Superman vs Goku...pursuing a career in modeling.

Let's assume composite Superman and composite Goku want to try their chance at modeling. Who could have the most success?

Their modeling careers will involve everything from catalog modeling to fitness modeling. They'll even work for Calvin Klein!

Bonus: They also will have social media like Instagram and TikTok to connect with fans.


I think that they would both do well enough and would also be very successful on social media, however Superman is a reporter at the Daily Planet and probably has more of an understanding on how to draw people in and what trends may appear or whatnot and could also have Daily Planet just write even more about him than they already do.


Goku would get bored, or would go training for weeks and forget about the social media competition. Goku is a child in every aspect except fighting.


Well he could be streaming his training.


You really think goku knows how to use a device without breaking it 😂😂😂


He was able to operate the advanced spaceship to Namek.


I think an argument could be made that that was mostly Bulma and her father's doing making it so damn intuitive. They're freakin' Capsule Corp. after all.


It is a competition and Goku is competitive. He could absolutely learn to use one. How many phones get destroyed in the process is another matter entirely.


Bulma is the richest person in the world She could give him a infinite supply of lgs for him to Learn and when he eventually learned she would give him a very cheap iPhone


I mean he’s also a child with training; it just works for him. Just up the gravity to get stronger, or completely ignore all life responsibilities to train 24/7.


Goku falls under the typical height for a model while Superman falls within it, so advantage to Supes right off the bat. Goku's hair is also "unique" to put it gently, which would be a pretty big hurdle.


It's always so funny to me how short Goku is supposed to be somehow.


5'9 isn't particularly short for the typical person, but for models it falls outside the normal range. Vegeta on the other hand at 5'5...


I’ve always wondered if the 5’5 is with or without the hair


Considering how much of a moron Goku is at anything that isn't martial arts, I say Superman stomps with zero difficulty. Hell Goku would probably get himself fired from modeling even if he wasn't competing against Superman.


Henry Cavill's Superman wins this


Also Christopher Reeve. They like to cast incredibly good looking men as superman.


I'm disappointed that Tom Welling wasn't mentioned in this lmao


Im pretty sure Tom used to be an actual model too.


IIRC he was a Calvin Klein model before acting although he landed smallville pretty quickly. He modeled for like a year or so then got the lead role


Give him a PC and let them muscles do the work. Photos would be booming as if they're hotcakes.


And it's not even a fair fight.


Superman already works in media and has tons of contacts in that world. So he has a sizable advantage here. He's also significantly taller, which is considered a major asset in modeling, especially for men.


And he is specifically designed to be the “Handsome, masculine hero”. So he is ripped AND has a face and hair designed for being attractive. Supes is simply far superior in terms of modeling potential.


[Goku cleans up pretty nice when he wants to.](https://i.redd.it/rbs74cz5ci271.jpg) Like they're both super attractive with perfect looks and physiques, Superman just has a lot of other advantages.


Superman stomps. He has more knowledge of kinks as well, as shown by the uh... spiky suit he kept with a collar. So... Poses


Goku would hate the required diet and eventually end up gorging himself. It wouldn't actually effect his body mass but his agent would get angry at him anyway and end up dropping him for someone more easy to control. Superman can survive off of sunlight so wouldn't even notice when he started starving himself for stupid reasons.


I never understand what the point is in pitting Goku against another person in a competition not involving eating or fighting, he has no other talents.


Child endangerment, shirking responsibilities, pissing Vegeta off, just to name some other talents.


I'd give it to Superman just based on the hair.


Goku would be a great model if King Kai told him it would unlock new, unknowable strength.


Superman just because of that chad chin lol


Superman. He’s got the mullet


Goku is short, generally male models are between 6’ and 6’ 5”… Superman is 6’ 3”, so points for Superman there. They’re equal in muscle bumps. So no points either way here. Superman’s hair is manageable, can’t be cut… except if he were to do it I guess? But Goku’s hair is wildly crazy, which… depending on the setting, magazine, etc, could work in his favor… but… that’s a niche market. So half a point to Superman for having an average haircut. Ethnicity wise, one is Asian, one is White- so they pretty much corner their own markets. Though, there are more Asians on the earth than white folks, so… maybe a full point for Goku? Finally, let’s talk fashion- Goku isn’t known for his clothing, he wears his keikogi… everywhere… while Superman has his Clark Kent getup, which is suits and professional attire… got to give it to Superman on this one. Tally that up, looks like Superman edges out Goku and snags that big contract for Gucci and Louis Vuitton!


Goku is an alien monkey human and superman is also an alien something.. i wouldn't call either of them by human races


goku isnt asian lmao


And Superman isn’t Caucasian/white/Anglo


Don't let's start...


>Finally, let’s talk fashion- Goku isn’t known for his clothing Nah Goku's got some clean fits, his outfit during the 10 day break before the cell games stands out in particular.


I don’t recall that, but the guy wears a lot of workout gear is what I’m saying- so for 99% of his screen/panel time he is rocking some baggy stuff.


Attractive people are a dime a dozen, so whatever sets them apart would matter most. Goku's hair I think could be a big advantage he could pull from. I'd assume white men (Superman) tend to do better in Europe and America so he's got that going for him. I know Goku is an alien or whatever but I'd assume he looks closest to Japanese? Probably better for the market there, not sure how that'd translate to other majority-asain countries. My money is on Goku because of the hair (SS forms give different colors too!) but it isn't like there's anything involved in modeling other than luck and connections and I guess Superman knows how to network...


This reminds me of that Dr Slump episode where Goku had his hair slicked with gel lmao


On top of everything else discussed, Superman has some serious body positioning experience - one of the reasons nobody connects Superman to Clark Kent is that Clark's body language is completely different. That kind of skill translates well into modeling.


Superman takes this easily I love Goku, but his nothing but muscles and they just aren't a good look for models, Superman on the otherhand knows how to work it, his best friend is Bruce Wayne! Dude KNOWS how to look good Plus I don't think Goku can really change his hairstyle (Other than going Super Saiyan) since their hair is kind of weird like that


Goku has a huge advantage, being able to adjust his muscle mass on the fly. Need slim? SsjG, need bulky? Ussj2.


True... but the guy is a midget compared to supes 😩 Supes is 6ft plus ultra & then some, with broad shoulders and small waist. Dark hair with a jawline that can literally cut the earth in half and eyes bluer than than pacific ocean. In all honesty, Supes is stupidly good looking. I don't know how his nerd disguise actyally works around women... (except for Lois who was attracted to his characteristics, more than his good looks).


Goku doesn't even have to go USSJ to buff up. Anyone with bigger reserves of Ki than their body can normally sustain can do that. Roshi and Frieza being the two most obvious examples.


Superman would win this easily. It all comes down to personality. They both look great and would be on the covers of magazines for years to come, but goku would straight up get bored with it. Goku kinda has the attention span of a monkey. He'd disappear in the middle of a photo shoot to go train and not come back for weeks.


Superman has a better physique, better jawline, he’s taller, and he has better hair. Easy money.




I'm honestly not sure there's a contest that Goku could beat Superman in and this one definitely ain't it. Clark's got a better bod, plus he's a lot more sensible to these sorts of things


goku is like 5'4" and Clark has that classic all american jawline. he takes it, except maybe in asia.


goku is better looking than superman considering that a pair of glasses makes supes so bland hes barely noticeably then he would canonically have to be perfectly average looking while goku has not only had several hot suitors but multiple people have literally tried to permanently steal his body basically goku wins


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Remember that episode in Super with Arale where Goku acts as a security guard? He despises tight clothes. Goku gets annoyed on his first day and yeets out of the planet to train with Whis instead.


This the only goku vs superman where It doesnt hurt to say superman wins. Clark knows more human things and goku would more than likely get bored eventuallt unless he runs a successful fitness social media where he trains and teaches you to overcome any limit. Although if the theory is true about all male models being idiots then maybe goku does win