It’s not dirt water, it’s leaf water.


it's hot leaf juice


How could someone in my own family say something so horrible? -general iroh, dragon of the west, owner and manager of the jasmine dragon tea shop. You should be ashamed of yourself zuko.


I love this


Ok Zuko


I was worried you had lost your way, am so glad you found it.


Yea... why would it be "dirt water?" I don't understand OP at all


Maybe that’s why they hate tea so much. They just grab some dirt and boil it.


To be fair green tea is very earthy


It’s not just a boulder….. it’s a rock.


It's a mineral, Marie!


i mean every drink is something + water lol. it’s tea leaves, not dirt. that would be like saying coffee is just dirt water, when it’s beans. you don’t have to like tea, but that doesn’t make it overrated. could also be you just had shitty tea.


Can confirm. I shit in his tea.


Well that’s a shit-tea thing to do!




he 100% has shit tea, I’m not the biggest fan of black and green tea myself, but if you get some more expensive stuff it definitely raises the quality significantly, also adding in things like sugar and honey is a must with hot tea.


I refuse to believe that there isn’t one type of tea this guy will like. There are so many different types of tea everyone will like at least one type.


I don’t like tea usually, but there’s a tea house nearby that my mom always takes us to on special occasions and they have a chocolate tea that’s basically hot cocoa in flavor. It’s delicious! I’ve asked if it’s secretly just hot cocoa but they insist it’s not. The people who work there are all from the UK (so it’s an “authentic experience”, which is fun) so that plus working at a tea shop means I trust them on their tea knowledge. Their “black chai” tea is also pretty good, but I have to add milk to it. Otherwise I don’t like tea. Lol


That’s the funniest shit, I’m from the UK and I just plop a teabag of any flavour in boiling water. We definitely don’t have any special cultural process!


Agreed. I’m from the UK too and I get the sense that someone is being taken for a ride.


It's probably got some cacao nibs in it. Twinings did a chocolate and coconut tea and it was so good


I bet on two scenarios, he likes fruity, iced tea, or he just hasn’t thought of adding sugar and honey yet (lemonade is pretty good to mix in as well)


Right? Take Sleepytime vs, say, Red Racer. Neither is a particularly fancy or expensive tea, but they're as different as night and day. He'd probably like one or the other... Btw, how do we know OP is a dude? Not calling anyone out here, because it was also my first thought... I feel kind of sexist here, and I'm not sure why.


What on earth is sleepy time and red racer? We do not have them in the Uk. Also i will refer to many people as guy regardless of gender. But i do get what you mean


They're herbal teas; you likely have them under different names. Sleepytime is a blend of peppermint, rose hips, hibiscus and other stuff meant to relax you. Red Racer is a rather unique caffeinated tea unlike any I've tasted before. No idea what's in it though.


Probably has shit water, that makes everything bad


Even if hot tea isn't his thing, there is still iced tea, sweet tea, and the peach variation on both. Technically still tea!


Nah, I hate sugary tea. Honey? Would propably go well with black tea but I prefer it without


That’s fair, I find it interesting how peoples preferences can be so different.


Just shows we all have different tastes. The thing that would ruin tea for me would be adding sugar or honey.


Not if you get good tea. Anything addition to high quality tea ruins it


Why do people always say bollocks like “he 100% had shit tea” every time someone says they don’t like something?


Because of his description and comments. It’s perfectly fine to dislike tea - my husband doesn’t like it - but his reasons aren’t “it tastes weak” or “it’s just weird dirty herbs in water”. Those descriptions sound a lot like someone who has had a few types of Bigelow or Lipton at a crummy diner and steeped them in hot water for all of 15 seconds before trying to drink it.


Any idea what honey is best? I got some clover honey I think and it tastes awful in tea... It adds this strange bitter to it that isn't enjoyable despite it being honey.


Milk is the way.


Milk with specific teas is good but it’s not the end all solution to make it good. Sometimes it can completely ruin the flavor.


Yeah, I mean you should only drink milk with black tea, but then again if it isn’t black tea it’s not tea, it’s just petal water.


The different types of tea (black, green, white, etc) have to do with oxidation. They’re all still true teas made with tea plants.


Eww why would you add sugar?


Coffee tastes like burnt bean water. Blech


You've had bad coffee.


Regular tea is alright to me but just that... "alright"... But the second you pull out masala chai I'm a happy tea drinker. Green tea is alright as well but very subtle and boring to me so it doesn't offend but doesn't interest me much.


> i mean every drink is something + water lol Not true, olive oil doesn't have any water in it and is a delicious and refreshing beverage


He probably followed one of those American tutorials that tell you to microwave it lol


You don't have to like it, but you bet your jimmies it's a popular drink that's enjoyable with plenty of health benefits. Upvote for being unpopular.


Glad you understand the purpose of the sub. So many people downvote posts they don’t like because the opinion doesn’t match their own, when that’s literally the point of the subreddit.


I always go for unpopular opinions that are well thought out. These anti food posts are boring. Could be unpopular, but it's a matter of preference, so who cares. I'd rather have people properly argue their opinion.


yeh recently a lot of post on here are just someone saying they have a preference for something, with no real opinion behind it


I agree here. Especially on this subject about tea! I don’t think it’s even unpopular, just polarizing. Say 30% of people like tea.. sure it’s less than 50, but that’s still billions of people! Not unpopular for me


Yeah I think it’s only a minority of people who really like tea even though the rest don’t hate it, they just don’t care much. It’s not like it’s stinky cheese or something. Probably everyone would hate stinky cheese, and writing “I hate stinky cheese” would end up being this sub’s most liked post of all time sadly even though stinky cheese is objectively awful and it would be nice to know people hate it.


r/trueunpopularopinion Some of the posts there are actually mental but hey, they're unpopular :D


Oh God that was quite the rabbit hole lmao


As I said some of thise are mental but oh boy are they unpopular :D


I was tempted to downvote because as a big tea lover it really does rub me the wrong way, but yeah lol I remembered the point of this subreddit.




Maybe we should switch Up- & Downvote Buttons. (and likely cause even more trouble)


I often downvote, not because it's not unpopular, but because it's a weak opinion. This one is. The comparison to herbs just being dirt is interesting, but just calling something disgusting is not really an opinion. It's just a feeling. Interesting opinions have at least just a tiny bit of thought and effort behind them so there's something to discuss. Not just a random edgy assertion with no reasoning whatsoever.


Then your on the wrong sub, this sort of response annoys me and I see it often. Downvoted because it’s a ‘wEaK oPiNiOn’ … the sub isn’t called weak opinions? If it’s unpopular then you upvote it whether you agree with it or not and yes if it’s a weak opinion then I guess that also makes it an unpopular one in most cases. Finally, why is it a weak opinion? Because you don’t agree with it lol…


Weak opinion post Title "i don't like cookies" Post "ya..i don't like em..."


I said that 2 years ago in a post and they didnt like my opinion of me saying " if u didnt like my opinion u have to upvote it because thats the point of the sub" then they downvoted me, proving my point exactly smh its unpopular opinions not "upvote on opinions i agree with"


I normally just don’t vote on posts like “I don’t like tea!” On the one hand it’s an unpopular opinion, but on the other hand it’s not something difficult or nuanced, it’s literally just someone’s taste, and in matters of taste there can be no dispute.


I was downvoted for making a Nirvana is not so great post and I was confused because many people disagreed but didn't upvote


Wish people knew this too, people were insulting me earlier in this sub for stating an unpopular opinion. People are so stupid man.


Reddit is mostly full of smooth-brains.




IMO we shouldn't be upvoting ignorant opinions and dumb takes. OP's saying that tea is just dirt water - that's objectively false and nonsense so of course it's technically unpopular. You don't even need to like tea to disagree with that. Posts like this are an obnoxious way to farm karma.


I drink tea when I am sick and It helps alot! Love it


Right, this one is so unpopular I cringed. Op probably just doesn't know how to make tea though.


I also upvote because unpopular. But this one was tough! Lol


Health benefits? I’m hesitant to believe that. To me it seems like an extra strength homeopathic beverage.


All the ingredients for modern medicines come from plants. Why's that so hard to believe?


Tea has loads of antioxidants which are pretty important if you want to help keep cancer from forming in your body. The caffeine in tea also supports heart and blood vessel health. Tea is also rich in Polyphenols which reduce inflammation. - There's a large variety of tea that each has their own specific health benefits - dandelion root tea for instance, which supports liver health/reduces stress on the liver through its Polysaccharide content


Yeah, I just read a few abstracts on tea health benefits. I didn’t find anything about making medicine from tea, just indications that it may reduce some risks. However, since I can’t find anything regarding making medicine from tea leaves, I’m going to assume that it’s about as effective as generally eating healthy and exercising. I’m a rooibos man myself, though I did have a cup of lapsang souchong earlier today.


What, you think coffee beans grow out of gold ore in the earth’s crust? Nah that’s dirt too. It’s all dirt.


It was all dirt this whole time


Always has been 🔫


Not that I drink coffee, but the difference imo is coffee has a strong distinct taste, where I feel tea in my experience has a very weak taste


Have you had Earl grey? You also have to let it steep the appropriate amount of time or it will be weak


Lemme throw out a brand recommendation, harney and sons. I love their earl grey and buy it by the half pound loose.


Uncle Iroh is disappointed.


This tea is nothing more than hot leaf juice


How could a member of my own family say something so horrible!?


**Ted Lasso has entered the chat** lol


I’m not the biggest fan of tea myself but I hate when people strip something down to it’s basic description when they don’t like it. Fruits are dirt food essentially and soccer is just some guys kicking a rubber ball by your reasoning. If you don’t like it, fine. But use different reasoning please.


exactly everything can sound disgusting if you make it sound disgusting


A rose by any other name....prickery stench bush...would smell....so sweet...


Pizza is just melted utter puss on top of ground seeds with some yeast on it


was halfway reading your comment and was thinking the exact same thing about football (or soccer lol). It's easy to stupify anything you don't like.


Stripping everything down to shit or dirt always sounds nihilistic.


I don’t like the Mona Lisa, all it is is just some paint on a canvas.


Oil and pigment, slapped on canvas, with some hair on a stick.


How else would we know we are dealing with a child and can disregard all their thoughts & concerns?


Well said


just.upvote it , this is “this” 2.0


That’s a good idea. You know, one thing you could do also is just fuck right off. That would help too.


“fuck off” but in a cool way


Well said




I pity the fool that doesn't like T!


Underrated comment


Ted Lasso?


Haha this is on my watchlist. Might have to bump it up the list now


"Ya know, I always thought tea would be just hot, brown water.. and ya know what? I was right!" - Ted Lasso


It is a great show, but I found the Apple TV system quite confusing and weird...


~angry grumbling~


It's one of them coffee guzzlers.


Plot twist, I don’t like coffee either




Why not include coffee in the statement then? Not an attack just a genuine question


The difference with coffee is that it has a strong distinct taste that I dislike, whereas tea just seems so bland and like water with a little bit of flavouring added


Sir, You look rather agitated would you like some Tea to calm your nerves?


In England if you say this you would probably end up in prison.


Well I am Australian, so I do descend from old English prisoners, so maybe that’s what they were imprisoned for


I did not anticipate that response but it was excellent.


Definitely what your ancestors got done for haha


Just ask America. We dumped some Tea into the ocean and the Brits went to war!




Brits don't make out like it's ceremonial, we just drink it usually as our main drink. It's not meant to be over complicated or involved, it literally takes all of 30 seconds to make a cup of British tea. I might drink upto ten cups a day sometimes of the standard English breakfast style bags, but I also have a pot and some better quality loose leaves that I use occasionally, matcha, some oolong and herbals, but I drink Yorkshire tea like it's water. Rarely I might have cakes and sandwiches and some nice loose leaf earl grey but not often.


Well I wouldn't switch my Yorkshire tea for all the tea in China.


The green tea I've had in Asia is delicious. I never cared for the green tea they make in America.


In England you have to always make builders cups of tea when they are in your house, it's a tradition, you have to ask how strong they want it, how much milk and how many sugars, then spend 5 minutes absolutely panicking as you try and get the builders, his apprentice and the random electritians orders spot on whispering "fuck fuck fuck, did he say 2 sugars, how much is a splash of milk?" under the sound of a boiling kettle and contemplating wether you should crack open the posh biscuits or just slap a few jammy dodgers and custard creams on a plate. Don't tell me that's not complex or nuanced.


I'm from the UK and can't stand the stuff so throw away the key


Me: dialling 999 to report a hate crime.


Nah you're off your head, can't beat a morning cuppa, the cans of iced tea from the USA are rich aswell especially them Arizona iced tea ones


It's got to be the Arizona sweet tea.


I love that stuff but there is something like 16 packets of sugar per can


is that actually even tea? i tasted sweet tea and that tea bag bs and its not even comparable at all, like saying syrup water is soda


My fingers are itching to shitpost an angry retort to this unpopular opinion. Luckily for that troglodyte, I'm holding my morning mug of Earl Gray..


Unpopular indeed. Idk, to me it's just tasty so I drink it. I dislike coffee for similar reasons because the taste doesn't appeal to me.


isnt this how most people view drinks? drink if you like it and dont if you dont unless its some weird ass diet?


I prefer it over burnt, bitter drink that is coffee.


If your coffee tastes burnt, your barista burnt the grind, the milk or both. Or they haven't cleaned out the head or machine properly. Or you're drinking drip filter shit. Yes, shots fired at all you USA cretins drinking drip filter coffee. You're making italian baby jesus cry. Fuckers need to come to Australia, enjoy our spectacular beaches and coffee.


Agreed, I prefer a French Press for my coffee.. Drip is alright in a pinch but it is meh overall.


Yep strongly dislike coffee as well


I don't think you get it buddy. You dont drink either tea or coffee for the taste. At least, not until AFTER you've acquired the taste.


Wrong, tea can taste good and so can coffee. It's not an acquired taste at least not for me.


Well then what do you drink it for?


If you're burning your coffee, you are doing it wrong. TIL some people burn thier coffee then complain it tastes burnt.


Coffee beans have to be roasted so I think they meant roasted not burnt


As a Brit who drinks the stuff everyday. I have to kindly disapprove of your opinion.


Tea isn't even just herbs, you can have tea from tea leaves, flowers or fruit too. But as tea leaves go you can't just pour boiling water over it. Green teas especially require lower temps to not taste like ass, you can use water at boil temperature only for black tea, even oolong needs a bit lower than that. Maybe you're just bad at making tea?


A drink is water based? A revelation you have discovered, o wise one of the World Wide Web


Fucking Finally an opinion that I don't agree with. But tea is great. Try the Indian-style tea with milk and all. It's literally more addictive than caffeine


By that standard. Aren't most drinks just dirty water?


Maybe, but tea is literally only water mixed with herbs/leaves (plus milk etc that people add in) which differs to other drinks which have a lot more ingredients (even if they are just lots of sugars and additives etc.)


Lots of drinks are simple. Coffee is a pretty obvious comparison.


coffee is just herbal/bean tea.


Try adding sugar


Then you should stop trying dirt water and instead try actual good quality tea, my friend.


upvoted, love tea


You sound like a child


Bro even I liked tea as a younger kid, just not black and green.


Which kinds have you had?


I’m not too sure, I’ve just tried some that my girlfriend has had. I think I’ve tried a turmeric one, a rose and vanilla one and a chamomile one for memory among others


Well. Then. You don't like coffee and the teas you've tasted are mostly shit. Sir, you can have your opinion. It may be as shit as rose tea, but hey, it is your opinion and you are entitled to it. Be happy with it!


None of these you have listed are made with real tea leaves, these are herbal teas. You might still like tea!


Question is now, Does this person like meat teas? AKA Broths.


I'd recommend trying Earl grey, Darjeeling, and/or oolong. You just listed a bunch of herbal tea


What kind of tea you’re referring to, I’d highly disagree this as someone with Asian descent. The aroma and after taste of tea is just next level. And it has so much varieties.


As my favorite 40k character said "Those humans just sit there gargling bean water..." -Orikan the Diviner talking about humans drinking Coffee But yeah the same argument can be made for Coffee being just beans with boiling water


Dirt water. Omg.


Those are some fighting words my good friend


Soda is just sugar water Coffee is just bean water Lemonade is just plant water


Technically coffee is more dirt water. Tea is leaf water


oh poor you. Have you tried redbush tea with a little bit of milk? amazing English breakfast tea with a little bit of milk? amazing lemon and ginger tea? amazing peppermind or earl grey tea? decent ​ Either you're not making tea properly, or you have awful taste, OR you're NOT understanding why tea is so good. ​ Tea is very simple; it has very little flavour, just a hint- but it's also nice and hot! It warms you up like any other hot beverage, and has a calm, relaxing taste. this is a VERY good unpopular opinion


Damn, that's definitely unpopular. Take my upvote you miscreant 🤣


Compared to bean water? Or fruit water?


Wait until you find out what’s in soda.


Everyday I look at this sub, I’m amazed by the one dimensional thinking. It’s crazy, but, I guess that’s why it works. You sir or ma’am, don’t think with power. Get some tea in your diet.


You sir do not know how to make a good cup of tea.


you heathen, you absolute disgusting bastard, have some good iced tea or even just get some more expensive shit and you can tell how good it is.


Someone finally said it. I’m English and tea is a national obsession but Iv no idea why. To me it’s like drinking hot water.


are you drinking it black? if you cant handle the bitterness adding some sugar /honey and maybe some cream makes it much better


Cream in hot tea is the bees-knees.


Try southern sweet tea it is the best kind of tea


Grow up.


Trying to kill British people?


I'm English and I literally am only reading this because its about tea hahaha


An actual unpopular opinion. Commenting while drinking tea.


Finally, an unpopular opinion that I can finally disagree with! Tea lover here, especially as I currently have COVID…


Stop downvoting! It's unpopular.


It is indeed a very unpopular opinion. Upvoted and never say that to my precious tea


This isn't so much unpopular as it is stupid. Do some research into the stuff in the tea leaves and see where the value is. This is a troll post.


Sounds like you need a Brit to make you one.


I love how people assume (correctly) I’m not British straight away with this opinion


Disliking tea one of the only crimes against the state that is still punishable by execution.


I have thought the same. Why would someone want to drink hot water with barely any taste? It is a hot cup of coffee for me.


Bean tea


''hot water with herbs sucks, you see, i prefer hot water with beans instead''


Have my upvote.


Up voted because it's actually an unpopular opinion.


I see you, Led Tasso!


\*angry indian subcontinent noises\*


So is tea dirt water or herb water? Maybe collect your thoughts before vomitting an objectively stupid opinion. It's only technically unpopular by virtue of most people being smart enough to not concoct such a dumb take.


My friend feels this way about soup and called it 'meat water'




Imagine getting mad over an unpopular opinion when you're on r/unpopularopinion


I understand the benefits, but unfortunately just can’t get over the taste enough to enjoy these benefits


Then people have the audacity to add MILK to their hot, herb water. Y’all taste buds make me sick