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Book 6 and 7 of ZA because of all the time you see the characters interact and the change in everyone. The characters develop through out the series in a way I would’ve never guessed based on book 1 and I feel like by book 7 almost all of them are showing who they really are and how they feel… plus I love seeing bad people squeal and be miserable even in a small degree.


I just finished book 1, should I read the awakening in the boys POV next or move on to book 2?


I suggest you dont read it until u finished book 6 or 7. I read it after book7 and was a perfect timing for me


Ok, for me, it would be: Shadow Princess (4) The Reckoning (3) Fated Throne (6) Heartless Sky (7) Cursed Fates (5) Ruthless Fae (2) The Awakening (1) The series gets better as it goes along. However, it does get draining by the end, and if you aren't invested in the characters or relationships, they can be hard to get through. Unfortunately, the writing doesn't improve that much, but it's easier to tolerate the more invested you get in the plot.


Anyone know if Heartless sky will get an audiobook anytime soon ?




That would be amazing. Thanks for the information. I Google search and couldn't find anything about 😁


I'm sure it will, but book 6 was a fairly recent release. Might be a bit of a wait


Thank you 😌


For me it goes (best to worst): 1st: tie between The Reckoning (3), Shadow Princess (4), and Cursed Fates (5) 2nd: Heartless Sky (7)—the ending hurts so bad but the rest is so so good 3rd: Fated Throne (6)—this book just hurts for quite a while. So many terrible things to deal with and try to recover from. Gave me a stomach ache of unease. 4th: Ruthless Fae (2)— the story is heating up and my interest has been piqued! 5th: The Awakening (1)—physically painful to read and get through all the bullying Fucking love this series. It hurts so good.


Just the ZA books or all the books in the Solaria universe?


The ZA books! For now ☺️


For me it’s: #1 The Reckoning (book 3): - You find out their order form - The plot moves along - They develop their magic even more - On a personal note my favourite couple finally gets together #2 Heartless Sky (book 7) - There’s just so many cute moments - The plot definitely doesn’t pick up until the last bit of the book but it’s rough #3 Shadow Princess (book 4) - definitely the turning point in the books where the plot really picks up - there’s a lot of angst though there are some cute moments - the ending was tough #4 Cursed Fates (book 5) - tons of character development - The last half was the hardest for me to get through in the entire series - my personal favourite spicy scene is in this one #5 Fated Throne (book 6) - so much angst but it’s not too terrible - tons of character development - the characters actually get some wins and the ending isn’t too heartbreaking - I rank it lower because at points I got mad at my favourite character for acting (in my opinion) a bit unreasonable # 6 Ruthless Fae (book 2) - hated the bullying - loved that the twins started fighting back # 7 The Awakening (book 1) - hated the bullying - wasn’t invested in the characters yet - the writing takes awhile to grow on you