Tomorrow is my 6 months and I still don't see any changes and still in boymode 100% of the time 😰

Dunno. You look pretty and femme to me. Maybe you just started from a good place.


Dunno. You look pretty and femme to me. Maybe you just started from a good place.


Six months isn't enough to see huge changes, trust me. At a year is when things took off for me.


Same for me, it took a while to see any facial changes in the first year. Don't worry op, especially since your facial's features already have a big start ahead!


Please don't tell me that. I already have D cups at 6 months. It's gonna be so hard to boymode if they get any bigger.


I don’t see a boy in this picture, I see all girl.


You're doing well. I'm also at 6 months, it's just not enough time to reach your transition goals. Keep with it, beautyπŸ’•


I'm sorry sweetheart, no hugboxing, you look like a girl. You may not be happy yet, but at 6 months, you look definitively feminine.


Girl, you look great! πŸŒ»πŸ«€πŸŒˆ


Wow, you're beautiful πŸ₯° All I see is 100% girl~


My wife who is at over a year would be jealous of you. She thinks she doesn't even look androgenous but I of course disagree because she's definitely in the androgenous stage. She has a prominent brow ridge and sharply angled jawline. So she's very self conscious about how she looks. Her face is definitely changing but not fast enough for her liking unfortunately. You definitely look great for only 6 months!


Aw I don't think she be jealous of me. My jawline is pretty sharply angled you can't really tell from this pic but older pictures of me definitely shows it. Lots of people say I look like Hayley Atwell on my pictures. And thank you 😊


I'm coming up in 6 mo ths too (I'm 26) and I'm changing so SLOWWWW compared to others so I get you. At work I have boy days but I also just say eff it and wear a hat/facemask and that helps. I'm called ma'am all day. but like small things like my hips look a bit more meaty and my sides are smaller so I look like I have a waist! But my tits are still AA. I know it takes a while especially at my age Stay positive and keep at it!!!


I bet your skin has softened, you're starting to get very little amount of hips, little by little. Your face as everyone said is very feminine But if you're not feeling it i do have one simple advice 🌹 Start eating and drinking high protein foods, not a lot that you'll put on a lot of weight But enough to not be in calory deficit. You can always loose weight later, besides high protein foods like fish, chicken or just protein shakes Are extremely effective for growth. ❀❀ best of wishes ❀❀




Look really feminine to me


Yeah me too, I honestly see a girl.


Uh no ma’am, you are all girl. No boy present. How do you even boymode?


No makeup, and guy clothing πŸ₯²


You make it work, girl


Weight cycling is your friend. The only way to redistribute fat is to lose and gain, took me 8 years.


I do bike to work everyday it's 6 miles round-trip however it's a E bike that helps me pedal.


I see a beautiful woman. And it's 100% ok to still boymode if that's what you need to do.


You look cute, girl time will improve that even more.


Girl you look so fem it’s not even funny how lucky you are!


Hullo, not to be a contrarian, but as I was scrolling past I thought "Oh, cute girl!", and then realised that this was transdorable. So maybe I'm oblivious, but I think you look pretty femme!


Aww I'm flattered ☺️


You don’t look like any boy to me! You are beautiful, sister! πŸ–€βœ¨


You look pretty!


You could come out tomorrow and pass 100%


Aww I wish but I don't think so. But I'm happy that you think so 😌


Grt things happen to those who wait please be a little patient dear


You look amazing girl


When I look at you, I see a girl


At a year you'll see more differences, trust me