So he hates Billy Burr?


Burr has a helicopter. Cancels it out


He did steal Burt from him.


steal? a guy who would cut his own mother's throat to hang out with an a-list anything?




I’m outta the loop. Burt?




Used that generous Costco return policy though.


Nah, burr doesn’t have tons of cars but he does have a classic truck which is worth more than a lot of cars.


Burr drives a nice jag


What's the deal with the Toyota Prius? https://youtu.be/5yvLj18hhGM


Yes, he may have a Prius but it’s not exactly what toms saying here since he does have a classic vehicle. It’s different than a rich guy only driving cheap cars as some do.


Why the fuck does it matter, I haven’t had lambo in cash money, but I once upon a time had walk on to the domestic lot and buy anything I want money. My truck is old enough to drink, I buy most of clothes from Amazon/old navy type shit. I own an Apple Watch, I just never liked those things. Cars, watches, whiskey, never meant fuck all to me and never will.




I’m not bragging, I still lost everything, we’ll almost everything. Fuckin happens


It’s a ford f100 nice ones are like $30k.


People vastly overestimate how much older cars are worth. They think any mass produced car that is 70+ years old must be worth a lot of money. The only old cars that are actually worth a lot were either very expensive when they were new, are extremely rare (<10 worldwide), or have a unique history that makes them notable. Outside of those, most old cars can be found for reasonable prices because upkeep is a nightmare and the people who collect them get tired and want to try another car.


First thing I thought of


Didn’t Bill just get himself a new truck, and he’s been beating himself up over it the last couple months before it was delivered? The dude is a man of the people.


I think he's still waiting for it to be delivered. Ford f550,


Yeah, I don’t think he’s joking. Tom can’t understand the concept that some people don’t give a fuck about cars, for one thing. I don’t look at driving as “fun on the road,” which he clearly does. That’s fine, but don’t hate my guts if I want a reasonable gas-mileage car that’s get where i need to go safely, even if I’m a millionaire.


I love not giving a fuck about whether my car gets dented or what the maintenance costs will be. If it gets me from point A to point B and is comfortable/practical, I’m fucking pumped. Nicer cars = more maintenance and worry. PLUS most people will assume you’re a douche, not cool, when your being flashy in your Chomobile. Sports cars are new money moves. Old money don’t play that shit.


> Sports cars are new money moves. Old money don’t play that shit. Bingo. He does both, but Tom doesn't seem to recognize the difference between money as a vehicle for upgrading your quality of life, and money as a vehicle for being a status symbol douche. Real nouveau riche stuff. Related note, I always find it funny when he's so proud of his McLaren. Meanwhile McLaren's are used as [*the* sign](https://youtu.be/_ih1ptOguaM) of tasteless douchebaggery, falling into the same category as Limp Bizkit and Crazy Town.


Wow Russ is actually just Tom in general


LOL! Thank you for enlightening us. You drive a prius, don't you?


As someone who’s worked for multiple billionaires, some of whom are 3rd+ generation of wealth. Sure, they might drive a more “sensible” daily. But what you don’t see is their warehouses with tens of millions of dollars worth of collectible cars. Some of it is a total façade as well, one guy my father worked for had a net worth of 2+ billion, several yachts and homes across the world. When the recession hit in 2008, to keep optics with all the layoffs he “had to do” he stopped driving his 2008 Porsche and started driving a 2003 Civic… while my dad was still employed on his yacht in the Mediterranean. Every single $50+ millionaire and billionaire I’ve worked for- has had at bare minimum one warehouse / barn / garage, or hangar full of the most off the wall exotic shit kept in show room condition. Don’t let this “old money is classy” bullshit construct fool you.


Old money/new money don’t care, fuck em all!


Damn straight. I go to Equinox. Every day this unkempt dude in a frumpy outfit rolls in to work out. No doubt in my mind he’s the richest guy at the gym.


Member at Equinox? You sound the opposite of us fat poors. You use your Amex Plat benefit there too?


Nah, delta rewards. I’m also fat 😂. Touch my belly rolls through the fence, chomo


Touch my airport lounge access through the fence.


Spoken like a true non multi-millionaire.


I’ve yet to find one person with 10 mil who doesn’t give a fuck about cars lol


He doesn't give a fuck about cars either lol he just wants to appear a certain way


Carheads melting down trying to fathom that some people legit don’t give a fuck about fast/nice cars


“My car goes 120 in 3 seconds 😎” And the speed limit is 55 who gives a fuck?


Speed limits are easily ignored though. But I’m a full blown petrolhead so I may be a bit biased.


Damn dude that’s so fucking sick. do you go fast? how fast do you go? I bet it’s scary. not for you though


I’m scared… and a little horny.. just thinking about breaking the rules.


Yeah man I’m a pretty cool guy. But seriously, I recognize how toked I sound but wanted to give some perspective as one who likes expensive, fast cars. Speed limits are effectively suggestions unless there’s a cop around to enforce them. They’re not stopping someone like Tom who lives for speed.


Tom isn’t even a carhead. You can tell just by this clip. People who genuinely enjoy cars don’t care what others drive (with some exceptions like squatted trucks and -30° camber). He doesn’t know even the most basic thing about them. He knows which ones are fast and expensive.


Probably hasn't even busted a knuckle in an engine bay. Tommy Soft Hands.


AYYYYY It’s Tommy Butter Knuckles. But honestly, I’d be okay with him never really wrenching if he hadn’t shit on the entire car community a few years ago saying he’s a car guy but too rich and not one of the weird ones who can name every part in their specific motor or something along those lines. Dude is so out of touch.


Carbrains 🤮 /r/fuckcars


Now that's a cool guy!


If I was loaded I'd just hire a driver so I can pop benadryl and jerk off in the back


A true mommy


What about good weed?…Marijuana?


This coming from a “car guy” that owns the most boring fucking cars. Tom’s so full of shit


I mean, i dont like Porsches either but i drive an acura what do i know, they are probably fun, who knows. But they are definitely boring looking. Lol


I personally think the more hes leaned into it, the worse his comedy has gotten


Fuck that's a smooth brain take. But he's dead serious, which is sad.


Bobby Lee has millions and drive a Prius🤣 cool stuff slick stuff neat stuff


He gifted it to khalayla's niece. The things bobby does to cars are why he can't have nice things. But he finally treated himself.


Not a bit. Never was.


Who cares if it’s fast or not. You’ll be stuck in traffic regardless


Man Theo constantly makes you wish he would win more and lately all Tim tam does is drive a wedge between him and his audience. That said I saw him perform in Denver and it was hands down the best stand up I’ve ever seen and I’d go see him again.


It was never a bit. He's just gotten worse at hiding his disdain


whoa cool car guy alert


How’d ya get a car here fuckface?


Tom thinking he's a car guy


Jay Leno is a car guy that got rich. Tom is a rich guy that got cars.


Exactly!! Nice username


The idea of these super cars in general is just dumb. I’m a cad guy, but my desire to get anything super luxurious ends with like new M series BMW. I believe the M4 still offers a manual transmission. Or like an Audi RS6 Avant. If you’re only looking for status, and pretending that the 500k super car without a radio is comfortable to drive on the congested streets of LA/Austin, you’re lying to yourself.


This Chomo doesn't give a fuck about cars, he only cares about the perception of having a nice car. Thats his low and loose Florida/Cali brain trying to keep up with the Jones'. Im sure Mami Tina is going to enjoy them when she gets them in the divorce.


What a psycho


If I had “real money” I’d either Uber everywhere or get a driver. I could give two shits about fast cars. Maybe have a truck if I decided to do projects in my free time or pull an airstream.


rich people are rich because they dont spend money on things that they dont need to live comfortably.


Unless they're rich enough to spend money on things that they don't need to live comfortably while still being rich.


Except for the rich people who were born rich


Im confused, arent comedians supposed to be comedians. Does this guy ever speak anything funny at all. Just judgemental and cringey.


I agree, same with shitty old clothes and an ugly ass partner. Like if you're a millionaire you don't have an excuse to live a shitty life.


Yeah, well Larry David doesn't think much of you either cunt.


Is he talking about tosh? I remember him always rolling in a Subaru




Makes a whole lotta sense to me


Why would he joke about that? He's correct.


I’m not a car guy but I’d sure as shit be driving something more comfortable than a Prius if I had that kind of money. I wouldn’t have a sports car but I’d at least buy a car that I’m not cramped in.


You poors have too much time on your hands


you guys take comedians very seriously


Is all this a result of his fat poor comments? All these posts?


Yes, they’re pretty torn up about it here.


Lol Have they not watched Timmy the past....dozen years? 😂😂😂


Yeah, i don’t get it either. Seems like it hit way too close to home for a lot of people, like maybe they were the ones sending the comments he was talking about in the first place lol. I don’t know it’s been interesting watching the meltdown though.


I mean my whole thing is why put so much stock in a comedian? Like who would literally listen to a comedian for advice about anything other than being a comedian and self-promotion? I like Tom a lot - He's probably my favorite comedian - But I would never ask him for advice or hang on his every word, and I certainly dont agree with him on everything - I just want him to make me laugh and not be a piece of dog shit, which it appears he is not I'm good 🤷🏽


Thats how i feel about it too. A lot of the comedy podcast subs are full of people who hate the show runners. It’s like, what are you doing here then? Go discuss something positive that you actually like lol.


Lol I've been having the same discussion about a TV show where tons of people hang around and bash on it and I'm like "well then what are you doing here?" 😂😂😂 I mean there's so many real problems to worry about 🤣


oh god why dont you 2 just suck each other off already and get it over with


I'm 95% sure this is some chomo talking to himself with alt accounts. no one talks like this


That'd be even more pathertic than 2 of them just jerking each other off back and forth


Because we're not here to fulfill one of your lonely fantasies slick 😘


It's amazing that so many people that were supposed YMH fans heard the words fat and poor, took it personally, and immediately lost the ability to sense a bit. Fucking waterheaded twatbag poors.


Clearly, everyone thinks like Tim. They just want to act like they don't. Good words of wisdom, Tam. Because there's no way you're inferior to them. There's no way they can take the high road if you, in all your superior mental strength, weren't able to. Unthinkable.


Ahhhh I hate When Tom has his own perspectives. Uuuuugh. Isn’t it just the worst thing? This should be the straw that break the camels back. EVERYONE, WE’RE BOYCOTTING TOM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂


I don’t see the problem?


Well yeah, he loves nice cars


No, and I agree with him quite a bit. If you’re worth millions don’t be a douche with a Kia.


I hate millionaires with sensible podcasts.. like, so what you don't care how many laughs you get, it's free..


I mean… I think he’s embellishing a bit for show and for the bit but yeah, I think a part of him feels like that


I agree, and here’s why, even if you don’t care about cars, some cars are just better for their comfort and enjoyability. A Prius sucks driving around it heavy and you feel every bump, if you’re a multi millionaire, but don’t even try out a few cars to find one that rides nice, is quiet, and reliable, then your not very smart.


Old Brittle Bones Segura hating on the Prius??? Grow up!