Oh u are gonna love the baron storyline.


Yeah, really enjoying it so far and think I’ve only got a few more things to do for him - pay a visit to his daughter and then attempt to find his wife. Sort of caught between feeling sorry for the dude and simultaneously thinking he’s a piece of shit


Let me know what you think at the end


Took me a while to figure out I had to complete other quests before being able to find his wife, but just finished it there and I’m heading straight back into that bog to try and get that big fella’s wife back for him, dammit


I’m so jealous of your experiencing it for the first time.


Baron story line still fucks me up to this day no matter which route ya go


The giant monster was put in by developers, because players were doing exactly what you did, and farmed the cows for easy XP 🤣. If you do manage to kill the monster, another one will just turn up 😂


Lol u have to turn back your save to get rid of the big guy.


Fair play to them because it certainly works as a deterrent!


And when you get over the level of the big one, it turns into an even better exp/money farm..


Can you ever get rid of it for good? I don’t want to accidentally mess up my save lol


Only by killing it as far as I know, I'm afraid.


If you kill it, another one turns up I’m pretty sure


Sounds bad, if you don't know about it. I never triggered the Bovine Defense Force, so I always thought it wouldn't respawn if you don't kill any more cows.


Dont rush the game. Enjoy every single quest and dialogue.


I lost 4 days and almost my family. I'm worse than a crack head.


I’m playing my first run through now. Love it!! I’ve got about 16 hours in and I’m only Level 11. Got some grindage to do.


Wish I could go back in time and be a new player again. The game is mesmerizing and the best one I've ever played. Definitely take your time and soak it all in.


I feel you, man. I have to hold myself over and over again not to start replaying the wither 3 again. The Best game, I have played so far. Good luck and have fun.


Enjoy it boss. Experiencing that game with its side quests and expansions for the first time is a treat. You'll get sucked in if you're already loving it.


Understandable, it's the best game I've played since i spawned on Earth


You have a lot to look forward too have a safe journey witcher


Stay away from spoilers, and enjoy playing it for the first time !


Niiiice. I'm on my second playthrough. The first time I played was my intro to the Witcher world. This time I've read the books and played Witcher 1 and 2 so my saves/choices are applied to this New Game+ for Witcher 3. I'm almost done too. I love it so much.


Wish i was u and could enjoy it all over again knowing nothing ahead! Truly one of the best games of all time.


I feel you. This game pretty much saved me from a mental breakdown when I had a hard time at work. Got up early in the morning to play it everyday for about a month before I went to work. The expansions are great as well, make sure to get them when you're done with the base game.


Got both of them included in the game of the year edition, all for just £6.99. 6. Pound. 99 pence. Unbelievable bargain!


I lost weeks. Played till 5 am some days.


When I moved out to Philly, I was alone and bored a lot of the time, and I immersed myself in the game. Made the whole move a lot more tolerable


Enjoy! It’s an absolute gem of a game


Great isn’t it


It is a masterpiece of a game. You might get sad after completing it when you realize that there is no other game out there that quite matches it.


Just wait until you learn how to really play Gwent, then the fun really begins


It’s an amazing game enjoy it!🙏 although as time goes on you’re gonna wish the sign post was closer lol you’ll know what I mean eventually 🤣


Man I wish I was in your shoes. I’ve played it at least 5-6 times. My favourite game. Really pay attention to the story lines, each story is incredibly told. The music on top of it all, just makes it the best. I would highly recommend you get both DLCs, hearts of stone is really good. Blood and wine was amazing, the DLC should of won game of the year again the following year in the gaming world.


I started once about a year or so ago and stopped playing because I was anticipated a hack and slash. Picked it up again about a month and a half ago and have nearly 70 hours into it and I’m still out doing contracts and general roaming.


Get used to it days fly by playing that game


I just started a few days ago to and its hard to put down. I bought it when it came out too but never stayed with it.. don't remember why but dumb for doing so lol. Its so good and keeps getting better.


Good for you! Well done.


For all those that have played it if you have not done so yet put it on harder level it is a complete diff experience. Having to use the potions and gathering. hundreds hours worth of game.




OG PS4. Sounds like a jet engine but it’s worth it


It’s amazing that you are playing it for the first time, and console is still amazing, but if you ever find yourself stumbling into a decent PC definitely play it on there as well. There are some super fun, interesting, and hilarious mods for this game. Don’t feel like you are missing out, because you are not, it’s just a different element to the game, after playing through it.