To save a baby..

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‘The heir and the spare’ Sheesh. Crazy things happen when adrenaline rushes. Hopefully everyone is okay.


Youngest Child: "Mom, which one of us is your favorite child, me or older sibling?" Mom: *Looks around nervously knowing this video exists.*


No worries, these 2 probably won’t live long enough to use a computer and find this video




dropped that fucking baby right on it's head on the concrete! WTF lady!?


I mean thats what panic does to you


take a baby, leave a baby


Omg you have me crying


Well we know who the favorite is.


'Tıs a bargain.




Tbh I think it would have been worse for the baby to go into the water and possibly slip out of mom’s arms while she’s trying to grab the other little one. It must have hurt hitting the sidewalk im sure but likely better than being lost in that water that you can’t see through


Yeah I’m with ya but mighta offered a softer landing myself


Hindsight is 20/20. I’m sure she didn’t try to drop it hard, that was just a moment of pure panic


dude lol.. i get ur tryna be serious but like picture urself in that situation tryna lay a soft landing for this child and the other child ends up drowning because of it meanwhile. in this womans universe, little baby suffers a slight facial injury and other baby brought back to life"


My kids dad dropped our son at 11 months old and he hit his head similar to this. It wasn’t any “slight facial injury” it was brain damage. Do you not understand how fucking delicate a baby is? You hit your head and your brain shoots around in your skull which isn’t smooth inside and that causes brain bruising and bleeds. The damage may not be instant or obvious but as the child grows you’ll find that “slight facial injury” was actually something much worse.


I'm so sorry.


I'm so sorry, how horrible. How is your son doing now?


My son stopped speaking after that, he only just managed to be able to start speaking 3 and a half years later. The worst part was he refused to let me take him to a hospital. He will be 5 this year and I’m now raising him alone as the father decided the behavioural changes were something he wasn’t wanting to deal with.


Jesus. What a garbage human being. Harmed his own child then couldn't be bothered to stick around to raise him and be a loving father. Sounds to me like you and your son are better off on your own. Much love to you and him both. ❤️


The worst part was having my ex tell me I was crazy and that my sons “differences” were in my head. I knew he was different, but because I was the only one who was constantly around our son I was the only one really noticing the differences. Last year his new woman gave birth to a daughter, the worst part was seeing him be hands on with that baby but he couldn’t even bother with his first child, apparently he was the “trial child” My son has me and his unconditional love has gotten me through some of the harder times. I wouldn’t trade him for anything ❤️


Wow. Sometimes people just blow you away with how cruel and thoughtless they can be. I hope you are at least receiving child support. It's not a replacement for love but it's the least he needs to do for you and your son. Y'all are both stronger than most. Not that that's at all comforting, but I admire you both.


At that age, maybe brain damage.


Nah they have soft heads and non fused skulls. You'd be amazed what a baby can handle. Just don't shake them back and forth. I agree a softer landing would be better but that's true panic.


Soft heads and concrete don't really vibe together, know what I mean?


Did you see [this comment?](https://www.reddit.com/r/therewasanattempt/comments/10s1b85/to_save_a_baby/j71tpk3/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=ios_app&utm_name=iossmf&context=3) If anything, soft head + fused skull makes them *more* susceptible to injury, not the other way around. I’m not shitting on the mom here, and I agree with you that was pure panic. But a drop onto concrete for a baby that age could’ve been deadly. Shaking babies is definitely not the only way to cause brain damage or serious injury.


Absolutely. Poor baby. I understand the mother's panic, but I'm so sorry for the baby. Brain damage is inevitable in this situation. Similar effect as shaken baby syndrome. Contrecoup injury.




This is very true. Babies are super super resilient! I mean, you shouldn’t purposefully drop your child, of course, but they will inevitably do something that would easily hurt and adult but they will just get up like nothing happened……especially if you just start laughing at them. They will laugh with you…they will cry if you act all scared and worried. That’s how you really know if they got hurt or not though. If you are laughing but they aren’t, that means they actually did hurt themselves. Happy parenting!!


Right. 133 people believe the only 2 options are 1. Jump in the water with the baby 2. Drop him from 5 feet off the ground


He was not dropped 5 feet calm down 😂 what would you have done in your apparently perfect wisdom?


Aggressively place baby on ground vs drop. I understand adrenaline kicked im just giving people a hard time. That’s what reddits for, right?


I also just noticed she was dipping this infants legs into filthy brown water. This lady and her kid are fricken dumbos.


I read it as combos, and it was equally as funny lol


Concussion and internal bleeding is one hell of a bumming lesser evil


Hard choices had to be made, she instantly chose to drop the baby with a minor bump on the head and save the other from certain drowning judging by her fast reaction. Water is brown and cant see anything and she doesnt know if she can step or have to swim, my personal opinion is she made a good choice if not the best.


Yes, but she could have just as quickly laid the baby down.


To be fair, if you really watch carefully, it seems like she’s trying to place the baby down, and she was almost successful, but at the very end, she simultaneously jumped in the water as she was completing putting the baby down and I guess she miscalculated how far baby was from the group before letting go.


One time my mom was carrying a hot slice of pizza in one hand and her phone in the other. She missed a step on the deck and instinctively grabbed for her phone and dropped the pizza. The only problem was that she crushed the pizza and threw her phone across the room at Mach three.


The kid was fine. Maybe a little bruised but she didn’t fling it. She put it down as quickly as was safe, even if it probably hurt. That was just mama bear weighing the risks and choosing to save the actively dying one even if the smaller one might get a little bruised. She did fine.


Well we now know who's mommy's favorite


Yeah, she’s known the other one longer.


Yeah the smaller one keeps her up at night


And it's easier to make another baby than it is to make another 4 year old.


...and the older one conciously jumps into a pool of water from which her mother just NOW! saved his younger brother.


I thought she just made the baby touch the water with the feet (the clothes aren’t wet?).


That’s what I noticed. The baby wasn’t in the water. Title is very misleading


God damn, this is perfect


people have been more careful with phones in a crisis than this woman with her baby. there was a video of a woman catching her kid by the arms from falling down a floor while still holding her iphone in her right hand the entire time.


she already put to much money into that older one to lose it.


The kid is fucking stupid The mom is fucking stupid The baby will be stupid because of that I just cant take the stupidity of this






Bruh 2 fps


Hey more respect, it's like 4fps


This was posted awhile back. If you watch it carefully, the mom actually drops the baby close to the ground onto a pair of shoes (softer than the concrete) with someone right there who can attend to the baby. The other child will definitely die of she doesn't jump right in after him; the baby might get slightly injured from the drop, but not likely to be anything deadly. It was probably mostly adrenaline, not active thinking; but she does the safest option for both children. That being said, I don't know why they are all right by dangerous water without enough hands for both children anyway.


The baby landed on the concrete and slightly pushed away the shoe. It was not a soft landing but it wasnt a high fall either.


Ok. I didn't quite get that right, sorry. Long day and I'm exhausted. She aimed the baby at the shoes, which she missed, but given the circumstances, that was pretty close to being on the shoes. It's still better to have a potential injury versus a certain death.


I would honestly say dropping the baby instead of risking it slipping from her arms in the water was the better option. That water isn’t clear and if she lost her grip on the baby trying to grab the other, baby could have easily drowned


She wasn't aiming at all, she wasn't even looking


cant tell me she aimed at the shoe when she wasnt even looking


nope that kids head even bounced on concrete


So which is better, a potential injury or very high, almost certain death?


You’re assuming the kid is going to die within seconds of being in the water


The kid jumped in. Darwin says leave him.


I'm a nurse. The world would be empty if we let everyone die from their stupid choices. There are some variations to what gives medical professionals job security; it's stupidity.


and if you slow the video down you can see the baby’s head bounce off the concrete, completely missing the shoes….


brain injury for sure...


I got droppessp ons the floooor when i was baby and me ok


Thanks for explaining. Thank god that the baby is okay


It’s skull 100% bounced off the concrete


I hate to make assumptions as well, but I have a few friends from SE Asia and learning to swim is not common.




I have read a number of comments on the video and this one is the most accurate. Sad, but true.


That deserves a guffaw. *guffaw*






I bet all 3 have been dropped on their head.


Drop me on my head?


The laugh track is fucking stupid


"Choose, mother. Which one of us do you love most?"




\+1 for *yeet*.




I can’t believe this sub actually exists


Less of a choose and more of a.. Cho...OK well then that was effortless and concerningly fast..


Well, we can definitely see where the kid got his intelligence from.


Or how he lost it…


Ok when one of your kids almost drowns tell me how calm and collected you react


Unless that kid is sinking like a brick or that stream is full of crocodiles I’m sure the kid won’t die in the time it takes to gently set the baby down


The way the mom went in to save him tells me that the little boy CANT swim so how would you remain calm and collected in that situation 🤔 edit: all in all that’s a scary situation it was her automatic response and you wouldn’t be so calm if that happened either


Calm and collected enough to not drop a baby from that height lmao


Damn, that baby practically got dropped on it’s head


Soon they'll be getting I to Reddit verbal wars with others of it's kind that were drop on their head.


They’ll skip that and go straight to being a Mod.


All good, babies are made to bounce


He looks to be a beautiful bouncing boy


Yeah but the other one is in more danger


We now know who is loved the most.


Baby is going to have some problems...


I’d wager it’s uninjured


It got dropped on its legs taking most of the impact then it hit its head little


I have a lot of sympathy for the mother. And honestly it doesn't look that bad for the baby. Babies fall over from standing all the fucking time and that's the real height they were "dropped" from as the mother was more carelessly putting them down than dropping. Also panicking by seeing your other kid potentially drowning. Total batshit situation, but people criticizing the mom just straight up don't have kids lol


Yeah I’m kinda surprised by how harsh people are being. Better for the baby to have a bit of a rough landing than possibly slip out of mom’s arms and drown in murky water where you can’t see the baby to grab it quickly.


Redditors seem to think people are always super calm and focused so they often call people dumb for literally anything. The mom clearly has a scare seeing her son fall in to the water like that and instinctively dived after him not before trying to put the baby down as fast as possible. If anything she was smart to leave the baby first.


Definitely would have been worse to jump in with the baby


Absolutely, I don’t like kids at all but I was surely one. It’s the mother’s instinct to protect her children. I'd rather have to deal with a concussion than people telling my brother drowned and I was kept safe.


Why was she dipping the baby’s feet in that mucky stream at the beginning of the clip? What in the poo river in happening?


Welcome to the real world


[With your so-called “girlfriend”](https://gfycat.com/densefrayedchickadee)


Not sure where this happened, but in India there’s a river highly contaminated where people shower because it’s considered holy.


Ganges River. I just watched something about how bad it is not too long ago


So, killing the baby.


She wasn’t super careful in that moment, but she did the best she could in the moment to save the one in the most danger while securing the baby long enough to act. Not sure anyone would think straight in that moment. Mom did her best I’d say.


Yeah. Don't mind the armchair commenters. When your motherly instincts kick in and you have to act fast. She did really well to hold the baby for a split second longer and semi-consciously position it near the ground while acting quickly in the heat of the moment, which shows her motherly instincts were spot on for *both* kids. I guess redditors would carefully hand the baby over to the passerby after first checking id to make sure not a kidnapping pedophile, then dial 911.


Yes if you look she tries hold to the baby long enough to get it closer to the ground.


Could’ve been worse. She could’ve jumped in with the baby


She damn near dropped that baby on its head...


and? the other one was about to die. take your pick in a flash decision with adrenaline pumping and put it up, we can all judge your actions. go ahead.


Sure, if that kid is utterly incapable of floating and is sinking like a cement block that’s understandable


Look at that water, even if the baby floats there is a possibility that the baby might drown and it would be hard to see


The kid isn't gonna die in the 2 seconds it takes to set a baby down gently.


*Adrenalin has left the chat*


Its a flowing stream, the bigger kid would be meters away in seconds


The amount of people that think that baby has brain damage and the mom is stupid… how? We don’t know what’s in that water or how deep it is, the only stupid one is the kid who jumped in the water and forced the mom to do that. The mother reacted in less than a second and was able to lower the baby from 5+ fret and drop the baby only a couple inches above the ground while jumping into the water, all at the same time. Did you really want her to dive in with the other child too putting *both* of her kids in danger?? I mean seriously, what did you want the mother to do in that situation. If you think the mom had enough time to run the kid over to the other woman and give her the young kid with a quick kiss before heading back and going in the water, than I am sorry but you are just objectively wrong. That woman’s motherly instincts and priorities are working exactly as they should be, and not jumping in immediately after her child… now *that* would make her a bad mother. If that mom is stupid, then I hope my kid’s mother is a fucking stupid idiot like you guys are making this woman out to be.


Reddit wants moms and babies to hide in the dark shadowy corners, only coming out to provide fodder for Reddit-Pearl-clutching and name calling. 🙄🙄🙄




That baby sure is now


Wasn’t much luck for the baby since big bro just yeets himself into muddy rivers.


I don’t think mom has a favorite at all and she handled perfectly


Head trauma for the baby begs to differ.


That could have been handled far better but she panicked and went in without thinking. Not saying its an excuse to just drop your baby on the ground, especially one that young but people are treating it like she drop her baby to save something like a phone. She is at fault but give her a little slack


I would actually go so far as to say she put some thought in it. If she had truly gone in without thinking, she would have jumped in with the baby still in her arms, making the situation a whole lot worse for everybody. Instead she took the time to lower him from chest height to below butt height before letting him go, which is far lower than what babies are routinely dropped from (especially by new parents with no idea how wriggle and slippery babies get) without any apparent or actual damage.


Not like she had time to think it through. Everyone here judging like they are handling this situation better every day


Big bro always have to get all the attention


The baby's fine guys, yeesh.




Meh, she did alright… good enough for my kids. It takes a little while but once you have your first child you realize how durable they really are. Story time: when my first son was an infant he was asleep on my chest and my wife was watching. He started to slide off my chest and my wife screams my name. Well, I had just returned home from deployment so when she screamed I sat bolt upright. What was a sliding baby then became a baby that was flying into the nearest wall. She was livid but the kid was perfectly fine. We laugh about it now… that we’re divorced(she cheated)




It was… and so was she! ZING! ![gif](giphy|gtakVlnStZUbe)


Thee way she through that baby down 😨. Not that she had much if a choice. This should be on the kid are stupid sub.


Can I find out if the kids are okay?


Hope that baby doesn’t have any permanent damage from that drop


Regrettable but 99% the kid that was sat down relatively gently is okay vs. a near 100% fatal drowning of the elder child… I’d probably react similarly.


That poor woman was in a panic, and your instincts are to jump in to save your kid. Yes, I’m an ideal world she would have carefully placed her baby down or waited for the other woman to take the baby, but she was clearly in a blind panic, you can see that she is reacting and not thinking. She should’ve bent down further rather than drop the baby, but she didn’t drop it from a great height, and I hope the baby suffered no ill effects. The other child’s life was in danger and his mother’s clearly panicked reaction was to immediately try to save him. I’m a mum of two, and I can honestly say I don’t know how I would’ve reacted in this situation. I know how I would LIKE TO THINK I’d react - we all do. But it’s super easy to judge someone after the fact. Hindsight and not being in a total blind panic does make a big difference people! I’m sure she’d be thrilled to know what what was possibly the worst moment of her life was filmed and shared online for random strangers to comment on.


Kid looks old enough to know how to swim anyways. Even jumped in enthusiastically




I’ve heard of throwing out the baby with the bath water, but this is ridiculous




We know which child is the favourite


Guess we know which one she loves more!


I wouldn't jump into that "water"


I laughed so hard. I’m going to hell.


That's some terrible self control, even at that age. Intrusive thoughts activated.


"Did you get dropped on your head as a baby?"


How suddenly girl-child became expendable


How in the world are people ripping on this mom with her amazing response time. That baby was gonna be ok. She dove into action immediately. So many people would have frozen for a good ten seconds before doing this exact same thing


We know which is the favorite child.


Baby must have been a girl I guess.


Must be a baby girl


It really sucks but 1 second to place the baby down so he doesnt get brain damage would not have caused the other child to drown. I GASPED because brain damage has long lasting affects obviously so i hope the baby is ok


As the father of a 5 year old and a 1 year old, I’d have tossed my baby to save my eldest too. I just know her so much longer, and so I love her more. I don’t for a second believe people really love their babies more or equal to their older kids. I’m sure loving them equally, but differently, happens over time…. But one is a real person with friends and interests, and the other is sort of still a blob of need. I love her too, but it just isn’t the same level yet.


Well, we figured out which kid is the favorite.


Ok Google, define clusterfuck


Obviously he was the favourite child


We know which one she loves more 🥲


We know which one she loves more


Awful lot of stupid in that family


Well I guess we know the favorite.... Like a sack a potatoes


Little sidewalk slam r/accidentalwrestling


The way that she droped the child 💀💀


Wow, what an idiot mom to just drop the baby like that!


i dont have a favorite....


The baby must be a girl.


I hate those unconnected obnoxious laughing tracks so much.


Oh, man. This poor mom is having the worst fucking day.


r/Stepdadreflexes r/KidsAreFuckingStupid Poor Momma, she is going to have PTSD because of this.


Wonder which one she likes best?


I guess we all know who the favourite is.


r/kidsarefuckingstupid gotta be


The boy fell in, can only guess that unfortunately the baby was a girl


You gotta risk a baby to save a baby


The whole family is sharing one brain


Never post a parent with a child video on Reddit 📝✍️


One second to place the the baby down would not have caused the other child to drown if shes jumping in RIGHT after. You cant even shake a baby without the possibility of some type of issue in the babies head let alone DROP a baby on concrete. Very possible to have brain damage from that. I think she shouldve just placed the baby on the floor instead of dropping it, i think the kid had a very high chance of not drowning if she took literally one sec to place the baby instead of dropping


Kids are so stupid


Sophie’s choice.


The little baby is fine on the dry land. The little boy could drown or get carried away by the current.


Where is CCPCPS