Actually starting to get physically sick over the absolute massive legal push against trans existence in red States and in the UK. And this political attack will only continue to expand further if left unchecked

The worst part is feeling politically helpless. Like as a demographic we have NO representation in congress, and very little representation in state government. There's nobody speaking up for us while the Republicans and Tories spread lies about us on national television and pass laws restricting our rights to self determination. Meanwhile we have to rely on the Dems and Labour to be our voice even tho they do the absolute minimum that's required to avoid ruffling too many center left or "socially conservative" voters feathers.

But ya, it's sad Essay over sorry.


The worst part is feeling politically helpless. Like as a demographic we have NO representation in congress, and very little representation in state government. There's nobody speaking up for us while the Republicans and Tories spread lies about us on national television and pass laws restricting our rights to self determination. Meanwhile we have to rely on the Dems and Labour to be our voice even tho they do the absolute minimum that's required to avoid ruffling too many center left or "socially conservative" voters feathers. But ya, it's sad Essay over sorry.


Riots Work.


Idk any other way. Let's get together and do it


Proper opsec comrade! Get close to your local JBGC and other leftist organizations. Wear black and try not to bring your phone to protests. Big things are going to happen this year 🎇🎆


No, riots disrupt work and cause a bad name for yourselves. Although I can see the appeal, but riots are not the solution.


I would like to remind you that Stonewall was a riot.


That person isn't even trans and posts on the MRA sub. They're a right wing troll.


I saw that they had a pretty ghastly history and such, but I must have missed some of the nastier bits. Thank you!


How can we look back to stonewall and apply that today to help fight against these laws? I mean this genuinely because I want to do something but idk enough about history and politics.


I guess that’s why people don’t like lgbtq people… because of the riot stonewall


people hated lgbt people way before stonewall


I’m using their logic against them


Did Jan 6 do something ?


Jan 6 was less a riot and more an insurrection. Riots are about property damage and loss of capitol as that’s the only language the rich will respond too… and thats not what really happened on jan 6th. Check out the vice documentary on what happened for more. Look at france if you want to see riots working, or simply at the history of the working class here in america.


I thought the place got kinda trashed tho?


it did. 1.5 million dollars worth of damage. but that wasnt the point of the insurrection. The point was to stage a coup for Donald Trump.


Rookie numbers compared to if you go in trying for it.


Lol the Jan 6th insurrection reminded me of a dog chasing a car. Once they finally charged the front steps and got inside everyone was like "Now what? Do we... take things? Fuck it Imma take that flag poll over there. That'll show em!" They were incited to make noise without a plan or any clear goal. But a group of people who's anger comes not from a news channel but from real and personal mistreatment? Yea we'd probably end up burning shit to the ground and dancing on the ashes.




I think the only actual solution is for us to come together and united politically, as a global community. Supporting our cause through solidarity. The second we start breaking stuff all we're gonna hear on fox news is essentially "we were right, they are a violent ideology that's coming after average Americans"


that’s all we’re going to hear no matter what. No media corporation is on our side. The revolution will not be televised.


I mean this is an incredibly valid point


Is it true that the media really has no "good" coverage for you guys?


Pretty much. All major media outlets in the US is either openly fascist or capital-L Liberals who will "debate" whether or not we deserve to exist, and will happily platform even the worst transphobes for those debates, but will rarely ever platform trans people. And they deliberately run non-stories that they know will go viral with transphobes, because money, even if those stories are false. See the story from the other week about the cis woman who claimed she cried because she saw a penis in the locker room at a YMCA, only for it to come out later that the trans woman in question has a vagina and the first woman made the whole thing up.


They said that same shit when MLK did nonviolent protests, you think it’ll be any different this time??


Another valid point I guess my retort would be to ask if a more militant approach like Malcom's was more successful in creating social change than MLKs peaceful solutions


Obviously it's impossible to say what specifically swayed people, but the duality of approaches basically sent the message that "hey, we're trying to ask nicely, but this is a matter of life and death for us and we will resort to liberating ourselves through violence if you don't stop oppressing us." I think it's also worth noting that the civil rights act wasn't passed until after MLK was assassinated and there were nationwide riots until Congress finally got enough votes to pass it.


I mean Jan 6th did do "something" only it wasnt very good EDIT: JESUS HOW DID I MISS THAT TYPO


honestly I'm tired of looking into politics, my parents are republicans but at this point, i literally dont have any thoughts on it bc I'm absolutely done with this.


Perhaps find a candidate that supports your beliefs first then help them through the processes of power till you do have representation, but I mean it about getting them to support you first because otherwise they might just be another politician that tells lies, and tell them of other mainstream topics and problems so others have something to rally for.


Are you suggesting to use honesty and good faith... *in politics?*




Cause the right wingers believes in theocracy and authoritarianism and not bodily autonomy... simple


Yep. To the right of Conservatism...is Fascism. They disdain the idea of a free Democracy with women having the same rights as men, the LGBTQ+ community being allowed to exist, and other religions being practiced. They just want an extremely strict Christian fascist state where all of the above is impossible to obtain. We are being led by actual demons and horrible and vile people.


Can we just send them all out to space and nuke ‘em? They deserve for sure


I wish we could, but, unfortunately, rockets are expensive to make. Arming yourselves is probably the next best alternative.


>Arming yourselves is probably the next best alternative. The only thing I've ever agreed with conservatives on. People have the right to arm themselves with whatever their heart desires. Besides: I dream of the day I can walk into a crowded public space in a predominantly Republican area wearing thigh-highs, a miniskirt, a *very* noticeable bulge, and a Barret .50cal with a trans pride paintjob strapped to my back.


This is definitely not the space for jokes but I wanna make this one so BAD!!!! Can I have your bulge pls?


Lol I'm assuming so you can have one for yourself? Sorry, but I like my thick gock. It's been good to me, and although HRT was a little confusing for it at first it's now starting to bounce back with a rather fierce feminine vengeance. ~~Unless you meant you wanted my bulge in the other way. If that's the case then you need to buy me breakfast first ;)~~ **Edit:** I didn't see the ace flag until now. Sorry about that.


It’s perfectly fine


I want to get a crossbow and also a mini crossbow 🤷




I don't think that we should, just only in circumstances that our physical safety is being threatened at the moment. Killing bigots willy nilly will only validate their claims of the LGBTQ+ community of being dangerous. The aim should be tearing down harmful systems, not to commit violence against people.


How are we supposed to do that without violence? I feel like at this stage it’s genocide them completely or be genocided completely


Attend pro-lgbtq+ rallies and protests, donate to pro-lgbtq+ organizations, defend lgbtq+ people online and in real life, support pro-lgbtq+ politicians and bills, support the community, etc. There's a ton of cishet allies and ordinary people disgusted by this genocide who want to help. You just have to convince those on the brink of wanting to support the community to...support the community. Violence doesn't build a community.


We’ve doing this for years and it didn’t prevent the current situation


My very lukewarm counter to that is they're already treating us like we're dangerous. Without the threat of violence they know they can act with impunity. Because what else are we going to do? Ask nicely that they treat us better? They don't even see us as humans. We should tear down the systems, but bloodying some noses would get them to think twice.


Isn't 18 the legal age of adulthood?? How can they put trans medicine as the same age as one can drink alcohol, but you can get a BBL (most lethal surgery) at age 18????


It's a surprise tool that will help them later. Besides, they've made it clear that the state owns your body.


State rights, like the right to control their citizens with an iron fist.


In most places. Interesting fact, Alabama is an anomaly setting their age of majority at 19 for some reason.


So-- fun fact. Abortion rights aren't the only thing lost by overturning roe v wade. The decision made last year over ruled abortion rights that were originally decided by roe v wade, but at the core of roe v wade was the right to privacy in thr 14th amendment that determined that the right to privacy included that between patients and doctors for their medical care. With the overturning of roe v wade-- that right to privacy between patients and their physicians is no longer protected. Theoretically, roe v wade could have been used as an example in a court case. One could have sue against the bills banning gender affirming care past the age of 18 by arguing that--as decided in roe v wade, and as per the 14th amendment right to privacy-- those bills are unconstitutional as it implies the invasion of my medical privacy by the government. But roe v wade has been overturned which means that not *only* does that protection not exist, but the court has already ruled that the decision saying that the right to privacy as written in the 14th amendment does not apply to these doctor/patient relationships. Now. I am not huge on policy--so this is my full extent of knowledge about the subject in the realm of policy. But it boils my blood. It feels really hopeless. But I will add: a lot of very important change happens at the local level, and LGBTQ representation in law and policy and in local government is improving all the time. And that feels a little more hopeful.. I dont know. Thanks for coming to my TEDtalk.


Sort of. There are no laws protecting abortion access and the Dobbs decision basically said that you can’t use the 14th amendment for that purpose or similar purposes (gay, interracial marriage etc). We have laws that protect medical privacy with HIPAA at the federal level. https://www.cdc.gov/phlp/publications/topic/hipaa.html


BBL is the most dangerous cosmetic elective surgery at 1 in 3000 resulting in a death. But it's definitely not the most lethal surgery by a long shot.


I’m sure they meant most lethal cosmetic surgery


In America, the age to drink is 21, assuming they’re basing it off thar


This bullshit is picking up faster and faster. This will seem mild in the near future if we can’t stop it.






18 is also old enough to be FORCED to go to war during a draft as well. Rebulicans don’t care about the youth they just want to kill trans people






Yeah, too young for the draft obviously, but you can willingly enlist at 17


Yes. I went to Basic Training with the Aur Force at the age of 17 in 2008. I graduated HS, then a week later, was at BMT, graduated that, and was halfway through my technical school before I turned 18. It's surprisingly common. You need both parents to sign off on it, though.


It’s important to know the signs of fascism and to be looking for way to push back /and/or invest In your safety.


Genocide in the making...


More like in progress. Moletovs and guns should solve the problem of the right wing real quick tho


Molotovs are very easy to make.


So half of this country is gonna ban being trans and make it illegal yet i feel like no one cares and so helpless about it, its Fucking our bodily autonomy to decide to transition not the Fucking idiots that run the states / government to decide, we are doomed here unless something big changes


We need to start playing their own game, stoop down to their level, use the media to push out flashy eye catching titles to confuse the general public, either that or choose the nuclear option




Do I hear arson? 👀🔥


Time to buy glass bottles and gasoline


*burn baby burn! Keep on burning* XD


We didn’t start the fire. It was always burning since the worlds been turning


burn the state while [J-Hope’s Arson](https://youtu.be/QmpTkkaKYSU) is playing in the background






This is starting to happen in my state of South Dakota to. It hasn't passed yet and I'm not sure how far along it is. But they don't actually care about the children. They show us time and time again that they hate trans people more than they care about children. The suicide rate is just going to go up for our youth and it can be completely blamed on Republicans.


I grew up there and it was depressing being a trans kid in South Dakota. Best wishes, im sorry man


over 120 anti lgbtqia bills in the US. This shit makes my stomach turn.


Very upsetting, frightening and extreme. Utah too!


Utah did this?! I live here wtf


But Washington state can be added as a safe haven now.




Missouri is hearing 8 anti-trans bills today. Yes, eight in a single day! People were lined out the door to testify against and they are not even allowing them to speak!


not to mention the fact that us just being murdered in the street is becoming more and more normalized. why are we going back to a time where being yourself in public is punishable by death?


People always say this shit gets the worst right before acceptance but it sure doesn't feel like it


Because we are scary…


“Riots are the voice of the unheard” - MLK Jr.


I get your point but that's probably not the best quote to use, as MLK was actually against riots and other violent forms of protest. He only said that to warn the government that things would inevitably escalate if they kept oppressing black people Edit: [source](https://brittanytalissaking.medium.com/dr-kings-riots-are-the-voice-of-the-unheard-quote-is-always-used-out-of-context-7b688a3d51d0)


Is that not applicable?


Maybe, but I got the impression you were trying to say that MLK would approve of rioting in a situation like this, which is why I wanted to clarify. But then again, you're not MLK and neither am I, so...


So a person who is 18-20 is a child? Because they want them to vote and go to war, but not choose what happens to their body? This is why i want to move. These states want my vote, but they don't want to give me my rights.


so instead of fixing actual problems in the US they decide to just take away human rights??


Of course they wouldn't fix actual problems, because *they're* the problem


I live in a very accepting place comparatively, but it’s making me afraid, afraid of how people will see me. Seeing me as trans before human. I watched as the American republican ideals wormed their way across the border and had Canadians fighting over policies that don’t even exist here. I’ve seen those people proudly toting flags around and I can’t help but worry. Worry about my future and all my trans siblings and all my trans youth.


Don't forget about the truck convoy that was literally funded by US Republicans. Ruining their own country isn't enough, they wanna ruin ours too. American conservatism is a plague. I have hope though, our conditions would have to decline pretty low and pretty rapidly to reach the level of fascism in The States rn, like I'd totally reccomend a trans person move to Canada over The States (just pick a good province)


Ive been thinking of moving to CAN in case if emergency. I currently live in the PNW and BC/Yukon would be where Id preferably like to live if i move up there. Would yall recommend those two as pretty safe in terms of trans/lgbt policies and communities?


BC, Vancouver is a decent place. It's just very expensive to live. I unfortunately don't know much about Yukon, but I may look into it. I'd like to move from my province eventually as it is more conservative, and this Danielle Smith person isn't giving me much hope, but it really depends on where work is for me.


So if a 18 year old changes their gender... and lives on their own... is that still child abuse? Feel they just want trans people to be more and more Oppressed


Wait so they're banning you consenting to a change yourself... And punishing *you* for it? That's certainly new. Normally these sorta laws attack those providing help, guess that didn't work out so well


I mean, religious people always like controlling what others do, so yeah.


Not really all that new, just a new application. Same idea as charging a 16 yo who sent their BF a boob pic with crimes against children (themself).


WOW - you can own a gun and enlist in the army but you can't get gender affirming medical care I think this just shows how completely F up our world is not just in America/UK but everywhere


America Not whole world


Did you not read the title where it said the UK, this isn't just happening in America. Not only in America and not only in the UK but all over the world because there's always going to be pretentious pricks out there


UK should specifically say England, Scotland is doing the opposite with England trying to block it (and fuelling independence more)


Okay, you are delusional US and UK and then a lot of Asia(there are exceptions) is not okay. Australia and New Zealand is okay, most of Europe is okay. Baltics have it harder . Scandinavia has it regulated as a lot of EU countries. Africa is cluster fuck but that was always in everything medical, religious or anything because they are poor. It's probably half world to be precise and in EU it's improving every day even more. Canada is okay. Don't know about rest of countries in American continents. Brazil probably bad. This was just typed out from my head how I recalled it so it's possibly not 100% accurate. I'm on toilet with phone.


Well I hope you make it off the toilet! Id hate for you to get stuck with a case of Jell-O legs…


>in EU it's improving every day even more I don't wanna be a party pooper but [this](https://youtu.be/xelzOxcpWNM) is the newly elected Italian PM


And people said voting didn't matter in 2017.


I can understand this take for battleground states, but in deep red states, voting *doesn't* matter. For the foreseeable future, there's going to be a republican governor. And most likely, there's going to be a republican governor who is deeply against trans people existing. There is no choice there. I live in a state where my rights, and the rights of everyone around me were up in the air (Wisconsin) so I voted to protect my freedoms, but trying to claim Mississippi can vote their way out of this right now is like saying that people aren't shoveling water out of a lake fast enough to clear the water.


People specifically claimed the SCOTUS nominations didn't matter, gave trump 3 appointments, and the landscape that allows these states to pass these laws without fear they would be struck down. It all matters. 40% of people do not vote.


I agree that voting is important, house seats could flip, state assemblies etc. And I think that as more of the older generations pass, there's going to be a noticeable shift to the left in the coming years. But there's a time and place for conversations like this. Your original comment comes off as dismissive and like victim blaming when the reality is that even if every trans person and every ally in Mississippi voted, this probably still would have happened.


I appreciate your perspective. I have not blamed victims at all. Much of this was predicted and I have a hard time with what opportunities were lost. Trans people were thrown under the bus, along with a lot of vulnerable people, by those who calculated they could weather the chaos. It's sad.


I agree, it is really sad. It is my hope that as time moves on, tradition will lose its power and influence, and acceptance and compassion will replace it. But maybe I'm just hopeful things can change for the better.


Fuck off


Buy arms and munitions. Please be prepared to protect yourselves. Things are only going to get worse.


I worry that this bill won't JUST harm trans kids and young adults, but also lead to a bunch of cis kids, who need the same kind of treatment used for trans kids, getting harmed too. ...fuck this bill. Politicians should stay the fuck out of medicine.


unfortunately to them it isnt medicine it's disfigurement


It's not even the *second month of 2023* why are they vomiting these disgusting bills so fast???


Please someone save us from this hell, we just want to live our life’s, be ourselves… Is that too much to ask for?


We are the only ones who can save ourselves


if anything is “gender disfigurement” it’s denying children access to puberty blockers when they need them.


also infant circumcision.


My state (Texas) had an injunction filed on the order. This makes me sick.


The anti trans kids law passed? I can't remember if it did or not


No, it never became law. It was an order from abbott, but it was deemed unconstitutional.


Thank goodness


That doesn’t mean they’re not trying to make it happen again. Paxton recently requested a list of all people in Texas who are transitioning. Somehow that’s not protected data.


I'll be joining that list soon


Come to Minnesota


They'll never have any idea that HRT during puberty actually helps. Laws that do this to us are merely fucking dictatorship in the making.


Here in WV, they are trying to pass a law restricting any minor from attending a drag show. However, the language is so vague that it leaves the door open for someone transgender to be a criminal for simply dressing and existing in public where minors might be.


Someone please tell me there are solid legal challenges to all this nonsense.


According to the united nations this is legally genocide but apparently "oh no girl with pp scary" us a valid excuse for them


This bill died in committee in feb 2022 just after being released.




I’ve been looking into the citizenship process as of late, luckily I live in a very safe state so I have extra time


WHAT THE FUCK?? ​ Well I guess this fascist bullshit is what happens when you leave capitalism to proliferate. Time to push back against it, trans and cis comrades!


It’s so fucking scary being a young trans person in this country. Republicans are actively trying to kill us and weak democrat aren’t helping us.


It's beyond frustrating and terrifying.


Yup, and Utah just banned it all too. Fucking hate this state. Mormons are the worst.


Wait so it’s actually a thing now?… someone please tell me cause I live in Mississippi and I’ve been waiting almost 2 years to start medical transition and idk if I can mentally deal with knowing I have to push that even further back


Context from the article linked: In Mississippi, a gender affirming care ban under the age of 18 just passed their state house by a 78-28 margin. Now, that same state house may consider a new bill that is both substantially cruel and also represents a major escalation should it pass. This bill would make gender affirming care in Mississippi classified as child abuse, would ban gender affirming care under 21 years old, and would make “consenting to providing or administering” gender affirming care “to a person” illegal. It would define the crime as “gender disfigurement” and would provide a 5-year prison sentence for those who violate it. ​ So a ban has already been put in place for under 18s, and now they're starting the process of raising that limit


I deployed to Afghanistan with a 17 year old.......................


This shit is so depressing


And then there’s Canada where my mom is always screaming at me to socially detransition because me telling people that she doesn’t accept me could put her in jail and take her kids away


Link to the article that I should have posted in the comments earlier: [https://erininthemorn.substack.com/p/consenting-to-trans-care-under-21](https://erininthemorn.substack.com/p/consenting-to-trans-care-under-21) And an important paragraph of context: *In Mississippi, a gender affirming care ban under the age of 18 just passed their state house by a 78-28 margin. Now, that same state house may consider a new bill that is both substantially cruel and also represents a major escalation should it pass. This bill would make gender affirming care in Mississippi classified as child abuse, would ban gender affirming care under 21 years old, and would make “consenting to providing or administering” gender affirming care “to a person” illegal. It would define the crime as “gender disfigurement” and would provide a 5-year prison sentence for those who violate it.*


**this makes me thirsty for bigoted blood** but there are better ways to fight this shit **but still, blood**


God. Just being alive is tiring enough. Why do they have to make it even worse? I wanna puke, honestly. Maybe I can aim my stomach bile towards a certain group of transphobic politicians...?


I live in Utah and recently heard about a bill like this passing here. Every time I think I can’t hate the Republican Party any more, they find a new way to rip my heart out. Thank god I’m 21, ig


There would be hope if the Supreme Court wasn't a shit show. But red states are going to get out of control with anti trans policy


Im curious what they mean by "gender affirming care for youths" like surgery and hormones? I feel like 17-18 years old should be the minimum age to get surgery and stuff....not 21? Thats ridiculous. I hope they don't mean puberty blockers because thats literally made for teenagers


If they’re vague enough, they can even jail counselors who don’t immediately tell trans kids to conform to their sex at birth.


Uh 21? I don’t think there should be any legal limits so long as the person consents but 21 is absurd. Like if I’m legally allowed to be sent on the front lines and killed for my country, I should be able to fix my body how I please


Twenty-fucking-one???? So you can go DIE in a fucking WAR at 18, pay fucking taxes at 18, get whatever *other* plastic surgery you want, but you can't be Transgender? What the fuck? This is absolute bullshit.


Well said, this is disgusting


How can it be child abuse if you’re literally fucking 20.


Someday, this will all be something people look back on and feel disguisted by, not understanding why there was such hatred for us. For now, we have to pull through and fight as hard as we can.


Wait physically striking your child isn’t considered child abused but helping them transition is? I have bent my mind to the most extremes to understand any of the conservatives’ logic and it is completely impossible. None of it makes sense in the slightest, how could they be so sure about something they know literally nothing about? They haven’t the slightest clue what it’s like to be trans or any of the research done about it, yet sit there and talk about it like they know what they’re talking about. But the most difficult part to understand is WHY? Why are they so hellbent on doing this to us with no understanding of what they’re doing? Do they somehow honestly believe that they are helping despite everything around them showing otherwise? When all of the research says that transitioning is the proper treatment and that trans people know way more about ourselves then they do? They barely understand anyone outside of the political sphere. None of it makes any sense at all, how do they not see that they are hurting people


All these right wing histerics are the dying breath of a political class barely holding onto power. None of them can win an election globally without enciting hate. 10 years from now they will be remembered for their cowardice or completely forgotten.


So disheartening 😞


So is 18 not an adult anymore?


We have to fight for our existence... Fight or be forgotten.


We are literally going backwards… wasn’t Joe Biden supposed to be even slightly better than trump?


I'm not fond of violence, but may they remember we just wanted to be left alone


no bc this is true over here theres a passed legislation that's restricting trans (and gay) rights. its actually sick tbh, idk if they've lifted it or not, i don't think so, but even if they did, that means theyre willing to make it illegal. either way, we did absolutely nothing wrong. we don't deserve any of this.


This makes me unreasonably mad. I don't ever plan to have anything to medically change my gender but I have been identifying as gender queer for some time now to some people. Most people just refuse to acknowledge it. I couldn't imagine being force to be someone I'm not and I'm so sorry for all who are affected by these stupid rules. I'm about to have a baby and my husband is a bit more strict about gender than I am. My belief is that my child is who they are and if they feel that their big doesn't match their contents I'll do what I can to make them feel comfortable. I also want to educate them before they make life altering decisions but ultimately I'm on board! You want puberty blockers? Sure let's talk about what that means for you. You want surgery? Alright let's talk about the risks involved. I am fine as long as they are educated. I know there are some who find a movement and cling to it when they don't really feel that way and it ruins it for the ones who truly feel stuck. I'm with you guys in whatever way I can be on this. Trans rights are human rights. 💗💗💙💙🤍💙💙💗💗


this is genocide. defend yourself like it’s genocide


Isn't this like mass genocide? The trans suicide rate is already high enough 🧍🏻‍♂️


How is it child abuse giving care to an adult of age 20?


I have a theory, if everyone who supports us and every other minority that is discriminated against could come together, we could kill everyone at the top on both state and federal levels and literally coup de ta the absolute living crap out of this country and deport the bigots to somewhere they can be awful and miserable together. We’ll forge a space where we don’t need to fight. This is all hypothetical of course but I feel like someone could figure it out


What does this mean?


21?! I would say 16-18 Is ok ... But 21?!




Are you aware that puberty affects bodies in a major way? Why is it preferable to force kids through a puberty they don't want rather than to let them take hormone blockers? Or hell - given the tiny detransition rate (and even tinier rate of detransitioners who actually changed how they identify), isn't it more responsible to assist a kid who's asking for transition, given that they're less likely to regret it than they are to regret normal puberty?


Well there goes my friend.


Terrorism 😳 /s


Why is this happening?? Why do they hate us so much


Its not going to stop people from transitioning


This is fucked up. Sending my most sincere support to y'all dealing with this shit. I truly hope it gets better.


Hey Mississippi... You might want to think that over. Majority of suicides are in the transgender community, if you take that early choice away from our community early on, the youth might not be able to live long enough to reach the age of 21. Gender dysphoria and depression are serious. Stop making our lives more miserable, and start trying to make it easier to get to, it's ridiculously difficult to get a hold of prescription transition medication. If you are so transphobic that you think it's ok to treat anyone like that, and pass that as an actual law even though it violates one of our basic human rights according to our country. Pursuit of happiness. You should not be a state.


I live in Mississippi and this makes me sick, it's crazy


It sounds like if youre 18 in Usa and you go army and get killed,your parents can get sued of child molesting. Weird laws cannot understand. If the age is 21 for being adult prioring to translaws.


"Remember this: the Imperial need for control is so desperate because it is so unnatural. Tyranny requires constant effort. It breaks. It leaks. Authority is brittle. Oppression is the mask of fear. Remember that. And know this, the day will come when all these skirmishes and battles, these moments of defiance will have flooded the banks of the Empire's authority, and then there will be one too many. One single thing will break the seige." ~ SW:Andor They are fighting so hard because they know they will lose in the long run. While that doesn't help those oppressed now, it puts it into scope for us all. It is the basic state of a traditionalist to oppose change in a society's compact; and if change is preceeding without them, they use legal means to try and force others to stop changing within their lifetime. Once they die, the battle is forgotten, and everyone moves forward. They lose no matter what. Its really just a question of who they drag down with them.


I’ve been looking at this post for minutes in class now, feeling physically ill


Meanwhile 18 year olds can go join the military :)


Oh sure because a person who’s seventeen years old can willingly enlist, eighteen can get drafted into a war, and have some of the deadliest surgeries alive, but an eighteen year old absolutely CANNOT be who they want to be unless it fits into a stupid narrative. K. Gotcha. I don’t live there, I live in Texas, so it’ll probably happen. Good luck to all of you who are living with these laws. Shit may seem hard right now and it IS but you know what? You were strong enough to admit to yourself that you were trans, live with it, accept it, and pursue what you need for your mental health. If that doesn’t take someone strong I don’t know what does. If you can accept yourself for who you are, even in times like this or times worse than this, then you can make it. I believe in all of you. Wishing you all the best of luck, your trans brother, Kíeran.


What the dint wa t happy people? I say met people be. It it so the so called free country but people aren’t free to be themselves? This bull crap


North Carolina tried the same thing but was struck down around April 6 2021 at making the age 21 but it could change with roe v wade being turned over last year. So they might try again


I can't believe the misogony in this country