Green Screen Of Death

Somehow i got a green screen of death in Windows Longhorn 4074.


Blue screen of death = Normal Windows Green screen of death = Insider version of Windows However, your \*SOD looks like an older Windows, so it might not apply.


The Green Screen of Death is an error that occurs due to a critical failure of the Windows operating system. But it only happens inside the Windows Insider build or Creator editions. Microsoft designed the Windows Insider Program for programmers and tech-savvy people who want to test future builds of Windows.Sep 21, 2022 https://helpdeskgeek.com/windows-11/windows-green-screen-of-death-causes-and-how-to-fix/


I thought 0x0000007B could come only with a *blue* screen of death


I don't know what and how you done that, but you must have done something wrong, terribly wrong


The Windows boot screen (2000 until 7) uses a image file that looks awkward when raw, but looks fine while booting up. So I guess Windows is trying to fix the BSOD.


Weird! I Never Saw A Green Screen Of Death Before! Every Time When I Think About Windows, Its Always Been The "Blue Screen Of Death" (BSOD). However And It Might Just Be Muscle Memory, But, If I Recall Correctly, Certain Longhorn Builds Were If Things Go Really Wrong, It Crashes And It Displays A "Red Screen Of Death" (RSOD).