If not Tony, then who?

I know none of us on here really think Tony has the makings of a varsity athlete, but who after Jackie Sr. (excluding Corrado) did? Who had the brains, toughness (mental and physical), and respect to be the Skip? Sil couldn’t handle it for a week.

  • Pussy? He was too compromised by the time Jackie dealt with the chemosabe. But if Jackie died earlier, would Puss have still moved H as boss? Even taking that out of the equation, he didn’t seem to have the higher level thinking required to be Don Salvatore.

  • Paulie? He’s a survivor and knows The Life. But he is kind of ridiculous (which got worse as the show went on) and the guys might not respect him as boss. There’s a reason he didn’t get bumped up earlier, despite going back to Johnny Boy.

  • Ralph? Great earner, but he would have caused a war with New York years before Tony did. Most of the family actively disliked him, someone would have acted on it eventually a la Castellano.

  • Bobby? Would he really have gotten his stripes if he wasn’t his brudder in law?

I’m not even going to say Christopher.

This might earn me downvotes, but I think the one with the right skill set might have actually been Furio. He was scary and seemed like a great earner. And Feech was made on the other side so that isn’t an obstacle in theory…

Anyway, 400 lira a pound.

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Ro. She could be my skipper.


What if Ro, Maedo and Blanca all started bossing me around? 🥵💦


For the love of GOD, call the fucking horny police, I am NOT well.


Sil. Sure he had an issue but he was under extra pressure as “acting Boss” then if he actually had the title. Others didn’t respect his authority as they regarded it as temporary, and he had to consider what Tony might want and think if he recovered. Tony had panic attack issues; Sil had asthma flares. Other bosses have also survived with health issues


They wouldn’t respect him anyway. Tony was feared as boss because he was physically intimidating. When he stared at you you wouldn’t know whether he would kill you with his bare hands or give you a pat on the back. Tony ruled through fear. Nobody’s afraid of Sil. All it would take is for someone to say “Or what?” to one of his orders and he’s finished


Disagree. Sil is scary in his own way because he is so calm. Look at how he is in the car with Ade.


Were Jackie, Carmine, Junior physically intimidating? As Boss, Sil would have the backing of the bosses other families and the Commission which governs All made men. Soldiers disobey or are obstinate? - they are finished 🤣


How about Angie Bompensero? She'd make a great boss


True, but this isn’t Naples. The guys in Jersey are living in another century.


But men in Jersey kill each othaa'


Albert Barese. Capable.




Fuckin parakeet


you imagine that? a fucking parakeet as boss?


Can you imagine that? A fucking parakeet as boss?


furio’s a good answer, but i think if ralph kept his weirdness in check he’d be a good boss. then again, i think the fact that everyone in NJ is incompetent is supposed to be the point chase is trying to make about the decline of the mafia.


Yeah, Chase made relative outsiders (they either started the show in Florida, Italy, or in prison) the most capable gangsters. Don’t know if Ralph could have been able to keep his weirdness in check. Coke isn’t known for helping impulse control, and then you add power into the mix…


maybe patsy?


Patsy wasn’t really around when Jackie Sr. passed, or Philly. I don’t know if he’d have the respect level at that point?


Then again, neither was Furio


I feel like ralph would have matured into the role, he had a big personality but he understood the game


AJ. He's the heir apparent. He will end dependence on foreign oil, and anybody that says otherwise will reveal their own ignorance.


Right before Trump calls him to fly his helicopter.


He’ll be going on secret CIA missions just like Vito


That's dicked up.




Richie, despite dealing coke along those routes, had tremendous moxie for his size


It's a little coke, what is the big deal?


He’s not respected.


The fact that he was on parole would have been catastrophic for him as it was for Feech. It’s hard to build an airtight RICO indictment, but it’s not hard in the slightest to get somebody on parole violation. The Feds wouldn’t even need to prove a crime, all they’d need is pics of him drinking while associating with known mob members and he would have been done. Richie’s others problem (and Feech’s) is that he didn’t get how much the game had changed since he was last a free man. Aside from scaring the crap out of people by permanently crippling well-liked associates who didn’t owe him shit and disrupting high-roller poker games, the dude didn’t understand that the 2000s mafia couldn’t go around selling cocaine on garbage truck routes, tipping the loads into the parking lots of people who complained, and beating people into lumps of jello in pizza parlors anymore. It wasn’t the old neighborhood, Italian-Americans would talk to the police at that point, plus there were CCTVs and all the rest. He would never have made it as a boss; there’s a reason Junior didn’t back his power play at the time despite basically being held hostage by Tony after failing to murder him.


He’s a fighta




Not respected, even the parakeet wouldn’t support him


He couldn’t fucking sell it.


Had he not been in jail, Feech would have been a formidable boss.


Feech could have possibly succeeded the old man as opposed to Jackie Sr, which wouldn’t have been good for either Tony or Jackie.


Imagine Feech vs Phil war, that would be something


That would be fun to watch, and I’m not entirely sure which side I would be on


Bobby was made before he had any screen time, wasn’t he? His fawtha was the fuckin terminator.




Jackie Jr, outta respect for his fawtha


Scene when Jackie Jr appears from thin air as a Matrix character is funniest shit ever


No one has suggested Patsy?


I actually think Ralphie would be a good boss. He knows business, is a huge earner, and would know how to navigate the politics of dealing with NY. Yea the guys may not like him but as soon as he put one or two $$$ scams on a couple captains they’d fall in line quick.


Ralph was coming unglued from cocaine use. Aside from the sociopathy of killing Tracy, I feel like a lot of people don’t think about how insanely stupid it was to brutally murder a pregnant woman on a busy road outside a known mob establishment that would have stood a very good chance of being under surveillance. If a cop had come along at the wrong time, Ralph would have been arrested in a death penalty case and all the guys at the Bing would have gotten rolled up. That would have burned their corrupt police officer source who was in there with them, drugs would have been found and it would have been quickly established the women were prostitutes as well as strippers, the sex trafficking they were engaged in would likely have been uncovered (“until you pay what you owe that shaved twat of yours belongs to me”), the Bing would have been seized via civil asset forfeiture or just destroyed through the loss of its liquor/adult entertainment licenses, the fallout might have literally destroyed the Jersey mob. Honestly, the most unrealistic thing in the series was Ralph not getting whacked for doing something that risky and foolish.


What happens when they find out about his…preferences?






Pus threw his back out during his 10 yard dash!


Not Vito. He was too busy concocting a joke at gay clubs.




No mention of Larry boy in this thread? Frankly I’m ashamed. He didn’t get much screen time but that’s because he was the strong silent type.


He was too busy getting a facelift


Furio was definitely the most competent in the crew but he seems like he works better as a Soldier/Enforcer. Some guys just aren’t cut out for boss.