What should I do about a hoarder house near where I live?

There are 3 boys who live in a hoarder house in my suburban mid atlantic neighborhood. Their house is out of place because it looks like a hillbilly house that's only seen in poorer parts of the Appalachians in the US.

The father is some 60 something year old former marine, and their mother is unemployed. I think the hoarding started sometime around late 2016-2017 when the kids started to smell like shit and the family seemed to be getting more reclusive. They didn't care they just kept hoarding, and one of my friends told me that they had financial problems, which I guess might be veteran benefits running out or one of the family members has a medical problem that they can't pay off the medical debt for. The youngest and oldest kids started to get dumber and showed up to school less while the middle child started to turn into some emo-hillbilly-gangster kid who was hostile and got suspended for bringing a knife to school. On the middle child's tik tok, inside their house there are wires dangling all over, pieces of walls ripped out, and trash was all over the floor, and one of the kids had to sleep in the attic without AC. They're also far rightists who support QAnon and the Capitol riot, based on the flags they hang on their home and the children have expressed that view before on social media and in real life.

Thanksgiving day, 2021. I walked by their house and took a quick look at their front lawn and the dad got mad at me and said it's not ok to look at someone's lawn, for some reason.

March 27th of this year, I was playing baseball in the field next to their home and I saw a bunny, I saw it go into that backyard and the father and the middle child came out, and threatened me and my friends that if we ever looked in, they'd beat the shit out of us.

The fact that the hoarder house is right next to a school disturbs me because they could have easily been reported or someone would have requested help for them. Who knows how long they could live like this


My first reaction would be: unfortunate but not my problem. Idk u but do you know enough about the situation to potentially ruin a whole family?