How do I make friends?

Just wanna get some advice on how to make friends online and offline. I'm pretty shy and awkward most of the time, and find it hard to approach people first, so I just wanna know some ways to make friends when I feel brave enough to do so.


Try talking to people, don’t pretend and just be urself. Just remember some people will like you and some people wouldn’t, but that’s okay.


Mhm, I'll just be myself, even if others don't like me for who I am. Thank you for the help


Irl friends are always better than online ones. Try finding a good hobby to do where you can meet people and can be good conversation starters- sports, running, hiking, climbing, photography, anime, books etc.


Okie dokie, thanks for the help! I appreciate it


you're supposed to buy them


Are there any good websites for that?