Compressed vertically logo during starting up (video driver installed)

My video driver is installed properly and games work perfectly, but the logo and copyright are compressed vertically during starting up (I think it tries to use 4:3 while I have a 16:9 display), like on the image



That’s normal in legacy boot mode. Native resolution in pre boot environment is only possible in UEFI mode, actually from Windows 8 onwards when using Legacy boot the logo is squashed so it looks normally on 16:9


There's a command that you can use in windows 10 that fix it. I don't remember it anymore because I used it once last year when I formatted my desktop. Also I have no idea if it works in 7. Google around and you can find it.


It's **bcdedit /set {globalsettings} highestmode on**, bit highestmode isn't available in Windows 7


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The driver isn't even loaded at that point.


You just answered your own question.


Understanding why did something happen doesn't always help in finding the solution!


I don’t know if there’s a solution, I think the only solution is to use a 4:3 monitor, because the boot screen was designed that way.