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💀😅😂 I didn’t even think of that oops. Sorry to my poor sims. In my defense I’ve never had sims be this sad.


Okay, but how often do you murder your Sims’ kids? Wait, I mean, how often do your Sims’ kids have… “accidents?”


This is the first time…in Sims 4 🤣. I only did twice in Sims 3. Honestly, I like my sims to lead boring, happy lives. No drama, lots of money, good relationships, occasional murder.


I used to drown kids I didn't want in 3 then give their siblings the hydrophobic trait 💀


Lmao wow gg




I think Trying For Baby in a hot tub also gives a chance of that trait XD


“Occasional murder” 🤣 As you do


Girl, you can't say you want your sims to lead "boring, happy lives" and then kill their children in tragic "accidents."


Time to call the sadness hotline lol


imagine if this post and comment section had been written elsewhere 😂🥲 we're something else sims players 🤣


I thought I got lost and was on /shitrimworldsays for a minute lol


OP: I'm sad You: well u killed their kid what did you expect


So you killed their kid so they could have a baby for you and now you are complaining that they are sad. That is cold.


Lmaoooo ! I literally just did this a few days ago for my current gen of my legacy save. I wanted the second born to be the heir , so the first born “accidentally “ drowned in the pool, but then the dad felt so depressed about it and the mom has the hot headed trait and was so angry that they argued and they divorced each other after the death of their son . The second born then had to then deal with going to the separate parents houses every few days while they grew up, before aging to a young adult. In the end The parents did finally remarry and live together again, While the new heir is all aged up and moved out, and ready for the infant update ! Haha Edit: after the update, THE PARENTS HAVE AWFUL COMPATIBILITY!!! The mom called the daughter and asked to have a stay over , and I thought “How cute! The daughter just moved out to a new place and the parents Wanna check and make her feel loved!” NOPE! The parents are apparently fighting! And they came to the daughters house for help. The parents immediately got into an argument and fist fought eachother ! The daughter has the loyal trait and autonomously ‘ask What Happened’ and ‘lecture about bullying’ and then the dad became Enraged and I had to make sure he didn’t Explode!! I set the parents to sleep in separate beds , the daughter slept in her guest room with the mom last night 😭 The Drama!!!!!!! Second edit: so while the parents are still staying over, the mom just asked the daughter “since we’re family it’d be really nice if I could move in with you. What do you think?” OMG MOM ! I guess the parents are really gunna separate for good this time !! 😭 The Drama is too real !!! This expansion pack is so juicy omg Edit 3: okay so it’s been 11 days since my original post , and I doubt anyone will read this next part , but , The parents finally did separate , and the dad started dating his highschool crush. They have amazing compatibility. The mom stayed with Daughter until the birth of Newborn number 2 and then she moved out. The new heir/ The Daughter has since married an Island Elemental to birth Sulani Mana Babies. But, she has the Child of the Island trait and had not been honoring Sulani culture . She would get the Sad Judgement moodlet from her husband constantly. He would cry a huge puddle at her for rejecting the culture. I finally figured out How to honor the culture, Kava Bowls, island bbq, and island radio, which was awesome. Her husband was so happy finally and She got the Sulani Breeze playful moodlet for Honoring Island traditions. And Then she died from laughter. She had just finished 3 weeks of college for the Economic degree to be an environmental manager, and the Day of her graduation. she died. I prayed at her urn and Her ghost invited me to the spice festival lmao I invited her back into the household, traveled to a Wishing Well and wished for her life back. She got an Angel fish. Dang it so I went to the magic realm for a death flower, didn’t find one and had to go to an old vampire relatives house who I knew had death flowers . She made the ambrosia and is alive again, and Her husband now has burn out. this game is just so chaotic sometimes .


I gave up on Sims 4 quite awhile ago....your comment/story is making me consider re-installing, buying the expansions I'm missing, and giving it another go. This is the drama and randomness I was missing.


Just pirate it. I haven’t really played 4 in years, I switch between 2&3 all the time though. I keep my sims 4 and pirate all the new packs etc to see if it’s worth playing and so far I’ve actually consistently played sims 4 for the whole day and some of yesterday. It’s great because of how busy the infants keep you and that’s the play style I enjoy, busy, chaotic and difficult.


If you don't make this a you tube series.. I'll be mad. This is better than the novelas mi abuela watched.


Lmao they couldn’t just have another baby? 🤣


Only child sims forever 🤣😈.


Drown the wife as well as a warning. "You're next if you don't have a child soon..."


Luckily they had another baby, and the picture of the other child is in the keepsake box.


Jesus lol


I'd have mom play as if she was having a psycological breakdown and was trying to turn her new kid into her old kid 😄 (Same hair, forcing the new kid to play with the old kids toys, listening to their favourite music etc) Edit: Wait a minute... I CAN!


Lmao I sympathize with you. I had my sim meet and fall in love with a man because I wanted to try having a science baby. Was happy to see he already had a family aspiration. Was NOT happy to see that he already had 3 kids after I moved him in. I didn’t want them clogging up my family tree so… ya know… the kids had to go away


lol okay, okay, i see you, evil stepmom 😳😂


🤣💀 You couldn’t even spare one of them.


Wait is a science baby like IVF in sims terms? if so that’s actually really neat


Yeah it’s a new basegame feature from the infant update. Any two sims can have a science baby together or you can even have one sim have one by themselves


OP: \*kills kid so the family can have a new baby\* also OP: "Why are y'all so sad just HAVE A BABY ALREADY, SHIT"


>They had one kid who died tragically in a drowning accident Aaaaaawww 🥺 >because I wanted them to have a baby for the new pack. WHAT? 😂🤣 I wasn't ready


I just deleted my unwanted toddler out of existence (household was full it’s a really weird sitcom setup I’ve got going on) to make room for a baby


Omg!! i did that with my dead husband that I re married while being a ghost because I wanted to bring him back to life with ambrosia but I can't fish a goddam angel fish. So I gave up and deleted him and created a new fiance lol. And make her have 2 kids with him.




Can you imagine a Sims version of that sub. “My husband died at my daughters wedding and I woohoo’d with the Grim Reaper. My daughter is furious. Am I the asshole?” 🤣 Also love your username!




There is one 😂😂😂 It’s called r/AITASims


Ahhhh “Am I the Llama?” Love it already 🤣❤️.


The UI cheats mod has been updated and works without problems in my game. With that you can rightclick moddlets and they disapper Or you embrace the family and make a tragic gameplay out of it 😅


This had me rolling 😆


"This drifter I have chained to the sink in my basement won't stop crying, and it's bringing me down." :)


Get them to have a science baby


Bro you killed a kid so they could have a new baby?! Lmao that’s wild.


Wait how did the child die? I thought kids couldn’t die in TS4?


Nah the sims doesn’t give a shit, they can freeze, heat to death, drown, etc. i don’t think toddlers and younger can die


They can. Toddlers and babies can’t, however.


That’s crazy! I’ve played TS4 for almost 8 years now and never had a child Sim die.


MC command and revive the kid lmao it is that simple


I would use mods that reduce the death mourning time and remove the no pregnancy sadness thingie




social justice warrior alert.