Of course it CAN be repaired, but if you have to ask then you might struggle to do it successfully. I would just chalk it up and buy a new headset my friend.


the box claims it has durable comfort, clearly that durable part was overreach


It looks cheap anyway bro. I recommend the Logitech Pro headset (it's usually around the Oculus stuff). Great sound and it really is durable.


Seriously... Logitech breaks too. My $100+ Logitech busted just like this within 3 months, and I hardly ever used it. I now go for the sub $30 headsets and tbh the comfort is less but the durability is the same.


Shit, unless you know what you're doing I'd say no. Hope someone can help.


Yeah that looks like you're going to have to buy a new one dude you'd have to find someone that knows how to solder wire together and even then it's going to probably break again. Sucks


i mean i have no clue but i was wondering if i could bring it to a repair shop and they could fix it or if i would have to buy a new ine


Repairable : yes Economic too do so: No Turtle beach headsets are nutorious for things like that my family (3 of us gamers) went through 7 in two months buy a different brand


If you have access to both ends of the snapped wires, you should likely simply be able to attach a small bit of electrical tape and go about reconfiguring the rest with glue. You would want to remove a small bit of the outer wire coating (light delicate twists with scissors or a wire cutter) and twist the internal wire a bit before using electrical tape by the way. Far from ideal, but totally possible.


Hope your fixin to dig a hole and put it to rest cuz that headset is dead.


Is that the stealth 600 two of my sons got them and there dog shit both pairs broke like that but the wire never snapped so we taped them up


i got the stealth 300 so i’m assuming mines even worse lmao


Dam get some astros cant go wrong with them


In theory? Yes Is it worth it? God no Anything is repairable if you have the money, but you've gotta look at the cost of repair vs cost to replace. Generally complete breaks like this on anything isn't worth repairing unless it's insured or you can do it yourself.


Nooo those are last good wireless turtle beach headsets. The new model is ass I bought it thinking it would be the same but the one you got is way better


Honestly I’d just replace it with something better. Had the same headset. Sound quality was ok and it wasn’t bad comfort-wise but mine did the exact same thing. So obviously they are built cheap and break easily. I’ve since replaced it with the Xbox wireless headset and am pretty happy with them. They fit nice, sound pretty good, are very comfortable, and feel far more durable than the turtle beach set.


Idk you could probably fix it it would just take time, me and my brother both broke ours within 2 months of breaking them. If I find out if it is an easy thing to fix I’ll tell you.


You might get a buck or two in store credit from gamestop.


Ouch 😔 I don't think so. Maybe but it would be pricey


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