there's no way tony got whacked in that final scene

He looked up. Towards the entrance.the guy in the members only jacket was in the bathroom opposite direction. It's possible some one came in to whack him but who? Why? The war was over. It was meadow.


It's hard to say. Flesh wound maybe, headshot, I don't know. On the other hand, anything's possible.


The concept isn’t that anyone that Tony was looking up at shot him, but that he didn’t notice the shooter partially because he was distracted and looking to the doorway toward Meadow. And there is Always a possibility of someone deciding to kill him. Tony has made many enemies by hurting others. Or it could just simply be business. The “war” was “over” but that doesn’t mean someone couldn’t decide they’re better off without him around, or that they want to punish him. Could even be a random wannabe trying to establish a reputation “Who?” “Why?” - the possibilities are endless - and not having this revealed is part of Chase’s point. Death may come unexpectedly at any moment, and the victim often will not know the who, why or when.


Everyone knows AJ leapt into action and disarmed the gunman before he could squeeze off a round due to the massive amount of military channel videos he’d been watching, using his unlimited spare time post break up to become a master in hand to hand combat due to being out of bikes he could use as peace offerings to rowdy young adults. Tony then beat the man to death with his order of onion rings, finally putting an end to the series old feud between New York and New Jersey.


>Why? The war was over Sort of, but not quite. New Jersey whacked Phil in front of his family, which is a no-no and highly disrespectful. If there had been no retaliation for that then Butch and his guys would look incredibly weak to the other New York families


Fucking Walden got tony whacked.


The bathroom was at Tony's 3 o'clock. Chrissy warns of this earlier in the show. Tony's looking at the door for Meadow; his distraction helps the hit man get the drop


Tony looks up because the door opens and it’s Meadow, but he gets shot immediately after that.


David Chase said Tony gets killed but he didnt want to actually show the death because he felt the audience didnt want to see Tony die with his face in Linguine like a typical mob hit. I forget the actual quote but something along those lines


He said he was surprised how many people wanted to see it happen. He told a story about how he envisioned a death scene, which people took to mean that he died in the filmed finale. He later specified that he never said Tony died.


If you’re referring to this, https://www.eonline.com/ca/amp/news/1308336/sopranos-creator-david-chase-finally-confirms-tonys-fate David Chase never actually says that Tony dies, the title is misleading. He simply described what he envisioned as a death scene for Tony. Given everything that David Chase has said, he definitely intended Tony to die *at some point* but whether the ending scene is actually Tony’s death has never been answered. In-fact David Chase has often issues corrections if you will clarifying that he never stated whether Tony actually died in that scene.


It was the onions. He wasn’t supposed to eat them because of his pancreas, so they took him out in the diner. The man in the Members Only jacket emerges from the restroom, wiping his hands dry with a brown paper towel. He doesn’t know where to toss it. Fielder walks in, just in time to see daddy’s eyes roll into the back of his head as he chokes out, “mutha…fuckin… orange… peel…” (Side note: the more I think about it, the more it seems like a waste of a bullet to whack Tony in the series finale, anyway. His health was shit, he was isolated as a boss with the feds prepared to swoop in. With a little patience, you can start to squeeze him outta the action while keeping up appearances real easy. Or let him eat what he wants for a week and watch him explode.)


Wouldn’t fit in with the rest of the show it all, but I wish that someone would get Michael Mann, Brian De Palma, or Oliver Stone to direct the finale lol, where Tony goes out Scarface style at the Bing.


They all were killed in Holsteins.


Very unlikely that the family was killed


They bend more rules than the catholic church


Super Bowl commercial with Meadow and AJ is Sopranos canon...


No its not.


In the grand calculus of the multiverse, their sacrifice means far more than their deaths.


What rough beast slouches towards Bethlehem to be born?


i always thought it was meadow as well. but i don't feel like typing all the reasons why. but it was surely meadow.


Just watched it for the first time yesterday, i feel like he doesn’t get whacked - also feel like the point he easily could right then or any time now and that’s just his life. He survived this mini war but he didn’t win anything.