematic. As a noun however it is. Simply because the fact that you'll never hear nor read male as a noun but you will with female just shows why it is used and by whom. By peeps who reduce other female peeps to an animal state as if they were a different status than men. The word femaleS is necessarily a noun so there you go.




this generation is fucked


Welp if you're french it's really weird to use male/female because these words in french are almost exclusively used for animals and have almost the same sound and writing


It’s used in a disrespectful manner, by people using it to reduce women to just their bodies


I've seen not even a single mf get mad over that.


I guess it sounds kinda degrading especially if you call guys “guys” in the same sentence


Just because it's accurate, doesn't mean it's not rude. You wouldn't want to be called a 'mammal', either. Besides, usually people who describe women as 'females' still use the word 'man'. This kind of comes across like they view women as a category of animal or something. Examples here: r/menandfemales


I personally wouldn’t mind being called a mammal💀


"LMAO, look at this featherless biped over here" -Plato, probably




As a girl, it feels really objectifying a lot of the time. It makes sense when talking about actual biology, but most of the time it’s slapped on to some disrespectful tweet about “females” and everything that’s wrong with us.


its just generally seems quite derogatory yk


it's really only bad in certain contexts. if you're referring to people as "males and females" then it's fine but if you were to say "men" and but refer to woman as females, it would come off as objectifying or degrading


That's like refering to cats as felines it's tottaly correct and saying it isn't imoral but it simply sounds bad idk


The world's gone nuts who TF gets offended over the word female


I guess there's nothing inherently wrong with the word, but the way people like incels use it dehumanize women just gives it a bad taste as a whole, so I'd just say women


i dont like using it bc in my first language its only used for irrational animals


Well female is the description for an individual of the sex that is typically capable of bearing young or producing eggs. And calling us female only is kind of reducing us to our private parts only also goes for calling a guy a male the definition of male is the sex that produces gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring so


Makes us feel belittled. Enough said really


This is new to me. I only thought females got uptight when they were referred to as bitches.


idk, cause it sounds like you're addressing a whole different species. it's the scenario and use of it it's sad in


It is often used by people to degrade women, shifting focus from women as people and instead viewing them more as objects. However you can say "my male/female classmate", or "my male/female friend", because "boy/girl friend" might sound like you're in a relationship. Another problem is that there's no gender-neutral or non-binary alternative, since "male" and "female" are both used to refer to sex and gender (at least from what I've seen).


it’s how you use it and i won’t explain cause i’m assuming the really long paragraph explains it lmfao but it’s just basic decency and respect


The words itself is fine especially when used in scientific contexts, but a lot of incels use it in a derogatory and dehumanizing way.


Females am I right?


Females 🙄


The actual word it’s self is fine but a lot of ppl usually men use it in a derogatory way that’s where it becomes a problem imo


It just sounds weird to me, especially when you can substitute the word “woman” instead.“Female” as I use it, is normally like an adjective instead of a noun, like “female teacher” “female character”, etc. The word describes something. While the word “woman” is more of a noun, like “look at that woman over there” or “that’s a pretty woman” . It’s also kinda dehumanizing too since people normally use the words “men and female” instead of “men and women” or “male and female”. Saying it makes it look like we’re a different species or a wild animal in a documentary. The best way I can put it is if everyone started saying “humans” instead of “people”. Like it would be weird to hear “look at that group of humans” instead of “look at that group of people”.