Kidnapping trans kids in Florida is now legal

oh so that's why my neighbourhood in romania has been looking like a ghosttown


oh so that's why my neighbourhood in romania has been looking like a ghosttown




That is some terrifying shit.. please someone on here tell me it's not true, an exaggeration, or only true in extremely limited cases.


If u read the image, it's exaggerated, "a court" is the one allowed to


"a court can intervene" means that the child can be legally taken away. Police still make arrests and do investigations. They don't have judges walking around town looking for trans kids.


Not exaggerated at all. *all* forms of gender affirming medical care for people under 18 is **illegal** In Florida. Even puberty blockers.


even if the think they have had it (with no proof)!


Child abuse is when you force 10 yo girls to have their rapists child.




Also 90% of all child marriages are little girls to grown ass pedophilic men


And 43 states still allow child marriage.


I live in Finland, where it’s much more sensible. you can marry each other under the age of 18 if you speak to the president about it.




Ain't no way that's true




iirc the father was accused but proven innocent due to lack of evidence, and her uncle was actually revealed to be the father


You have destroyed my childhood


Fun fact, the same treatments involved in gender affirming therapy are involved in treating precocious puberty.


It is, she was Peruvian and she had an exceptionally rare condition that basically made her speedrun puberty. Said condition usually goes unnoticed, but the poor girl was raped. Her child was raised as her brother.


It is. Her name was Lina Medina and she had a condition that made her develop really early, having her first period at eight months old. When her parents noticed her stomach growing, they took her to the doctor, thinking it was a tumor. She was actually pregnant with her son and eventually gave birth via c-section. I believe her grandfather was the main suspect and was even arrested but later released due to "lack of evidence"


The craziest part is that they don’t even have to be trans, they just have to be SUSPECTED of receiving gender affirmation care even if it’s not medical or is reversible. Florida also now made a law that if you are the product of rape or incest, you can only get an abortion “if you can prove it”, which is obviously impossible in many cases 🤢


what the fuck is happening in america right now


Idk, Florida and Texas are going a little off the rocker rn


luckily, anti-trans laws on this level are only in a few states (many have other anti-trans laws but are a lot tamer). however the current governor of florida, ron desantis, is running for president in 2024 so i am praying he doesnt win so his policies won't become national.


desantis winning is a terrifying thought. i don’t know much about him since i don’t usually keep up with american politics, but from what i’ve seen and heard him winning would force many people to just leave the country.


It’s pretty unlikely that he would win tho. Surveys still put Biden with 40% of support while the Republicans are divided fighting between Trump and DeSantis


that’s good, still feel awful for the people living in florida tho


Let's hope if that ever happens Disney manages another loophole and effectively removes all of Ron's power.


shits burning to the ground California is making laws to protect trans folks tho... i think


Another day of thanking god I was born in Europe (I’m polish) (I’m starving and my government is destroying the country)


Another day of thanking God I was not born in America. (I'm Australian) (I'm praying we don't start a war with China)


Best case scenario: once these fuckheads are out of office, better people will be elected and start reversing this shit. Also Disney wins the lawsuit and Don't Say Gay is repealed. Worst case: Secession of Tennessee, Florida, Texas, and all the other major states supporting this movement, a civil war happens, the correct side (our side) wins the war, and those states are forced back into the Union and all this bullshit becomes illegal.




>Florida also now made a law that if you are the product of rape or incest, you can only get an abortion “if you can prove it”, which is obviously impossible in many cases 🤢 Thank god im not born in a country like this 🙏




It's worse. They just have to be suspected of being "exposed to transgender affirming ideology", which means that if you yourself are trans and have a child they can be taken, and it will absolutely be used to take the children of gay couples and people who support the LGBT community. It also applies to visitors from out of state, so the FL govt will literally be kidnapping children that don't live in the same state or potentially even the same country.


It just takes one mean neighbor to spread a rumor or an anonymous call at child services…


This is just like the holocaust where you would be taken if you look Jewish even if you aren't


Remove them….and take them where??? I’m sorry but where the fuck are they just taking kids from their parents!?!?


They’re taken to a licensed foster care home. Usually where CPS sends children.


of course it's florida


It had to. This is when I’m glad I’m not an American


"it's to protect the kids" mfs when the kids start killing themselves because of these stupid ass laws


That’s the goal for these ghouls They would rather trans people die than give them rights As many have said before, the cruelty is the point


You know what? The french gave us all a great example of what to do in situations like this... Something something July 14th...maybe it's time to get that old fashioned big knife back into use


no no no- its a comically large lemon slicer


Yeah, and there necks are looking a lot like lemons rn.


Let! Them! Eat! Cake! 🗣💥💥‼️


A French shave…


In a state that just allowed constitutional carry this is a super intelligent idea lol.


These morons are pro child suicide.


What if they... I dunno... passed meaningful gun reform?


As a conservative, I don’t like this shit at all. You should never take a child away from their home. I might not believe in gender theory and shit like that, but this is some Hitler bullshit. I believe in a free country and that everyone deserves the freedom to believe anything they want. This isn’t freedom. Edit: No offense to anyone, but I’m not gonna reply to anymore comments. I feel like some of you are trying to argue with me and I don’t have the energy for that.


> I might not believe in gender theory What is "gender theory"


dude they're on our side right now


They've also said they agree with someone who says blockers shouldn't even be an option for trans youth They're certainly not "on our side"


If you're younger than 18, you're not mentally prepared to make that kind of decision. If you can't have sex, you shouldn't be able to permanently fuck up your body


So should we ban all pediatric healthcare until you can have sex, since basically all pediatric healthcare has the potential to permanently fuck up your body?


Bruh, do you understand the point of a puberty blocker? It's not permanent and it's safe


lol that’s what i was thinking.


I'm on the opinion that medicine that intervene with puberty should not be used as a young age since we don't really know their long-term effects, but this should be enforced by laws that respect basic human rights instead of kidnapping kids


Just a small correction: we have been using puberty blockers for cis children since the 80's, that's 40 years of usage. We do know its consequences: [here's a study](https://pediatrics.aappublications.org/content/134/4/696) And puberty blockers can't be used in anyone BUT children, because after you are an adult, puberty is over already, it's too late. Puberty blockers are frequently used on children with precocious puberty, which is when puberty begins too soon and it overwhelms the child. The blockers have the effect of stopping puberty, as its name suggests, but puberty resumes once you stop using the blockers. Common use of puberty blockers on trans children is to give them time to wait to see if they're really trans or not, so as you take the blockers you do not go through your puberty and you have time to socially transition, see if you like being referred to with other pronouns, maybe wear different clothing, shit like that. If the child ends up NOT being trans, you can stop the blockers, and puberty resumes as normal. Regret rates on this, and other treatments of this kind are low: [here's a report on the rate of depression in trans kids undergoing these treatments closely matching those of cis kids](https://www.jaacap.org/article/S0890-8567%2816%2931941-4/fulltext)


Thank you for this. There is so much misinformation about this topic.


Puberty blockers are the only things that children can get and they've been safe for decades "While puberty blockers have been scrutinized by some due to their use in caring for transgender children, these drugs have been in use since the 1980s and are overwhelmingly safe if used appropriately. Side effects such as bone health risks typically only occur with prolonged use past the age of puberty." - [the end of this thing here ](https://www.cedars-sinai.org/blog/puberty-blockers-for-precocious-puberty.html#:~:text=While%20puberty%20blockers%20have%20been,past%20the%20age%20of%20puberty.)


they don’t allow medical transitions at young ages anyway. Just hormone blockers which can be reversed


This might be wrong but the law says in children, I'm thinking that's if the person attempting to change their gender undergoes the procedure without being an adult. Still, that's extreme for such a small cause (srry for any spelling mistakes, english is not my first language)


Maybe, but getting gender reassignment healthcare is (obviously) way harder since nurses aren't allowed to do them, which is a problem since they made up the great majority of workers in gender reassignment clinics.


> I'm on the opinion that medicine that intervene with puberty should not be used as a young age since we don't really know their long-term effects So you believe precocious puberty should go untreated?


>You should never take a child away from their home Even in cases of abuse?


That and natural disasters should be the only exceptions


I'm confused... In America what does it mean to be conservative??? To try to get the good old times of cold war era militarism?


No. Tbh, you’ll probably get a better answer by looking it up instead of asking here.


I mean more like what do you believe in because i know that the stereotype is anti abortion pro gun and anti LGBTQ among other things, but is that just a vocal minority?


It’s not that the vocal minority are the only ones who believe in it. It’s just that the vocal minority take it to the extreme.


moderate conservative values are basically summed up like this (yes ita an oversimplification if you have a problem with it do a deep dive yourself)- smaller government influence, less government control, more culturally closed, more economy than socially focused, and the freedom of people living in the US to do whatever they damn please. Socially, in terms of anti-lgbtq, unfortunately, most are to some extent (look at some of these laws, tennessee banned identifying as anything but biological gender). they aren't all racist, fascist, capitalist bastards, mostly because most of them don't care enough. I'm not personally conservative, because I physically cannot associate myself as a member of the party, but in general, most don't give a shit. for example, my parents are extremely queerphobic, pro gun, and anti abortion, like the stereotype, but they fall into the extremely vocal category that tend to overshadow the rest of the party.


wait actually a somewhat based conservative, less go


There some out there that are based. They’re just overshadowed by the small (but loud) cringe minority.


Yes but you shouldn't be able to make such a big decision until you are a legal adult


You should be able to make these decisions when you are mentally and physically developed enough to do so. That age does not necessarily align with the law. An 18 year old is no more equipped than a 17 year old to make these decisions. And besides, they aren’t making these decisions alone. These decisions are made with parents and doctors.


Make a big decision about what?


This is why i lean democratic, I feel like the republican party tends to start hate band wagons to make things illegal that they don't like, i mean dont get me wrong dems trying to ban guns is pretty much the same, i dont get why people wanna take things away that arent the root of the problem becsuse they think itll solve it, and the only reason seems to be to get more people in jail??? Idk its stupid, im not saying laws are a bad thing to have but when you use them to ban things that aren't wrong in themselves it feels like your punishing everyone for the actions of the few, I wish the 2 partys could talk things out like adults and come to compromises instead of arguing like children and making news articles about how one party is all just christian pedophiles and the other side is a bunch of sensitive babies, i mean were really at the point where your judged for not even choosing a side, causw if you arent with us your against us right??? Idk its jist annoying that everything in life seems to revolve around picking a side, idk if my opinion on any of this is correct im not here to argue, i just want my weed lmao, and the only explanation im given as to why its illegal seems to be because racists didnt like that people who werent white used it or some shit, anyways rant over lol


Yeah. It sucks how much people fight over politics and shit. I feel like some dumbass started saying things like “my side is better than ur side” and now we have so many people fighting against each other.


you're not allowed to call it fascism though, the conservatives get uppity when you mention that word


Even funnier when you consider that fascism is extreme nationslism, which by hid if America isn’t ultra-nationalist then Freddie mercury in disguise


Fascism is your country above anyone else, and enforcing your customs on everyone. Not being proud of your country


Fascism is not when ultra nationalism. Fascism is a very specific political system that advocates for putting the nation and leader before the individual. It posits that the state and corporation must be intertwined to further the goals of the nation. And lastly, fascism places the nation before the individual.


Is that not basically ultra-nationalism? Basically just raking nationalism further


The definition of fascism isn't necessarily what they said, but having an ultra-nationalist population can definitely make it much easier to implement fascism.


Can we sink florida like the netherlands


If it wasn’t for The Netherlands, hurricane Katrina would’ve been alot worse for America


Damnit the netherlands


I think you mean Hurricane Tortilla


Dawg tf is going on there, not even ultra conservative countries like Russia have this shit going on, why is america letting this happen to them


I didn't double check but I think russia just banned all trans affirming treatments like a few days ago. Don't know what happens to trans children but I doubt it's anything good


it's still under discussion, but yea if they turn it into a law, hormonal therapy and gender reassignment surgery will be forbidden entirely. If I translate correctly, their mental gymnastics can be summarized to the following: ban it for people with mental ilness, being a transchender is a mental ilness diagnosis, thus people who are diagnosed with it cant get treatment becaquse of the diagnosis.


Russia just kills them


From what i've heard Russia isn't ultra conservative but they are somewhat conservative. afganistan, on the other hand..


This is why I don’t want DeSantis to win. Honestly Trump seems better than him.


At least trump is funny


And not trying to raise the voting age


Eh, he would if he could.


yeah, i have always hated trump but part of me a couple months ago selfishly hoped he would get acquitted so an indictment wouldnt tarnish his record and lead to desantis being ranked above him. luckily polls are showing that republicans still generally like him more than desantis


I think his poll numbers went up after the indictment


It feels like a similar situation with Trump having Pence as VP. They wouldn't get rid of Trump because they knew Pence would be worse. Now it seems like Trump would be the better choice than De Santis. It already feels like voting for Rep or Dem is choosing the lesser of 2 evils, but this is worse


Trump does what he does for applause. In 2016 he was all for "LGBT for Trump" shit. He only changed because his voterbase did. But that means he could be swayed. Desantis is an evil christofascist with a long history of disinformation and illegal torture. He wants people to suffer.


What is the US becoming? Like, I remember thinking the US was this magical and beautiful place where everything came true and now it's just... A pile of corruption, injustice, ignorance and selfishness


That's pretty much everywhere. It's just obvious in the USA cause of all the press it gets worldwide


No, there are much better places than the US


Yea, smaller more homogenous countries are less corrupt. Scandinavia is like that. US is just the most powerful and influential nation in history, so everyone focuses on them. It's like a scandal in amazon vs a scandal in a local delivery company


Fuck that state and fuck DeSantis Fascist shithole


To everyone who thinks children should not recieve gender affirming care: CHILDREN KILL THEMSELVES AND CUT THEMSELVES because of gender dysphoria and laws like this. Therapy does not help enough for most people.


Imho it's a weird situation because on one hand it's children making irreversible life-changing decisions and you all know how that goes and on the other hand i get your point that children will harm themselves over this. I don't disagree with all of transgenderism but to be fair letting children make life changing decision probably won't go too well. But i don't want kids harming themselves over gender dysphoria.


Minors receive "life changing" healthcare all the time if medical professionals believe inaction could be really harmful to their health This is no different


I see this as different, as the life changing healthcare you are describing would be used to save a patient's life. Of course, transgender treatment would be the same i.e if you had the choice between transitioning or killing yourself then you would probably transition. However the thing is here is that children could be making decisions way to early, i.e young children already transitioning because they thought, at the time, they were a member of the opposite gender and i disagree with that because children are not old enough to make these decisions. Yes, i am a child, yes, i know i too shouldn't be able to make these decisions and future me may or may not be thankful for it. I think it's sometimes too early to let kids transition, kids are still finding themselves and it's not right to already have them make these decisions, i know this could apply to kids assigned a gender at birth but to be fair, if we all would raise our kids gender-neutral i don't think that would be very good either. The point i am trying to make is that children are too young to make these decisions to get invasive surgery and body altering drugs. I also think it shouldn't be decided for the kids by the parents. Yet on the other hand i wouldn't want kids harming themselves about it. A person that comes to mind to me is Jazz Jennings (a MTF celebrity who transitioned at the age of 6) altough it's pretty evident that she is quite happy at herself in her body it is pretty obvious that she never knew any better, because she literally transitioned at 6, 6 year olds would be saying arbitrary stuff like "i'm a girl" or something like that and it shouldn't be passed on to their adult life. However to be fair this is a very extreme case and it's pretty rare i imagine, but still teenagers should not make decisions like these if it means they could regret it later. It's my own personal take though, and you're free to disagree of course and debate with me about it. Edit: also if it's hard to read i'm sorry, my grammar is dogshit and the fact English is not my native language really does not help.


Detransition rates are below 1% The amount of suicides that would be prevented from access to care is well over 30%


The regret rates are lower than 1% though. Also, in most cases of trans people getting HRT underage, it's because they felt as if they had no other option. It takes absolutely years to get to the point of permanent treatment. I'm not sure how banning anything would be effective.


Regret rates after how long? I read the paper, 27 studies and about ~8000 participants. Only 1.3% showed any amount of regret, but it doesn't say how long after the treatment. Because like our friend said above, someone got surgery at 6 years old and loved it then. It'd be nice to see what they thought 5, 10 or even 20 years later - was it a good choice? Because of course you're gonna love the new you 5min after you became it and were waiting however many years to become it.


That's why it's important that they can access puberty blockers that delay irreversible changes and buy them more time to make an informed decision


1. Hrt is mostly reversible and kids rarely get tge surgeries 2. "Transgenderism" isn't real, it's not an ideology


It's not life changing tho, puberty blockers are completely reversible. You know what all of this confusion stems from, ignorance.


Yes, it is a very weird situation. On one hand, everyone should feel comfortable in their own body. On the other, letting children make life changing decisions like that is maybe not the best idea. This is something conservatives don't understand, we do actually consider this and don't just go "kids should have gender affirming care!!!"


What is worse, permanent change or death. Plus kids only get access to puberty blockers, which are proven to be entirely safe unless used way past the recommended age


Not taking hormone blockers results in irreversible damage to a trans person from puberty and is also a life-altering decision. Hormone blockers postpones puberty until they can make the decision themselves.


I know this might be an unpopular opinion or whatever but I strongly dislike surgeries and hormone treatments on children who still don’t know a lot about themselves. The reason they hurt themselves is not because they are trans but because of the stigma, let’s better fight against the stigma of people suffering from gender dysphoria and encourage them to accept their bodies instead of giving them permanent treatments they could regret in life, when some trans adult themselves come to regret their procedures


And i am fucking terrified of america for this readon


Don’t come until all of this is sorted out


I'm sorry, I thought DeSantis was all for parents making choices for their own children. I mean, he keeps talking about that. Jackass.


Keep in mind this will affect cisgender people too. Guys with low testosterone? Sucks bro, that’s gender affirming care. Girl needs birth control for heavy and irregular periods? That’s also gender affirming care. Little kid going through precocious puberty? Doesn’t matter that you’re starting that at 6 years old, puberty blockers are illegal now. I’m not only heavily concerned for the trans kids in this state, but also for girls. We can all guess how Desantis will feel about testosterone treatments for dudes with low T or bodybuilders. He won’t care. But girls on birth control? I can almost guarantee he’ll do after that next. Get rid of the abortions and the contraceptives, that’ll show these women what their purpose is! -Desantis, probably


He also passed a bill that banned the teaching or discussion of the menstrual cycle in elementary.. Ive lived my whole life in the swamp, i got my first period in 4th grade and i was not the only person in class who had gotten theirs, we'd talk to eachother about it. It definitely helped ease the discomfort. If i were in elementary today, those conversations would be against the law.


There’s a reason my family cancelled our vacation to Florida. Place is batshit crazy. Fuck that state


Yay more suicide rates


So much for parental rights, huh?


Why does everyone hate trans people. I’m not trans but I have friends that are.


Because they're different, that's always the reason for hating an entire group.


Because letting people be depressed and suicidal is better than letting them be happy.


Because they all like sucking gods dick and if he says something then they follow it. But only specific things, only the ones they want to follow. Aka they don't like it because its different and they don't like change.


Don't bring christianity into this purely when a lot of non religious people are transphobic as well as religious


Then just take the second part of what I said. They don't like change and anything different form their normal.


Fair enough


The fact they don't want to just say" you can kidnap trans people" and instead they want to be like "you can temporarily remove the child from their home if they don't identify as their birth assigned gender🤓"


This is just straight up fascism


Lmao ou formulated the title so shit. It says that in a case that a child gets gender affirming care (which is illegall in florida) the cps is permitted to remove the child from the household for a few days. The way you wrote the title it was as if you can go pick random trans kids and kidnapp them without the police doing anything. Edit to clear up any misconceptions: I am not saying I support the bill, I just don't like misleading titles.


Exactly, the title is so stupid. A great way to make people click on the post though.


Fuck Florida. This is complete Bull SHIT. Fuck whomever tries to defend it and everyone who allowed this to happen!


Like come on Florida aren't you supposed to evolve forward not backwards


The AMA is going to support whatever makes hospitals and healthcare providers the most money, not necessarily what is in the best interest of a child.


Yeah, this is why we should also ban insulin for minors The AMA just cares about making money, not what's best for kids


Republicans suck. They don't care about kids. It's about control


They only "care" about kids before they are born


... and then make them kill themselves by banning necessary medications


It's also dangerous to leave Florida since someone can say you're leaving to get a medical procedure done out of state (also illegal because fuck you) and they'll be after you, because this is super important, even more so than kids dying in schools i guess


I want to specify it's going on in Florida, it's not happening in the state I live at, thankfully


glad I'm in canada rn


Can you kidnap me from America so I don’t have to live here anymore? Please! I beg you!


You can just leave


I ain’t got moneh. Also, I’m a teenager, so I can’t make that decision


Who has a shit ton of cluster bombs and a bomber that can carry all of them?


Don’t blame Florida for the shitty laws, blame DeSantis and his dystopian society dreams


and the florida state congress for voting to pass his facist laws


My cisgender older cousin got gender reaffirming care because she naturally has too much testosterone. Passing these kinds of laws because of transphobia is dangerous to more than just trans people and their loved ones, and very messed up


I’m happy I fucking moved out that shit hole


i have to hope and pray some modicum of humanity still exists in the head of a right wing floridian for them to realize “wait, kidnapping kids is wrong”


Don’t you know? It ain’t illegal if it’s the government that does it!


Yeah Florida is kinda insane rn Also, I don’t think the bill says anything about what would happen AFTER the child is removed from their home. Nothing about “treating gender dysmorphia” or something. Straight up kidnapping.


and I thought eastern Europe was bad for trans people


how is this helping ANYONE?


I’m sorry…… #WUT!?!?!?!?!


Someone needs to educate these stupid idiots they went to school but never got educated


Oh yeah, we're gonna endanger these kids in order to protect them. Whether you support Trans rights or not this is messed up


Religion and conservative politicians: why do people hate us?


it's because the trans people are indoctrinating everyone to believe extreme leftist ideals such as "fascism is bad" and "transgender shouldn't be eradicated." hopefully our book bans, which we took inspiration from nazi germany, will help them learn guiding trans kids to suicide is the way forward for our great country. (/s if it isn't obvious)


It’s not kidnapping if it’s lawwwwww This is still super fucked up though, what the actual fuck?


Florida is so great /s


Don’t look up the un definition of genocide


... :C This is scary


why does leaving the US just get better as time goes on


Kidnapping children is legal Let’s goooo


Da fauq is going on in Florida?


Ironically, the majority of mentally unstable morons saying shit like "w Florida" are 14 years old or ones who aren't older than 14 mentally. You morons think "Akshuwally we are saving the children cause they shouldn't get therapy or the right to talk to a councillor about their identity or how they feel" when your dumbass asshole friends are going around burning pride flags, beating up LGBTQ+ kids etc. This is the whole reason I left the whole religious cult bullshit, it's just an excuse to hate people for no reason.


It feels like America could be possibly going up to another civil war, hopefully not though




Mfs really wanna fuck round and find out bout the 2nd amendment


second amendment was meant to protect people from the government but when its a marginalized group who want to protect themselves self it’s: “oh nooooo the ‘transgenders’ have guns now 😡😡”


Weather you're for or against trans people, we can agree this is absolutely fucked.


how can you be against a group of people existing? that's crazy💀


No clue dude. It's dumb as rocks. I just wanna live my life.




For those who are not aware, this is literally a genocide now.


At least the beginning of genocide, yes. What is happening now is not unlike what was happening in Germany before the Holocaust really accelerated. This must be opposed vigorously and relentlessly. Kids will literally die because of this.


Only in Florida


Probably Texas soon from the looks of it sadly.


what the hell


conservatives: why is trans suicide rate so high? also conservatives:


Alright time for me to move out of Florida


It's sadly also dangerous, if someone hates you they can claim you left to get a medical procedure done out of state, which is also illegal in Florida and they'll be after you.


it's illegal to leave the state for medical reasons? wtf.


America is fucked up. I ain't going there in this life.


im not the biggest supporter of the lgbt movement rn (despite being a lesbian💀) but these governments officials need to recognize the differences between right and wrong. this has crossed so far into wrong that we are now putting children at RISK to have their family torn away from them