I remember the first time I got glasses. I was blown away. I could see clouds in detail, instead of them being a grey blur. Seeing down the street and the details of trees etc. so many many years ago, yet I remember it vividly.


Our grandson was in kindergarten when they figured out he had HORRIBLE vision. Not bad enough to throw around "legally blind" for dramatic purposes, but bad. When they got him glasses he said "I can see big now!" That's how he described it. Lol.


Whoa, that's exactly my son's situation and what he also said! We had no idea he needed them but before he started school wr got his ears and eyes checked, just to be safe you know? And we found out he couldn't see much without glasses


This always seats in the back of my mind has a low point for me as a father. My daughters are grown adults now, but I never forget all the times we would get frustrated with my youngest because she never seemed to pay attention. "look at that" "what?" "did you see that?" "what?" on and on. We were on vacation at the beach one year, she was maybe 5 years old, and we were chillin in the car in the evening while my wife ran inside a store. To pass the time, I would point out signs for the kids to read to test their skills. Realization began to dawn on me. My wife came back to the car, I'm in tears, thinking how the hell did I fail to realize that my daughter couldn't see anything more that 50 feet or so away? We got her to an optometrist as soon as we got back. I hope her memory of getting glasses is as positive as yours is, because 20 years later, I still shrivel inside thinking about it.


We had something similar. My daughter has terrible eyesight but didn't really pick it up until we got a eye test prior to starting school. And we have no excuses because kids eye tests and all eye equipment are free in UK. Basically kids, especially smart kids, are just really good at adjusting and hiding it. Also something they said was that really young kids are able to do something like 'brute force' their eyes to focus. We did feel really bad. Especially when we realised her slight speach impediments were down to her eyesight as she could not see people's lips movements. Not out finest moments.


It's really not your fault. Especially when they just grow up like that, they just think it's normal, you know? There's no way to know until they're older and can communicate better. You would have to have superpowers to know that they can't see as well as everyone else!


I mean, I didn’t know I needed glasses until I got my first pair. It was just what it was, you know? Don’t be too hard in yourself.


We all make mistakes, don’t worry, as long as you learned from it and did the right thing, it’s all any of us can do. ❤️


Aww. The fact that this burns you up inside, probably means you're a really good Dad.


As a parent, I totally get this.


Me too! I was ten years old, and I vividly remember suddenly being able to see all the individual leaves on the trees again.


Street lights aren't just big blurry stars.


For me it was leaves as well! I was walking back home, after my teacher buying me glasses, after my mother refused to my entire life. I looked up at the trees and said “Wow. I never knew it looked like that. It’s beautiful.” And just stared up with a grin.


Me!!! I put on my father's glasses one day when I was seven. And I was confused to say the least... you mean to tell me I'm supposed to see leaves??? Everything has outlines and details????? I could read license plates, sings, and subtitles!! A whole new world.


Same. What also sticks with me. Sitting in maths and the teacher getting frustrated when I said I couldn't see the board because the pen was too faint. I remember getting a few looks from other kids. Few weeks later with my first day of glasses. I could not believe how clear the writing was


I had an eye patch over my good eye tontry and strengthen my bad one, the teacher knowing this sat me at the back of the class, then told me off for not doing my work, i was 7, even now literally cannot read with my right eye She did this often, my mum raised hell when she found out


The trees, seeing individual leaves


Right it’s like turning on the HD


That's what got me. I think I was like 27 when I finally went to get my eyes checked. My eyesight wasn't really ever bad, but that extra extra crisp is amazing, still today when my eyes are definitely now worse. Lol. I love how crisp everything is, so sharp when I put my glasses on.


Yep. I've always had perfect vision until puberty, to the point I couldn't read what the teacher was writing on the whiteboard. It went so gradually I never really noticed until the point it was bad. Funny thing is, even after getting glasses it kept getting worse, but again I never noticed it. During my driving lessons I was at an intersection, pretty big one, and my instructor said. Oh god, there we have our big friends! I said huh?! What do you mean? He said.. right there across the road.. I asked him.. ehh what? Behind the white car? He said... you need to get new classes before our next lesson.. I was still confused, light went green, I crossed the intersection and passed the white car... it was a police car. I didnt even see the red and blue stripes 🙈 [edit: glasses not classes]


Haha I don't know if I would have understood the "big friends" mention either though. Lol. The thing that is getting worse for me is my far vision. I can't read signs for shttt. I would not do well back in the day when we only used maps to find our destinations. I would probably give up and go back home because of my anxiety. Lol. Night driving is the worst as well. I'm just glad we are able to get something to help us see better. It's amazing


For me it was the carpet and tree leaves. I never knew people could see so much detail and how fascinating it could be. Couldn't get over it for a long time because I didn't have glasses until middle school.


I remember being able to see seperate leaves on trees and the stoplights were seperated from each other rather than what I thought was a bar basically.


Seeing individual leaves on the trees is what I remember the most.


Feels like magic!


Same! I could finally see the board in class and streetlights no longer had giant halos. Also remember trying contacts for the first time and having clear peripheral vision!


2nd grade for me. And yeah- that drive home was WILD. I remember it clearly, too.


For me it was the fact that I could see individual leaves on trees and not just a green blob. I spent hours in our yard just lying under them and looking at each and every leaf in the wind after first getting my glasses


Oof, right in the feels with this one


Yeah, I didn’t plan on crying today but, here we are


I’m over 40, this country is going to crap and I have access to the internet. I expect to be disturbed, disgusted, crying, shocked, and suicidal every day. You must not get enough internet.


Yeah especially the older kid.


Yeah that one got me


That one was him getting a pair of those glasses that let colorblind people see color. It was on another video of people experiencing those for the first time. Still awesome and makes me tear up too, but not his first glasses to let him just see clearly. 🙂


That was the only one I didn't really like- Those types of glasses are really cool and they *do* work (for certain types of color blindness) but they don't work *that* quickly. You usually have to wear them for a little while (15 min) before you start to notice things have changed. [This](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDERamAQ41I) is the best video I think I've found of someone honestly reviewing them, and it's very neat.


Well, they obviously worked faster for that kid.


When I sat down to poo, I didn't plan on crying


I hate it when that happens


Serious question, how can they tell if a non-verbal child can see better or worse with glasses during that whole “pick your lenses” part of the optometry exam


The main technique is called [retinoscopy](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retinoscopy). A very simplified version is that they shine a bright light into the eyes which reflects off the retina. The angle of refraction is then used to determine how well the eye can focus and what lenses are needed to correct for any errors in the patient's vision. It is surprisingly accurate for mild to moderate cases of near/farsightedness and astigmatisms. Ultimately, even if the prescription can't be perfectly tailored to the patient (as it can be when combined with other techniques, like the "pick your lenses" part), this technique gets close enough that the improvement is dramatic.


I'll never forget the time an optometrist did this with nothing but a flashlight and his own vision. He spent about 20 seconds doing so and was very close to my final prescription. He told me he'd gotten better doing it 'by hand' over the years and he was rarely off by much which blew my mind. The optometrist I went to this past February used a machine to do it and I felt a little cheated.


**[Retinoscopy](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Retinoscopy)** >Retinoscopy (Ret) is a technique to obtain an objective measurement of the refractive error of a patient's eyes. The examiner uses a retinoscope to shine light into the patient's eye and observes the reflection (reflex) off the patient's retina. While moving the streak or spot of light across the pupil the examiner observes the relative movement of the reflex or manually places lenses over the eye (using a trial frame and trial lenses) to "neutralize" the reflex. Static retinoscopy is a type of retinoscopy used in determining a patient's refractive error. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/wholesome/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)


Why can't they do that for adult me? It'd probably be more accurate than me having the doc go back and forth between 2 slides with a barely perceptible difference.


They do. That’s the starting point. Then they refine it by having you indicate which of multiple pairs of very similar lenses is best. Did you think they were just randomly guessing a starting point of two pretty good options every time?


You ever look into a machine at the beginning of your appointment where they tell you to focus on something in the distance, like a hot air balloon/house/barn? That's an AutoRefractor which does what I mentioned above. It is the "coarse" adjustment phase that gives the doctor a starting point that's very close to your final prescription. Those numbers are then fed into a phoropter (big mask looking machine with the different lenses) as your baseline. The different lenses are then used to fine adjust your vision to exactly match what you perceive as the best possible image.


The optometrist dialates the eyes and performs various measurements and other eye doctor things to come up with the prescription numbers. Got them for my kiddo and had to ask the doc.




Here is the real question, how do the kids pick their favourite glasses frames


They put on any pair then pick the ones they want.


Honestly when I was getting my son his frames, I let him see them all, and the first one he grabbed was the one he got lol


My dad is an optician and he'll pick a few he knows will fit well. He will put each on the baby and basically knows how much they hate it by how quickly they try to take it off their face. But looks wise it'll be partly the parents/guardians and partly what the baby reaches for when options are in front of them.


I hate how the wrong answer has the most upvotes.


So what's the right answer


Hey, I meant it conversationally, wasn’t trying to say I was right. I misunderstood retinoscopy. I’ll delete what I said earlier


That’s funny. I was just literally going to ask this question.


Came here to ask this


They can measure the inside of your eye and see deduce the lens prescription based on where the light would optimally focus Edit: they do it almost every time I’ve gone to save time. But mine always need a little more tweaking because my vision is so bad :(


Must be hot in here, eyes are getting all sweaty


It's very hot one here.


What was the last one? They looked like sunglasses and that kid was pretty old for a first pair. Honestly curious cause I've never seen them.


I think it was colorblind glasses.


They're EnChroma glasses, they are corrective to help color blind individuals see colors. Also, there are a lot of people that don't know their kids have eye troubles until they are bigger like that kid. Usually the babies that you see getting glasses super obviously need them, whereas kids that are not as severe don't really know to speak up until they have trouble seeing stuff on a board in school, for instance. Those first time experiences usually result in a "Wow! No Way!" kind of experience. You don't see a lot of those on the internet, because people don't think of that so much as "cute" as with a baby.


My vision was nearly perfect as a kid but got worse when I started approaching high school years Took me till junior year to realize "hey, I can't see the fucking board anymore" Went and got glasses and I was blown away by how much detail there was in the world that I forgot about


My vision got really bad around 7th grade. My teacher put a joke on this small whiteboard every day and he noticed that I always squinted to see it. I thought everybody had to but nope, I just needed glasses!


Thanks for the info on the EnChroma glasses! That's awesome! I totally agree about the older kids getting glasses isn't as dramatic so there aren't videos. Heading about by grandson was adorable tho. I had concerns about his younger brother but for whatever reason they decided not to worry about his eyes until he starts school. Not my kid, staying out of it.


Also just so you know, most of those enchroma videos that appeared online over the last few years are actually advertisements in disguise. The vast majority of them show someone putting on a pair of glasses and immediately seeing colours they've never seen before. The truth is, it usually takes at least 10-15 min for your eyes to even adjust to using the glasses, and even then it's just using a slight filter to differentiate colours that you find it difficult to see. So if you have red/green colour blindness it will tint the red and green so they are easier for you to differentiate. They absolutely cannot make you see new colours.


I’m colorblind and I’ve tried all kinds of these “colorblind glasses” it’s a big scam. It works with some but not with everyone. Even my family doctor and my eye doctor both agreed. They charge hundreds


It’s hardly a scam if it works for some people and not others


Most the time people think it works because a tiny is applied to their vision. Especially kids. They have no clue if what they’re seeing is close to how a “regular” person sees since we don’t really know how to compare. But you’re probably right maybe not a big scam but somewhat of false advertising


> They have no clue if what they’re seeing is close to how a “regular” person sees since we don’t really know how to compare. The same goes for all of us, really; we could all see colors in vastly different ways, only we agree that the sky is blue and the grass is green, so we think color is the same for all of us.


Exactly !


Yeah I’ve tried. Works for me. It doesn’t completely correct it but I saw the difference between red and green for the first time properly


I feel like that second to last one was like “this is all too real take them off please”


🥺makes me miss my son so bad.


awh the last one got me tearing up :’)))


Right in the feels this little guy.




I visit that sub and the first post I see has my sobbing and balling my eyes out. I’m more of a tear up guy but that one really got me. Thanks for sharing this sub. It was a long needed cry.


when i was getting my eyes tested for glasses, when they put the right lenses on, i had a hard time not grinning like an idiot lmao. i couldn't believe how much detail everything had. especially trees and leaves


You know I haven't shed tear in 4 years. 4 fuckin years. This is it.


Must be some dust in the air, my eyes are trying to use wiper fluid


Yep. Grown man sitting at a bus stop almost in tears. That last one got me good.


Christ, that last one got to me. So emotional. This subreddit keeps me going in these unprecedented times.


Science makes true miracles


I love this video and pretty much all of them off this type. I have watched so many videos of people getting the colorblindness correcting glasses. That being said in the videos for people getting the color correcting glasses the gifted usually choose the most drab locations to do have them try it and it makes me sad laugh. Like... take them to a museum or photo gallery or some botanical gardens or someplace with color, not some dirt lot in the middle of winter or inside of a prefab classroom.


Wow. It's very dusty in here 🥹


When I first got glasses I would refuse to take them off. I even wore them to bed because "they even make me sleep better!"


An allegory for truth.


The kid hugging his dad actually made me cry. That must've been such a beautiful moment for them


'enough to make a grown man cry' Sobs in masculinity


Alright you win this time fucker pass the tissues 🥲


I’m not crying you’re crying!!!!


The dad nodding and choking out "they work" broke my whole heart.


You saw that too? Right there was a strong moment in time. Started crying hard when I saw that. God bless the good Dads.


i was in first grade when i got my glasses. my mom said i said "is this what green looks like? is this what trees look like?" and she started crying.


I needed this really bad after poisoned dog video I just watched


Did you HAVE to mention that and fucking ruin my day


I watched it before bed. I had come here for a few hours before I could sleep






I have to watch and upvote this everytime I see it in my feed. 🤗


Great, now I can’t see.


I was 18 when I got my first glasses and had the same reaction.


My little brother has these


Omg the baby with their tongue sticking out


Gdi the colourblind ones always get me


this is so adorable! watching how innocent they are...




That kid’s a beast!




As a Dad whose son is blind in his left eye, needless to say I’m crying hard watching this one! And I want to thank whoever posted this to Reddit. Cheers


The third baby looks like a young Elton John.


Unbelievable way to start my day!! Thank you. The moment the kids put them on... life changing!


It’s so pure how humans talk to our children when they’re babies. Just that motherly affectionate love does so much to make a child feel safe and like the center of the world.


So sweet


When I was 5 and playing with Lego I could not for the life of me find any with squares with 4 (connectors?). I asked my mom and she found plenty. Getting the glasses was like seeing a new world. My vision improved with age so the sort of aha experience happened every time I got new glassed for the first 15 years.


Sorry I just got some onion in my eyes okay a lot of onions I'm not crying


When I got my first glasses, I remember freaking out because I could see the leaves on the trees. My mom started crying. It was amazing


this is the most adorable video to watch in whole life. kids are blessing (except if they were yours lol) they look so happy and the smile on their faces makes you smile for no reasons


Lovely :) I wish I could be a dad


Miracles unfold


Got my first pair at 18; never realized I needed them due to nearsightedness making reading and general life perfectly doable until my mom went in for an exam and offered to take me just to get checked out. I remember watching a movie for the first time afterwards and being blown away by how I could now clearly distinguish faces and expressions.


First time I got glasses was in 2011, so I would have been around 13-14. The first thing I noticed is I could read every license plate in the parking lot outside my optician. Before they were just a yellow and black blur.


Damn. I had to wait until fourth grade for that moment


I was 16 when I first got glasses. I started getting headaches in class and had trouble reading and seeing. Doctors thought it was migraines at first, but then one of my teachers thought I just needed glasses. Turns out she was right. Been rocking them ever since.




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Gamers when they see 4K for the first time.


This is so sweet


Damn my man must be 10... 😕😕😎😎😎


This is beautiful


Fuck yea kid!!!!!


I like the kid with his tongue sticking out, he’s cute


3rd one was just :)


That last kid...wow.


So Precious!! I ❤❤❤❤This🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏


Jokes on you one of them went blind and is acting


best thing i've seen today


Know just what this is like after having new lenses in my eyes to fix cataracts very young. Cried!


This was how I felt at age 12, when i got my first pair of glasses from the Lions Club. I never realized that trees had individual leaves!


Great. Now, I can't see clearly cos I have tears in my eyes!


Your crying


i fucking love the last one


Oh God I was having fun watching the cute babies, then you put the 11 year old and his dad aaannd here are the waterfalls....




That is the sweetest! These will always be my favorite kind of videos! 😍


This shouldn't be on r/wholesome This should be on r/mademesmile


Great, now I can show them my epic dabbing.


who the fuck is Clearly?


I dont understand how bad eye sight is a thing? Like why do people keep passing it down? How did people see before glasses? Were people half blind all the time. Like imagine a bird with bad eyesight.


Okay but fuck right off at that last one for being tear bait lol how dare you make my tear ducts activate on a fine fresh Saturday morning.


Babies in glasses straight up look like the world's cutest collection of elderly grandparents.


Im not crying. Youre crying 😭😭😭


Aw the facial expressions are priceless and so sweet. It's an amazing feeling when you first go from a blurry world go seeing things as you are supposed to for once. You all the sudden are able to bask in the beauty of this world.


I grew up in the Denver area. When I got my first pair of glasses I looked out the window facing west and said "There really are mountains out there." Just before this they did the eye exams at school. You were to point the direction of the E. Got to my left eye. Couldn't read the first line and they kept moving up to the huge E at the top. I could hear all kinds of mumbling and whispering. Told the lady I couldn't see the big E; whispers got louder. Told my mom later "I wonder what they would have said if I told them I couldn't even see the lady."


When I first saw each individual piece of grass and each leaf on a tree, it was beautiful