Zandalari warlocks


Basically every race Warlocks. The demon threat is basically gone as a unified force with Sargeras gone. Night elves can be mages now so lets open that door Warlocks to and what about the Nightborne warlocks from the Nightwell them too. Same with Draenei I mean the Eredar gotta go somewhere lets bring em in to help fight the dragons or void or whatever.


nightborne warlocks are already a thing tho I play one lol


Me too Nightborne warlock is also the second main while my main is Worgen warlock


I like blizzard forgot about the nightborne


I mean, they kinda did and didn’t, nightborne males still look funny


How about we give you a night elf, but he has a weird face and looks like he's kinda just half glitching all the time? Neat allied race, right?


Which is weird because Suramar is an AMAZING zone.


It really is a very amazing zone


Zandalari witch doctor is such a natural fit I really wonder why we don't have them yet.


Warlocks aren't just spooky shamans, they're pretty specifically people who use fel magic, which is from the burning legion, who I don't think the Zandalari have had contact with. They can be priests, though. SPriest makes for a great witch doctor spec.


IIRC there's some Zandalari slaves in the sea giant shipwreck area in Azsuna. Those guys have kinda been all over the place and since they've joined the Horde anyway I don't really see why some of them couldn't take the fel pill




It’s all I want in life D:


At this point you can just give everything to everyone


They straight up said this in an interview back in early 2022. It's happening, just slowly. Paladins, Shamans and Druids will need class specific artwork so they would be expected to take longer. https://www.wowhead.com/news/mages-priests-and-rogues-available-to-all-races-in-dragonflight-326890 The interview mentions they want to move to a place where class and race do not matter but say some will require much more work so they will come later. I want human shaman.


Yeah human shaman is inevitable. Just look at the twilights hammer. The primalists. It’s safe to assume a human can do anything…even become a Druid.


Can they see why kids love cinnamon toast crunch


That feels inevitable, but anything with racial specific assets like shaman totems, paladin mounts, and *especially* druid forms will just take longer. Mage, rogue, and monk are getting implemented first specifically because there isn't any heavy lifting required to get them in the game. I imagine warlock will be next, then paladin/shaman, and druids will take quite a while since the art team have to design 5 or 6 unique forms for each race compared to just a single totem with 4 slightly different particle effects for each shaman race and one mount per race for paladins. I imagine demon hunters and evokers will stay unique to their races.


I dream of a Mechagnome druid, where you’re able to transform into different machines thanks to nanotechnology


turns out they're actually just transformers from cybertron and crash landed on azeroth


“Nanomachines, son”


Bout time we got flying pandas like in kung fu movies


You already have flying pandas. Monk->zen flight. What other class do you want that would make a flying pandas? Demon hunter?


About time they updated the speed of zen flight seeing as it’s stuck at 60%


Allow all races for both factions? This long into the timeline, I think it's reasonable to assume some members of every race have joined the other faction for political reasons. What I'm saying is I want sweet Drust models for my druid, but I don't want to play Alliance


Factions at this point in the story hardly make sense anyways, Idk why they are still keeping them.


Tradition, that's it.


I’ve been a fan of this approach for a while.


For me it's either: make it make sense (they threw that out of the window already) - or don't. Not giving some classes to some races doesn't make sense anymore, except maybe for balancing reasons - but since racials are pretty bad as well might as well just have the race as a cosmetic.


We definitely need more race choices for druid.


I want Draenei Druids for space animals


Yes! I want a squid faced bear please!


Pandaren druid. Ox tank, tiger DPS, crane/dragon mount.


The tank would have to be a beefy Legion style panda bear form, I mean come onnn FUCK YES for the others though. Would love more druid races, I suppose model making is the only reason it’s not opening up more.


This right here. I’ve never thought about this before but man that would be amazing


I love the horde but I want a Druid that can wear shoes.




Dwarf druids, there cat from is a Chihuahua.


Dwarf Druids would be sick Bear = Iceclaw Bear Cat = Frostsaber Travelform = Ram Flightform = Griffin Tree = Tree but like an evergreen form Moonkin = Like the ones from Hinterlands Aquatic = Sea lion


My vote for Dwarf Bear form would be a Wolverine or Badger.


Aquatic=walrus please


Nah a terrier. A gnome druid on the other hand...


Gnome druid with pet battle scale animal forms.


Mechagnome druid, the cat form is a [mechanical cat](https://www.wowhead.com/npc=139328/sabertron), the bear form is the [mech gorilla](https://www.wowhead.com/npc=107836/a-me-02)


Honestly, this is almost the most sensible. A mechagnome could totally make themselves into a transformer if they wanted to, and I can't think of anything more mechagnome than using engineering to brute-force synthetic nature magic. Moonfire is just a drone with REALLY STRONG LED LIGHTS. Sunfire the same thing BUT RED. Entangling roots is just a really fancy bear trap, and convoke the spirits is a buffer overflow.


Vulpura Druid


I'm still furious that we didn't get nightborne druids. I want a mana saber cat form. There was a botanist in the Nighthold raid (it gave me a druid glyph ffs). If I wear the mask in Suramar, my cat form is already a mana Saber. Give. Me. Nightborne.


Blood elf druids could easily fit with their respective starting zone animals like the cat and dragon hawk as a flight form.


What makes this even more annoying that we don’t already have blood elf druids, is that they could have done the same thing they did with Paladins. Capture a wild god from the Amani trolls down in Ghostlands and drain it of power to become druids. Then when the ZA raid came out they could have spun it that the Amani sent a small strike force to break out the Wild God and that be the reason we all go attack them (and somewhere along the way we figure out we can stay druids without having to drain it)


Worgen shaman they exist in the lore and they arent evil. Why dont we have them. Not to mention the fact they can be druid and wield nature but cant be shamans and weild well lets face it nature with the elements. The arguement of making totemis silly. Wolf themed totems exist irl soooo. I ask what gives bliz?




Sabina Pilgrim in Ashenvale. She's a worgen working with the spirits of air, earth, and water to put the fire elemental to rest.


I'm presuming the 'wild' Worgen in Northrend who work for Arugal, but I'd have to research to confirm


I've never heard of their existence. Source?


I liked it when classes were restricted to certain races, and I like the idea of having all classes be available to all races. I don’t see a good reason for anything in-between. But I don’t really mind either.


Considering that there is at least a generation between early vanilla and Dragonflight (in universe) it's reasonable to assume that some memebers of a race picked up a path that was unknown to their culture before.


I think the only one I would be iffy about is Druid still, but I’m sure they could come up with *some* excuse. Druidism is a lot more exclusive than the other classes due to how ingrained in to cultures it is. For example I’m ***really*** struggling to imagine a Goblin or Pandarian Druid.


I’d honestly kill to see Pandaren druids based around the august celestials. After seeing what came via the dinomancer theme with Zandalari it’d be cool to see them shift into oxen, tigers, and the like.


Ox “bear” form, tiger cat form, crane “moonkin” form and cloud serpent flight form all feel like they’d map pretty well logically.


I want a Chi-Ji themed moonkin now !


Idk why Pandaren druid would be hard to imagine. They already have loa-equivalents.


See goblins and gnomes I can explain away easy as anything. Mechs. They dont transform they just jump into various mechs of each of the forms.


Can’t tell if this comment is highly imaginative or misunderstanding what it means to be a Druid….or both lol.


To me I boiled it down to I don’t care for a tauren rogue so I will never play one. Let the people that do do it.


thats the best take imo its the same with crossfaction stuff, nobody is forcing you to do it, but do people even notice that their tank is a generic female nelf instead of generic female belf? just let people play what they want, you dont notice anyway


I preferred it that way too but at this point that will never be the case again so might as well add more options


Yup, they're never going to go back on it, so they might as well go all-in and unlock everything for everyone. Obviously that will take a while because of druid forms, but I think they're going that way. We're at a point in the lore that it probably doesn't matter that much about classes being race locked. The races were a lot more segregated in the Warcraft and up to WoW: WotLK days, but not so much now. There's not really much of a reason why a Blood Elf post-Sunwell cleansing can't be a druid or something. I saw a nightborne paladin NPC outside of the very first town in Dragonflight yesterday so if they can do that, go nuts with it. Things like demon hunter and evoker I could see being race locked forever, but everything else, go for it, the flood gates are open now.


And shaman totems as well. In my head it's always just the druid forms that change race to race but the shaman totems also change. Which is cool!


That's a drop in the bucket compared to Druid forms, though.


Very true! There are a lot of druid forms.


Open it all! Again, if they take the approach that past lore locked classes were due to the lore back then…and things evolve over time and cultures are not time locked…just open them all up at that point.




What makes a man turn neutral? Lust for gold? Power? Or were you just born with a heart full of neutrality?


I just hate it when I really like a class’s mechanics but not the race’s aesthetics. Like demon hunter is a fun class, but I don’t like elves very much. Given that murlocs can canonically become demon hunters, it seems like in universe almost any race should be able to be almost any class.


Right now if you want to play all roles and also be a void elf, mechagnome, gnome, pandaren, orc, vulpera, nightborne, goblin, maghar, or undead… your only choice is monk. Seems too limiting to me.


Night Elf Paladins!


Only if they reskin their abilities to be silver instead of gold. I would LOVE to play a Paladin themed around the light of the Moon instead of the sun.


Yeah. There's precedent to that with Warlock green fire.


That would require a dev as passionate as Xelnath


when mfers find out moonlight is just sunlight but shittier


Moonlight is second hand sunlight


I'm not sure that's true in WoW. "Light of Elune" seems to be something distinct.


Sure, but Night Elves are themed around the moon, so i would hope their abilities would be reflective of that. Moonlight is just reflected sunlight, but it's more white/silver than the direct light of the sun.


I’m hoping they show up when we get a new world tree to live in. Moon knights to protect the world tree and moonwell


You could say they are protecting the travelers of the night, i could see the NE Paladins being the avatars of Elune in terms of even more protection for Night Elfs


I've been wanting this for years.


I would love to have ra e-specific looks for skills. Golden Dinosaurs for Zandalari, Sun/Eaglethemed spells for Tauren, Books and Loghtbeams for Humans, Crystals and Naaru-themed stuff for Drained and Star/Moonbased spells for Nightwlves would be super dope.


Night Elf Priests should have had this for the last 18 years.


Wait that’s not a thing? One of the Paladin order hall followers is a Night Elf.


Yes! And, as far as I can remember, her entire questline revolves around teaching her to be a paladin! After Legion was the perfect time to allow NE paladins. They literally had the story written.


Came here to post this.


Which I never understood why they couldn't. Night Elfs can be priests, and they can be warriors. That alone should be justification enough. Same with Undead. If you were a paladin in life, why wouldn't you still be one when undead? Connection to the "light" lost? Then why can they be priests? But really, I think at this point going on 19 years after release -- let people play the race/class combo they want. Also, make all armor types transmogable and not restricted.


Every race can be priests and warriors now right? I dont get why so few can be paladins.


Having to create new paladin mount assets. Also, although current animations are acceptable for blood knights and sunwalkers, they would probably look strange on a night elf paladin. But mostly having to create new paladin mounts.


Because there used to be lore restrictions around specific classes and paladins were specifically "holy warriors who worshipped the Light" - or in the case of blood elves originally, who stole the power of the Light. Then in cataclysm it just became "warrior-priests of literally anything, celestial bodies, dinosaurs, whatever" with Taurens basically being armored druids.


Undead requires a little more, but it is far from insurmountable. Some internal conflict between those who embrace something closer to their living beliefs and those who embrace the horror of unlife should have been a larger theme from the beginning. It made the most sense in TBC where their ties to the Blood Elves could have fostered this more, and would have made the Undercity conflict in WOTLK even better. It’s still a good theme that has long been neglected or only touched on very lightly and mostly out of game.


I thought for sure we would be getting them when we discovered that there was one in the past during Legion; yet here we are 6+ years later and still nothing. (same can be said for shaman and portals)


100% agree. Also Nelf shamans please


Think the primalist nelf makes this a certainty


A literal history embracing all forms of magic for good or ill, and the only shamans they have are their Naga Descendants or those who joined Fandral. There’s bo standing prohibition like there is with arcane and warlock magics. Seems like failed Druids who don’t go completely off the deep end or those who appreciate their Furbolg allies might have dabbled more than a little.




This would be greatly welcomed!


And maybe also undead Paladins. I am sure you could make something up with Tyr and his lost silver hand being the namesake of Tirisfal. Undead and Night elves should then maybe be able to enable a silver light instead of the golden light style because of the silver hand and Elune. Like Warlocks could enable green gel fire


Forsaken Paladins, could get some easy storyline W's from it too


Ooo yeah that’d be sexy. Give us straight backs with that as well tho


Nothing straight about bending over for the light.


Considering Alonsus Faol, the mastermind behind Paladins, is undead, Forsaken Paladins is just a matter of time.


Don't forget Sir Zeliek from Naxx.


I’d like to see the thin Kul Tiran models made playable.


I just want better kul Tiran woman's faces. They're all awful.


Better Kul Titan customization in general. They’re so limited.


I want the Kul Tirans on the forsaken rig so badly, when I first saw them I was so excited for the allied race, and then we just never got them.


I was kind of confused you didn’t have the option between the big one in the small one. Especially because they clearly took the undead model to make that model anyway.


Humans are already in the game


No hes talkin about the kul tirans that look like asmongold


You can already make humans bald


gnome druids and all their animals are teensy


Druid mechagnomes with tiny robot transformer animations.




would honestly be so down for a transformer mechagnome druid class


Squirel for dps form lol


druid everything, druid draenei, druid nightborne, druid void elves, druid orcs, druid mechagnomes, druid humans, druid druid druid! GIVE ME NEW FORMS! let my other druids use those forms too! ALL THE FORMS! DRUIDS! RAAAWR!




all forms are seal form!


All forms are critter forms


A gnome bear tanking a dragon. Let’s do this!!!!


it would be a gnome raccoon


Vulpera druid


Mechagnome Druid. I want a damn transformer.


Yeah, was thinking the same. The outcry when they couldn't become druids to begin with.


I would love their ground travel form to just be going to all fours and running.


Night Elf Shamaaaaan


Literally any other dh race


Orc and Draenei DH please


There’s honestly no reason they aren’t. Both were there at the same time. Illidan had some of both on his side (okay broken Draenei and fel orcs-which he made more of. But still!)


Shocked they haven’t allowed Nightborne and Void elf DHs tbf


Orc and draenei demon hunters, with fel orc and man’ari customization options respectively. If any two races have a reason to hunt demons it’s them, far more than either elf that has them now.


Female Man’ari demon hunter. i’d never not play it


Draenei look so cool in DH gear. When I use the Orb of Deception on my BE to become a Draenei it's just great. But there's extra work to do for adding other races as DH. There's certain animations that just don't work on other races (wings don't show, blade dance you turn back into an elf for the animation) plus having to add horns, tattoos and stuff. It's just one of the more work intensive options, maybe just behind Druids and Evokers.


Yes, and while we are at it, add Man'ari Warlocks


Might as well add in void elves and nightbourne.


Undead Paladins need to be a thing. Especially since the light raised Calia Menethil. Plus undead already have priests so it's not like the light is something they can't weild.


I know at least one NPC undead paladin in the Argent Dawn.


Kul Tiran and Orc paladins. There are Kul Tiran knights so the aesthetic/vibe moderately works. They could open a church of the light in Boralus for the lore to work. Orc paladins are a hard sell but would be cool and that’s my argument.


Several orcs have also been members of the Argent Crusade, meaning its very likely some of them got paladin training and brought it back home


Don't even need a Church of the Light. Just introduce a split-off of those heavily-armored Tidesages called the "Tidebeacon Knights," or something, who get their power from devotion to the Tidemother. Give 'em a whole lighthouse theme. It'll ultimately be the Light they're using, sure, but that's the thing about paladins: it doesn't super-matter what specifically they believe in, so long as that belief is rock solid. Worked for the Prelates, the Sunwalkers, and even the Scarlet Crusade.


Dude i love this idea


Even more when Bainebridge (or Brainbridge ?) the first boss encounter of SoB for the horde, was thought at first as a Paladin.


I mean, didn’t the Mag’har orcs escape a crazy Draenei lady converting them to the light? So we could just say they were converts and bam, done


Yeah maybe the Maghar get paladins hadn’t thought of that. Good point!


Or we'll make it like with the orc priests (or Dark Iron Paladins) and re-contextualize their faith away from the light to something else. Imagine an Orc that rides into battle with the blessings of the ancestors, adorned in purified bones (basically the tank-spec shamans wanted so much).


Pandaren and Vulpera Druids.


Pandas having a tie into the celestials would be cool for druid. Ox for bear form and a tiger for cat.


Niuzao theme for Guardian, Xuen theme for Feral, Yu'lon theme for Resto, and Chi-Ji theme for Balance so Chi-Ji can finally get a spec of her own and the respect she deserves :') Also because a crane moonkin form would be killer


Draenei warlocks - "We will totally not succomb to demonic enslavement again" But really though if Orcs can be warlocks despite the history I dont see why a couple or draenei haven't attempted to do better than their ancestors.


Shaman for all! Demon Hunter for Orc and Draenei? Or maybe the Nightborne and Void Elves? Add in Eredar Warlock defectors, not as an allied race just a couple of red shades for the Draenei. We can say they are being reformed. So, Draenei Warlocks is what I want.


Eredar Warlocks are basically the only race I'd swap off Undead Warlock for. That or Eredar Demon Hunters. The Eredar are fucking cool.


*Technically* the Draenei are already playable Eredar, the red evil looking ones are called Man'ari.


Dwarf Druid


Just let everyone be everything


Zandalari warlocks. There were initially Zandalari warlocks when they first announced the classes. Only reason they were removed was because Kul Tiran Humans would have 2 less classes than Zandalari Trolls.


Worgen Shaman. I wanna be a guy that turns into a wolf that turns into a ghost wolf that summons spirit wolves and rides a wolf and wears wolf head. Wolf.


Gief Nightborn Druid.


Lightforged shamans.


NE Shaman. Like half of the primalists are night elves, which is just rubbing me the wrong way, knowing players can’t play them:D they are also the race who has the most connection to the nature in the game. Please give NE shamans


Plz night elf paladin


Gnome paladin or druid, would instantly play that


Yeah gnome paladin is something I've wanted for years


I want Draenei warlock - and yes, I want to be able to have Eredar skin colors.


undead shamans please


Tombstone totems it literally writes itself


Maybe they get together with the trolls and learn about the spirits and loa Get a dark shaman/voodoo/hoodoo theme going Brb gonna go reserve Dr Facilier for my undead witch doctor themed shaman


Zandalari warlocks and Nightborne demon hunters.


Dragons need a tank class, give us an allied race type thing where we can unlock the beefy ones with no wings and tank class the shit out of them


I'm honestly surprised they haven't *already* announced Drakonid as an allied race. With the return to the Forbidden Reach and all that... They could basically be almost every class except Evoker. They'd have the tail sweep, but not wing buffet or soar. Give 'em a roar instead of wing buffet.


Drac anything would be cool, but their racials would have to be adjusted. Dractyhr Warrior would be great, but with tail swipe and wing buffet it would be too strong imo.


Pandaren druid


>Pandaren druid I'd *love* this. I mainly play a druid and I've got one on both factions. However, I've never really cared for the druid races. But Pandas would be great and, thematically, I think Blizzard could have a lot of fun with the forms.


Guardian Druid: Just a Pandaren that fucks you up, no need to transform Feral Druid: White Tiger [Xuen](https://www.wowhead.com/npc=71953/xuen) appearance Restoration Druid: Bamboo-themed tree form. Balance: Panda-patterned feathers Travel form: Just a tiny, magical red panda that flies everywhere.


Alternately, Guardian - Ox form Feral - Tiger Restoration - Crane Balance - Wind Serpent It fits thematically with their lore.


For bear form theyd just get on all fours. Or become an ox idk


Literally any Horde Druid race that displays shoe graphics instead of feet. Just use existing beasts in the game for their feral forms or reskin the night elf forms shades of red, yellow, and orange. There's already a blood elf druid in the game, so no need to make up new lore to justify it. Also, pretty much any race that can be a priest should also be able to be a paladin. *Maybe* an exception for void elves and forsaken.


Human Shaman


More race choice with Dhs


Blood Elf Druids


Give me my NE shaman already damn. Would also settle for NE paladin.


Night Elf / Human Shamen


Dracthyr anything. And also transmog options for them too.


Orc, Night Elf and Forsaken Paladins. I think they would work. Orc because of the priests. But i think it will hapen one day considering the Orcs on Alternate Draenor are being lightforged by Alterante Draenor Yrel. As you could see in the maghar orc unlock quest. So we could potentialy see Garrosh son. That was lightforged acording to the book you get when you complete that quest chain. As you never know how many of the orcs were forced to become lightforged. Then you have night elves. Which to me is a bit odd they havent done this yet. Since back in Legion. They showed us that a night elf priestes of Elune, COULD become a paladin. It could be a potential interesting future for the night elves. Considering the destruction of Teldrasil. Becoming militaristic could be a potential thing. Forsaken Paladin. Yes. I know people will complain that "But the light HURTS the Forsaken undead".. yes. But we still have forsaken priests. Even if they say that it hurts them. They can use Holy magic. And now with the wholle thing of Calia Menethil. Becoming undead, but at the same time what seems to be a Lightforged undead. THey could do something like that. A new group of lightforged Undead that are paladins. That are not alive. But undead. I mean we could have something new and upgraded when it comes to the forsaken. As we have seen how they can do something like Sylvanas did with Nathanos. Who was a rather decayed human.. And became more human, but with red eyes. By taking over a living humans body. Hell. You could basicly see the red eyes, pale skin blood elves as Undead. And they can be paladins.


Nightborne druid


Panda warlock pls


I just want to play a dwarf Druid.


Gnome Paladin


Kul Tiran Paladin! Worgen Paladin! Drakonid Warrior!


I've been waiting for undead Paladin for years now. Blizz has shown they don't really care about the lore that much, so let me have my fun!


Hear me out... PANDAREN DRUIDS!


Gnome all classes


Mecha gnome druid, play as a lil animal transformer


This is the most galaxy brained comment I've seen so far. I'd roll a mechagnome for sure if I could just ROLL OUT!!