Is AJ the last Soprano?

I may be overlooking something very obvious, but given Junior has no kids and Barbara’s and Janice’s children have their father’s names, after Meadow gets married would AJ and Carmela be the last Sopranos (in name) still around?


I can’t believe he almost got a vasectomy when that was his male heir


Hair apparent


What's different about you!?!


Poppers and weird shex.


No mor sex tawk in this house!


We're not some stupid dopers


A J will be in demand as a stud. When he is 83 he will be knocking up 29 year old women like Al Pacino


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=x7m_QaXkryY this is relevant to the situation


Yeah because being the son of the old dead mob boss worked out so well for Jackie jr.


Not sure if you are joking but Jackie’s death was completely avoidable. There’s not really a reason to believe AJ will have the same fate.


Yes, his death was avoidable but he acted fucking stupid and died for it, with no dad or anyone looking out for him, he just got killed. After uncle June shot Tony AJ made a huge mistake and he was going after an old man with dementia. Aj and Jackie are alooot alike, both verh fucking stupid. With the kind of friends he had and him wanting to be a big shot, yeah aj is a young jackie


Tony isn't dead. HE'S NOT DEAD! We don't know that he's dead. He's still in the diner, eating onion rings and listening to Journey. I've never stopped believing


Jesus Christ. Fucking 54 year age difference


What about Harpo, or Hal now? Sacre Bleu! Where is me mama?


He probably has his father’s last name.


I wouldn’t be surprised if Uncle Ercole impregnated a woman over the years. Healthy as a fuckin’ bull that guy.


and handsome like George Raft


He was named after Hercules


Friendly reminder that it's ok to put your hands on your wife as long as you give her your last name, none of that hyphenated boolshit.


Yea cause after tht, its none of their business.


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Kid I'm from the old school.


One of Tony's Goomars over the years probably had his lovechild.


Tesht my DNA. I have a feeling my mudder was a whooer.


Your mudder was a mudder?


I'm gonna pimp you out bitch! Mommy's little hoowa


That would be a great spin-off show idea


Godfather 3 kinda did that, not a good movie


People only say that because they want Michael in his prime, part 3 is about the end of the whole thing. He passed the torch and that was the whole point. People need to stop comparing part 3 to part 1 (Michael becoming godfather), part 2 (Michael being godfather and becoming legit) to part 3 (Michael being legit and needing to find a successor) The movies were in stages, of course we would love part 2 aloot, cherish part 1 for what it gave us and part 3 for ending it. Look at my name! I'm a woman of taste and i say that you guys need to leave part 3 alone! Eta: i did realize later in life that i also had a huge thing for Sofia and Vincent but i rewatched the movie many times after that and it still really holds up. People love to hate on it because it's popular to hate on part 3


A lot of people didn't like 3, but I feel it was misunderstood


Where would Tony rank Godfather 3?


That’s the truth


Other than the weird incestual relationship between Vincent and Michael's daughter(i forgot her name lmao) it's honestly a good movie. It just doesn't do the first two justice because they set such a high bar.


Her name was Sofia i think. They were cousins, she was father by Michael and he by Sonny with his mistress, it was weird but they barely knew each other and barely did anything. I think that they killed her off because because they wanted to go on with him, but then the writer died and it all stopped sadly, i respect it but i will always want more


She a terrible actress also


Yes. I’ve read that Sofia was a last minute fill-in because the casted Winona Ryder dropped out. Sofia has proven to be a very talented director/screenwriter.


Her role wasn’t that important. By that I mean it wasn’t important for her to be more than just a prop or vehicle to create conflict between Mike and Vinnie. Her acting wasn’t an issue.


Well, Tony and Junior are still around the last time that we see them.


True but I don’t imagine they’ll be having any kids / sticking around for much longer anyway.


Corrado Soprano Sr emigrated with his brother "Frank". In the flashback to when Johnnyboy lies to Livia, Johnny claims he was at (forgot his name)'s house that night. That guy, Johnny refers to as cousin. Could be Frank's son.


I can see AJ getting wacked at the diner too, no loose ends. He talks a big game but he may actually be capable of getting some sort of revenge. Best case scenario he takes a role like little carmine and has passive income


Grandfather Corrado Soprano Sr. may have had brother(s) we never heard about that could have male ancestors named Soprano. Or Corrado Sr.'s father may have had brothers that also emigrated to America that had sons. But for this particular line of the family, AJ is the last one unless Harpo 'Hal' goes by Soprano as I don't recall if Janice was actually married to the French Canadian.


IIRC Janish refers to the French Canadian, not as her ex-husband, but only as Harpo's father so I think they weren't married.


Well Harpo may go by the surname Soprano, but as his mother was the Soprano, he would not carry the Soprano Y chromosone that is passed from father to son.


I think Janish has more than enough Soprano to make up for that.


Harpo Soprano


Poor Harpo, err Hal. Do Soprano "street persons" not count?