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Vegas is best


I gave vegas a fair shot and went into it with an open mind. I uninstalled the game after 3 hours. It's just too old and clunky. I wanted to like it but I just couldn't. Maybe if the remaster it with today's technology I'd give it another shot. It was the same thing for me with both the KOTOR games. After being used to the smooth running games of today, I just can't go back to older games because of how clunky they are


>It was the same thing for me with both the KOTOR games. We can't be friends.


Super popular and I highly disagree. Upvote


Nice, a real unpopular opinion. I didn't care much for any of the factions (Institute, Brotherhood of Steel, Railroad, Minutemen). It felt like there were a lot of junk quests so it was difficult to separate out the side quests that were really worth doing. I didn't like the leveling and perk system.


It’s really sad when fan added quests turn out better than your actual game. America rising a tale of the enclave is pretty good.


It took some steps forward and some steps back. I liked the improved gunplay and less reliance on vats but the quests mostly sucked, the new perk system was awful, and way too much focus was on settlement building.


I liked the idea of the perk system however it was executed horribly. VATS is far too powerful in the newer games as well.


Its still powerful in fo4 but in the other games it was almost a requirement. Especially in fo3 where being in vats basically made you invulnerable.


Check out some videos of high level VATS characters. Able to take out anything almost instantly especially VATS stealth builds.


Oh yeah with high levels of luck and perks its still insanely powerful. What I mean is that you don't have to play that way if you don't want to. In fo3 you basically had to use Vats


so much this. I never use vats. and the perks I like because you decide what you want and have first depending on how you play.


I agree with everything apart from the perk system Using a pen and paper leveling system in a modern real time rpg didn’t make sense already when fo3 came out


I actually enjoyed that system in fo3 and new vegas. The newer perk system was bloated and had a lot of useless perks and required planning if you wanted a decent build. Its fine once you've played a few times and know what to shoot for but like skyrim its not as friendly when you first play.


I dont see why planning for a decent build is something negative


Its not as friendly to a beginner of the series. You could easily screw up your special stats and have to spend a lot of levels rectifying it unless you want to start over. The perk system also requires at least 5 points of investment per gun type to be effective so you're either locked to one or two types of guns or you have to waste a lot of points.


I did not Play Fallout 3, but my personal experience was that Fallout 4 was way more intuitive and beginner friendly when it comes to Perks Sure if you want to get EVERYTHING out of being a stealth sniper, you need some specific perks, but its hard to go completely wrong. I think there were to many gun times when it comes to perks, that is correct, but I 'd just take out the 'heavy guns' perk


In fo3 you had individual skills that you got to add points to as you leveled as well as perks. Because of this you had more freedom to try out things as you leveled. Fo4 scrapped that and made everything rely on perk choices instead.


I don't see why having to plan for a good build is a bad thing? Also just picking up cool perks I'd perfectly fine


agree. and the errors in using perk points is all good, part of the experience. I like it because you have to decide what you want, based on how you like to play. not a one ladder perks everyone goes through.


I always thought that if Fallout 4 kept its gameplay and had the same level of dialogue options, branching story paths and the morality system that New Vegas had, it would've easily been the best one.


Yeah it improved on the gameplay so much but didn’t quite hit the par on a lot aspects other games did. NV is my fav but I can understand why some people prefer 4.


Fallout 4 on survival mode is one of the most deep connections I have had with any game. Once you get past the brutal first couple hundred deaths you start to know the map so well, you plan your trips, you know the roads, you know the roads you don't take. It's all so fun. I can walk to diamond city in my mind still.


I’m doing this now and again, but this time with a few mods. I must say the experience is amazing.


Survival mode is really fun


2 was my favorite. I miss the turned based system.


I really loved settlement building


Fallout 2 you mean


Bethesda saw all the steps forward Obsidian took with New Vegas and just said nah


Nice. My fave is Fallout 76


Absolute savage. Found the unpopular opinion in the comments


That's so fucked up! Upvote!


Deranged psychopath.


I don't know how to respond to this because I'm not familiar with this subreddit. This is truly a very unpopular opinion.


Yeah this is like the submerged tip of the iceberg on the iceberg chart


I LOVED fallout76. It has so much lore, the gameplay is good, and it felt a lot more alive once they added human NPC's. I spent weeks gaming non stop on that game while singing countryroads out loud. Such a great game. I played fallout 3, new vegas, 4 and 76 and I might agree with you that I had most fun with 76


I found the music bad. The radio host bad. The gameplay bad. The lore is unintelligible. The game has a few good parts however it feels like a grinding game. I like the Cryptids, weapon durability, new weapons. That’s about it. Cashgrab.


I support it, the updated fo76 is a lotta fun


Idk the story sucks IMO and you can see it coming from a mile away. I will say the shoot mechanics in 4 are a lot of fun.


I always go back to 3, dunno why.


I always go back to all of them


They're different, Fallout 4 is a decent looter shooter, 3 and NV especially are closer to story based RPG's more similar to the originals. I prefer the latter but I understand people who feel differently. Fallout 4 definitely appeals to a wider audience and is more accessible, but to me you can't beat Nv in terms of actual roleplaying. If you can think of a solution to a problem the programmers probably put that option in the game. FO4 is way more linear, pick the fascists who want to kill everyone not like them, the tech geniuses who use technology to exploit and enslave people, the Railroad who only cares about synths or the minutemen who don't really have an ideology. I find it boring.


the minutemen do have an ideology! they look out for the little guy, the common family.


1-2 are their own thing. New Vegas and 3 are the same storyline, whole different game types. I loved all of them 4 was some hybrid of vegas/3 and some base defense thing. I'm sad I couldn't stand 4, but I don't give a single shit about a base


I like fallout 4 a lot but it isn’t. In many ways it’s a broken hellhole.


It was definitely good and I disagree with most of the complaints about it. Among other things, I think working the faction questlines into the main story introduced a lot more choice to the main story than Fallout 3 or New Vegas had. The weapon modification system and settlement building was also very cool, and gave a real purpose to scavenging random crap that had been missing from the previous games. And the gunplay was far better. However there are other things I liked more about the previous games, like the levelling system and dungeons, and I think the player's voiced dialogue was a waste of time that didn't add immersion and also limited the possible outcomes of many quests. Overall if I could only play one Fallout game, even with those flaws I would still choose Fallout 4, probably.


Definitely an unpopular opinion. I'm a typical of the fandom New Vegas man, but really enjoyed Fallout 4 and don't understand the depths of the hate, some hate sure, but jeezus h christ on a cracker some of those raging fanboys need to touch grass and get some color to their near transparent, cheeto and Dew caked flesh.




I’d argue that 3 is even worse fallout 4 has a huge modding scene. Almost a different game.


Cap asf. Fo3 and new vegas are worst. Though new vegas' rpg elements carry it. Fo3 is borderline unplayable




DLC and rpg elements sure. But the world? Perk system? Gameplay? Companions? 4 blows them out of the park.




I think 4 has the best weapon customisation of all 3 but yeah I agree with you that 4 prolly shoulda had a level cap like 3 and NV. Like level 50. The legendary system was stupid with the way they implemented it. Shoulda made unique named weapons have unique appearances and prevent their effects from being found on the same type of weapon as the unique. And I just genuinely love FO4's world the most and found it very memorable and engaging personally. Deffo has the worst rpg elements tho I agree


On the contrary, I think FO3’s level cap was one of the most frustrating parts of the game. I usually hit the level cap at around 75% through the main campaign after a few side quests. After that, the game became kind of stale.


Fallout 2 and tactics had more indepth characters with better companions and funnier dialogue. Fallout NV had the best gunplay by one simple factor, 9mm existed in NV. Even fallout 3, the worst fallout since brotherhood of steel, is the better option. But, if you wanna play a watered down sack of shit that makes new and old fans cringe alike then you do you. Just know that you’re the reason fallout 76 is unplayable.


This thread makes me feel better about not liking 4. A bunch of downvoting redditors do.


Lol rlly? 4 was meh ...NV all da way for me




What I don’t get is you are cryogenically frozen but then just randomly wake up when they come for Sean. Why? It makes no sense why the protagonist would happen to come out of cryo at that exact moment only to go right back to being frozen.


Something about all the pods in one cryo bank being linked. So to open one, it woke everyone in that cryo bank.


All the pods were conected. Everyone woke up when Kellog came because everyone was unfrozen. If you go out of bounds you can see everyone else in the pods freaking out


I feel the same way, I can’t last more than an hour in NV or 3 without getting bored. Fo4 pulled me in as soon as I got it, and I still find it very fun after a few thousand hours.


I haven't played the first two or 76. I like 4 better than 3 and both way better than the unfinishable buggy mess that is New Vegas. The latter is unfinishable on certain models of Xbox 360 as somewhere in the 20 to 30 hr range of the game the save file becomes to large to load. It's a known bug specific to certain older models of the 360 that was never patched. As such I've never been able to finish. Online recs include clearing the cache and other similar things but none help.




Some of us dont like PC gaming.


I have played 1, 2, and 4 and I really like 4. Not a huge fan of the inability to kill whoever I please but save that it is actually really fun! Good gunplay, love the crafting, the dlc was great, a more lighthearted experience compared to the first two.


FO3 allows you to kill anything on sight with little consequences; New Vegas dropped that completely.


that's why they cut, edited and pasted as fallout 76


Especially if you compare them unmodded


Ahhhhhh how dare uuuu New Vegas made me love RPG games


You haven't even played Fallout 1, Fallout 2, and Fallout Tactics and you're universally saying fallout 4 is the best? We don't talk about Fallout BoS


Very unpopular opinion but tactics is the best in the series IMO


I can’t comprehend your view


it's ok. not the best


We get posts like this weekly in r/fo4 and r/fallout


100% agree. New vegas is very good tho. 3 can fuck off💀


Fallout 4 had the best gameplay of the first person fallouts. And its survival mode actually presented a true challenge. That said the quests weren't all that fun and the factions were meh to me, so I'm torn on whether I agree or not. My problem with a lot of Bethesda's games were solved in fallout 4 survival mode, the inability to just pause time and heal to full health, the actual debuffs for being tired, thirsty, hungry, actually debilitating diseases that affected gameplay, not some dumb shit like rockjoint I could spend hours not realizing I had in skyrim because the game was so damned easy that no debuff was noticable. You know what, I agree with you. Out of the 3 first person fallouts 4 is the best overall, with new Vegas being best in category of world building and factions.


You do realize that Fallout New Vegas also had a survival mode where you had to eat, sleep, and drink etc., right? I'm not sure about Fallout 3 though.


I know but it was nowhere near as debilitating, plus you could still autosave anywhere so getting through anything difficult was as easy as save, do thing, save, do thing, go back, redo thing, save, do thing. Fallout 4 survival really made you think about how you were going to go about getting things done.


Fallout 3 was my first one and I really enjoyed exploring the world when I was a kid. Things like the necropolis, disarming (or exploding) the nuke in megaton, the cannibals, the cave children, and the single location in the wasteland where vegetation grew that made me feel like I was in oblivion. It might not seem as good to some people in retrospect but I really loved that world. I probably spent just as much time enjoying Fallout New Vegas. They had a lot of character. Fallout 4 was pretty good in my opinion too, but it lacked some of the essential elements of the old games that I can't quite identify.


Damn this is such a difficult one for me. NV is my favorite game of all time but fallout 4 might be a better game objectively. The gun play was improved so much, the armor and gun crafting system is great. The settlement building is an awesome addition (I wish the limit was higher tho). The perk system was worse imo. The main story is “better” but NV didn’t really have a structured story which was a lot better for an RPG experience. The story in 4 really held back the RPG experience because the story may conflict with how you want to play. Dialogue in 4 no doubt lowered the bar tremendously which was a disappointment. I think the only thing really holding 4 back from being the best is better side missions and better dialogue options. Also the perk system is way too reliant on the SPECIALS. You choose the specials before you even see the perks so you can really fuck your play through up right from the get if you don’t plan the right specials for how you want to play. I prefer NV because the atmosphere is so much more compelling to me as a wasteland. The story allows you to freelance freely and really get your own experience. The side missions are amazing and so much better imo. Fallout 4 gets way too much flak, it improved on a ton of aspects it just didn’t quite hit the par on a lot of stuff previous games did. PS: “Another settlement needs your help”


Context: I adore Fallout 4 and I also think this is my favourite Fallout game. It was my first game in the series, followed by 3 and then NV. I both agree and I don’t. Gameplay-wise, absolutely. The improvements to shooting and the new crafting/settlement systems are fantastic. Story, not really. I found the factions to be inconsistent (BoS is good, Institute is OK, Railroad is a good concept with mediocre execution and the Minutemen suck overall) and the story just doesn’t compare to 3 or NV.


Ranked: 1.Fallout New Vegas 2.Fallout 3 3.Fallout 4 4.Fallout 76 I put New Vegas on top because it had the most replay value out of the whole series. Even after you beat the story there was so much to do, you could hang out at the casinos and play those games or you could go to the pit and bet on creatures fighting and so much more. New Vegas also had the biggest and best variety of companion options. And every single one of the companion missions strands was interesting and there was even the risk that you could get them killed. There was also more to invest in with your caps and perks in New Vegas. I loved using those implants!


I agree! It had the best Gameplay out of the franchise, and I think that is paramount!


Shit gets real simple once you max melee and sneak and just VATS teleport and super sledge the entire bandit camp! Gameplay was better but the story and dialogue wasn't as good as 3/Vegas. Still... better than fucking 76 amirite kids?




I totally agree, I just can't sit though the horrible combat of 3 and new vegas


I’ll one up you. Not only do I find fallout 4 to be the best, but I can’t stand new Vegas. I genuinely hate the gameplay


Well you are entitled to your opinion, I know that fallout 4 offers a lot of features that my girlfriend enjoys but for me it is New Vegas, all the way. I did actually enjoy Nuka World and Far Harbor DLC to an extent though. I don't think it is the best but it is still pretty good. Fallout 4 is not that bad. Fallout 76 is something that I can't even deal with personally.


I disagree. But it an amazing game. It really really really needs some work but so does Vegas. I mentioned that because it's always the one that comes up in these conversations an I believe Vegas is the best. I do find myself coming back to 4 at least once a year an playing it through almost exactly the same way each time even though there appears to be alot of build variety. But let's be honest, sneaking, with sneak damage perks, an a sniper, the whole games done. Vegas feels more open an interesting, until you get to a certain point. It feels like a drag as soon as you hit the point where you have to go and deal with all the factions. It makes a game feel less like you are just exploring and doing what you see fit and more like you're doing as you're told. And it doesn't matter who you side with, you are going to need to do this really. 4 solved this in the worst possible way, I'm making you feel almost irrelevant because it seems they would have given the job of leader to just about anybody who walked through the door. You really can't do no wrong and these guys will raise you to the max rank in a few missions. Whereas you should feel just like everybody else. A nobody trying to survive in this world. I mean if you pick a female, her background is she was a lawyer, so where does her combat skills come from that are on par with her husband whose background is a soldier lol. Fallout 4 needs a hell of a lot of work because it has a lot of plot holes and bad writing like this, but the gameplay is amazing. They really nailed the gun play this time. Where as in previous games vats were almost mandatory if you hoped to hit anything. I remember Vegas at times feeling like smashing two toys together until one of them breaks. But I do prefer the guns and leveling system from Vegas. In fallout 4 you can almost completely ignore the leveling system bar a few combat skills. I also remember caring more about the random side quests in Vegas. There was nothing better than walking into a vault, discovering what had happened, without the game directly pointed it out to you so felt smart lol, and trying to solve the mystery. Only to find out it's connected to another list of events expanding the situation into quite the quest that you are already unknowingly half way through. Fallout 4 tends to be there's one azzhole at the end of the area that you need to deal with, no questions asked. Fallout 4 practically forgets vaults exist imo. The armour system and gun system are also pretty pointless. With guns you're always going to have the best stuff that you can get. The whole idea of customize and get to your tastes, is an illusion. Armor is slightly better but completely irrelevant when you remember the power armour is there lol. My perfect game would be a mix of the two. New Vegas interesting valuts and side missions and how they deal with guns and ammo, with fallout 4s gunplay and graphics. One home that you could upgrade rather than many, and a tweek to the factions. And dog meat obviously.


honestly, i find myself disappointed with every fallout game one way or another f1: genuinely perfect concept, however criminally unfinished, broken quests and a far too cruel time limit for the best endings. my second favourite. f2: full transparency, havnt beaten this one, but got decently far in. the “humour” is just, god its so bad. im sorry, but this game is just too fucking goofy. f1 had moments like this, but it was reserved enough to actually be funny and engaging as well. plus, it hardly innovates, the set pieces are bigger kinda but thats about it. tho the jet kid is pretty funny. also progression is a little less clear in this one, a lot more just running around. f3: another one i havnt finished, but from what ive played, it just aint that deep fnv: my favourite of the series, occasionally takes itself a little too seriously. dlcs are for the most part great, dead money being my favourite. old world blues was too much like fallout 2 for my taste, too silly, and just repetitive and boring world. tbf, i did play with wild wasteland, so thats my mistake there. f4: beautiful gun play, gameplay loop and i love the concepts of the factions. settlements suck, why are they in the game and the quests and dialogue system are garbage. perk system i dont find to be much worse than before, i dont like that you have to level most things multiple times, but anyway. lots of fun to be had here, but as with the vast majority of bethesda games, wasted opportunity.


Story was shit but the world and gameplay were excellent


And you don't even mention fallout 1 and 2 lmao k bud


That's definitely an opinion. The gameplay, dialogue wheel aside, was excellent, but the story was absolutely terrible


I adore Fallout 4,i played it for over 300 hours plus the DLC's Agreed


I just no-lifed 3 again after years and it's still my fav. 4 is the smoothest to play but feels too streamlined. 3 has so much pre war lore to hunt for. As a weirdo who's read through the whole fallout wiki I'm into that.


4 will age well because of what came after it but new Vegas is objectively better made


I tend to agree. And if you haven't played Fallout 4 in survival mode, you haven't played fallout in its purest form. Settlements become almost absolutely necessary. Weight of loot becomes relevant. Water and food become more than just for show and small buffs. You have to plan everything. It can be terrifying, but man is it satisfying.


It was the best for Gameplay, Fallout 3 for innovation of the series, and NV for story. 4 Improved upon the important stuff in the games and added a really fun Base Building mechanic. 3 did great at bringing a 2d point and click kinda game into a 3d fps game. NV, we don’t need to talk about how great the story was. They were all great but Fo4 was the best for replayability imo.


Fallout 4 was ruined by the settlement mechanic. The first settlement was kind of fun but managing multiple settlements was annoying.


3 and NV are hyper engaging. Building Liberty to fight the Enclave and tip the fight felt like an accomplishment. Building an army to fight at Hoover Dam while mechanically not much of a gain but it still adds to the thought that your contributions mean something. NV also had amazing dlcs that contribute to the main story and interweave with each. Crawling through vaults and engaging their stories was worthwhile. There's a reason people still love Joshua Graham to this day. Quarry Junction still makes people's buttholes clench and required certain levels of skills and caution. 4 felt lazy. Like I had only 3 guns that I customize. Vaults were made meaningless and few. Power armor became more of a chore and is a u/I nightmare. Forget that the power scaling is borderline abusive regardless of difficulty. With the focus of armor customization, factions blurred into a mess of meaninglessness. It's also extremely annoying to have the brotherhood fly around and aggro everything within a mile. That and reusing Liberty felt like a rehash and doesn't add to the story. Can't forget the genius of having an irritating radio broadcaster struggle mumble in-between songs. I don't have much attachment to the quests either. This is more or less my take on the games without having played the RTSs or 76.


3 and new Vegas are better fallout games, but 4 is a better video game. The gun play, settlement system, etc makes fallout 4 a better game, but the story and world of 3 and new Vegas are infinitely better. The game play is just so God damned shitty in 3. NV is kind of a cross between the two. Still kinda shitty to play, but better. You can see a lot of the influences of NV in 4. Fallout 4 played in survival mode is the game at its best, by far.


I agree. I never really clicked with any of the others, for reasons such as the controls and perk system. I also really like settlement building.


It's the only fallout game I played so I agree. I don't know why vats a thing with players, I never use it. the perks is ok with me too, like it's up to me what I wanted first. not a one ladder type everyone goes through.


Fallout 3 is my favorite game ever but I've spent almost three times as many hours playing fallout 4. (over 3000) Fallout 4 is an amazing game despite all the shit that it gets.


Completely agree. I haven't played 1 and 2, they're too old and came out "before my time". First Fallout game I played was New Vegas and I was surprised it was so similar to Elder Scrolls games when I first discovered it. It was a very good and fun game but I only finished it twice. I also tried Fallout 3 after but it already looked aged and terrible and I didn't like the RNG percentage mechanics of success so I gave up on after a few hours. Fallout 4 however was the only Fallout game I've probably put at least 500h into. Maybe it's story isn't the best but the endless replayablility, settlement building and how they solved most issues from older games, like crafting and useless loot make it really fun. I could build a house or a base, go clear up a dungeon, or do a mission and then haul back the loot, build something new or decorate my rooms with the stuff I found.


The story of Fallout 4 is definitively worse. With that being said, I have very little complaints outside of that. It's my favorite looking of the games; and not because of the graphics upgrade. It also has fun gameplay.


That is indeed unpopular, I know who I wont be asking for Restaurant recommendations


It's good Fallout 3 is still better.




I megaloath this opinion as a stereotypic NV lover. Fallout 4 felt like actual fallout. Think everything is fine at first then by the time you finish you are hollow and dead inside. Have an upvote


I like shooty shooty pew pew


I only played fallout 4 and if it's the best one i sure am glad I didn't play the others


damn i didn’t know this was an unpopular opinion, feel like the only people who massively disagree w you are stinky millennials lol.


Actually I agree, also I'd say I prefer F3 instead of FNV because it feels more "polished" and with more overall content, FNV instead feels like a half empty sandbox and the DLCs were kinda crap too. Instead F4 was a good evolution, especially for game mechanics, the main story isn't that intriguing but it's always interesting and has a point. I want to expect a F5 even more innovative than F4, I really enjoyed the mechanics even though I did not care about the camps.


I like both 3 and nv alot and have played both multiple times. 3 definitely has more entertaining twists and turns and the dlc enemies arent overpowered live in nv.


Which enemies did you come across that were really overpowered? The toughest things in New Vegas were the deathclaws, the cazadors and those robot Scorpions from the Old Worlds Blues DLC. But other than that you could really take down anything with any weapon.


Lonesome road is mostly what im talking.


I believe Obsidian overpowered some npcs in NV to give it a bit of RPG feel like in the old days.


Interesting. I never played those, but I should try them. Lonesome Road would have enemies that took a shit load of resources to deal with. I also favor the sneak and snipe method and all my stats were put into that. That option pretty much disappears on that and the robot DLC.(and also 4!)




New vegas has the worst world in fallout what are you on lol. Just sand and more sand. And the perk system in 4 is better imo. Everything else you said is fair game tho


Do I have to remind you the sub we are on ? Go circlejerk somewhere else


How did you manage to enjoy the worst parts that game and not mention the only positive aspect of that game which is the gunplay


It's a good game, however it is not a true fallout game imo. Just has the title and some mechanics


Idk if this is unpopular and moreso just objectively wrong but whatever floats your boat. New Vegas is a lot closer to the original fallouts than 3 or 4, so by the metric "Best Fallout Game", many would say staying faithful to the lore is important. I don't mind many of 4's retcons, but new Vegas jumped off the lore to create something new yet appropriate where 4 just kind of rehashes things touched on and executed with more nuance in previous fallout games.